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Bruno's Chess Problem: 03/17/2019

W.S.Branch, Chess Bouquet, 1897

Mate in 3 (****)
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1. Rh5! ... 2. Kg6+ ... 3. Qxd5#
  1... e2+ 2. Kg6+ Ke6 3. Qxd5#
     2... Bg5 3. Qe3#
  1... Rd6 2. Qxb5+ Ke6 3. Qf5#
     2... Rd5 3. Qe8#
  1... Rd4 2. Qxb5+ ... 3. Qf5#
     2... Rd5 3. Qe8#
  1... Ke6+ 2. Qxd5+ Kxd5 3. Kf6#
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2019-03-17 09:31:17, by problemist
Black is threatening two checks so White has to prepare cross checks. The key builds a Royal battery with the wR on h5, threatening a discovered check 2. Kg6+ 3. QxR#. Also a threat, and a variation on 1.. Ke6+, is the Q-sacrifice in d5 followed by the discovered check mate 3. Kf6#. On 1.. e2+ the cross check 2. Kg6+ Bg5 3. Qe3#. Further 2. Kg6+ also follows on 1.. bxa4, b4 and on 1.. Rd6, Rd4 there is 2. Qxb5+. Not that hard despite of the black checks as the key is a straightforward choice. First published in 'The Cheltenham Examiner' and reprinted in 'The Chess Bouquet' (1897) and in 'SCPF\BCPS Black Books' (2016).

William Shelley Branch (* 4.7.1854 in Hastings, 22.1.1933 in Cheltenham) British composer, chess historian and journalist. For more biographical information see the entry "William Shelley Branch and Pruen's chess book" on the website "Chess Book Chat" by Michael Clapham:

"W. S. Branch (1854 - 1933) was the evergreen chess columnist in Cheltenham newspapers for over 40 years from 1890 to 1933. He conducted the chess column in 'The Cheltenham Examiner' from 1890 to 1913 and then in the 'Cheltenham Chronicle' from 1914 up to his death in January 1933. Branch's chess columns reflected his special interest in the history and literature of the game and, having recently leafed through some of these newspapers, I can report on some matters of interest to chess bibliophiles..."

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