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Bruno's Chess Problem: 10/17/2019

E.Palkoska, Narodni politika, 1941

Mate in 3 (***)
chess problem diagram
White to play


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2019-10-17 16:16:53, by problemist
Přilákaná "římská" figura odpoutá bílou figuru ~=~ Roman decoy to unpin a white piece by the thematic "Roman" black piece (in this case the bB).
2019-10-17 07:49:57, by problemist
Reprinted as No. 238 in "Idea a ekonomie v šachové úloze II" in the section "5. Přlákaná "římská" figura odpoutá bílou figuru," p. 200 with the dedication "In memoriam † své choti."
2019-10-17 06:20:59, by problemist
A problem with a Bohemian flavor. An immediate 1. a7? fails to 1.. Bg2! In the solution by a Roman decoy the bB has to defend from f3 which unpins the wN. The quiet key sacrifices the wQ on e2 and threatening 2. Qd1 3. Bxb3#. On 1.. BxQ, Re7, b5, Be5 there follows 2. a7, Kxh4, Bxb3+, Qxe5 Bf3, ~, Kxb3, ~ 3. Nb2# (pin model mate), Nb2#, Nc5# (model mate), Qb5#.

Emil Palkoska (* 11.5.1871 in Přílepy, † 14.5.1955 in Praha) Czech composer, see wikipedia it, lv, ru. "Emil Palkoska was the author of more than 1200 problems in 3 or more moves in the Bohemian style and in the neo-Czech style. He wrote with Alan C. White's Christmas Series "Schachprobleme Weiss: Dame und ein Läufer" (1911), "Idea a ekonomie v šachové úloze" in 1928 and "Idea a ekonomie v šachové úloze II" in 1947. He was the editor of the problem column of the newspaper "Narodni Politika" during 38 years."

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