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Bruno's Chess Problem: 01/18/2020

M.Marandjuk, F.Davidenko, 1st Pr., Leninska Molod, 1987

Mate in 3 (****)
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White to play


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1. Qd1! ... 2. Qd3 ... 3. Qe4#
     2... Nd6 3. Rxd6#
     2... Rxd4 3. Qf5#
  1... Rc4 2. Re3 ... 3. Bg8#
     2... Nd6, Ne7 3. Re5#
     2... Rxd4 3. Qxd4#
     2... Bxe3 3. Nxe3#
  1... Rxd4 2. Nc6 ... 3. N2b4#
  1... Bxd4 2. Nd7 ... 3. Ne3#
     2... Ng4, Nf1 3. Qxf3#
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2020-01-18 16:32:11, by problemist
FIDE Album. In this problem some twomover themes are transferred to a threemover. The key is 1. Qd1! with the quiet threat 2. Qd3 and on 1.. Rxd4, Bxd4 2. Nc6, Nd7 but not the other way round as 2. Nd7?, Nc6? fail to 2.. RxQ!, Rc4! This is also the reason why the N-moves fail as keys (with the forced threats 2. Ne7+, Nb6+) resembling the Banny theme from the twomover. A bonus variation is 1.. Rc4 2. Re3 (not 2. Qd3? Bxd4!). There is a further try 1. Qb1? which has forced mates (starting with 2. Ne3+, Nb4+) on the black captures on d4, but fails to 1.. Rc4! So we see a total of three changed continuations on each capture of wPd4 resembling the Zagoruiko theme from the twomover. A wealthy content to unearth, so 4 stars are adequate.

Фёдор Васильевич Давиденко (* 19.1.1952 in Leninsk-Kuznetsky) Russian composer and International Master, see wikipedia lv, ru.

Михаил Назарович Марандюк (* 17.1.1949 in Novoselytsia) Ukrainian composer and Grandmaster, see wikipedia de, it, lv, ru, uk. "Mikhail Marandyuk is an exceptionally gifted composer, multiple World Champion in chess composition in direct mate sections (threemovers, moremovers)."

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