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Bruno's Chess Problem: 01/18/2021

F.Lindgren, Allgemeiner Zeitung, 1924

Mate in 3(**)
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White to play


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1. Qe3! f2 2. Qe4 Kg1 3. Qg2#
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2021-01-18 06:19:28, by problemist
Miniature and Q-minimal. The set mates 1.. f2, Kg1 2. Qd1#, Qe1# cannot be retained. In the solution there is just one line based on zugzwang 1. Qe3 f2 2. Qe4 Kg1 3. Qg2#.

Fritjof Lindgren (* 23.2.1897 in Stockholm, † 8.11.1957 in Lidingö) Swedish composer. "Fritjof Lindgren composed more than 600 problems, most of them three-movers and many excellent miniatures. He also wrote some books about chess composition: "Schackkuriosa", "Moderna svenska schackproblem" (1936) and "33 Schackminiatyrer" (1937). He was the father of GM Bo Lindgren (1927-2011)."
2021-01-18 02:07:57, by slowbut2
before my seeing others’ comments: My solution [arrived to through the 32-pixel, B&W, restartable-moving-pieces setting and “(?)”]: in view of the following possibility\s:::::: only queen moves\ south pawn has to start before qeen moves north before mate\\ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it seems [ reverification is intended later on and before seeing others’ comments] that white's qethree starts

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