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Bruno's Chess Problem: 09/21/2021

A.Cheron, Feuille d'avis de Lausanne, 1933

Mate in 5(****)
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White to play


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2021-09-21 08:37:30, by problemist
Comment by the composer in "Miniatures stratégiques françaises", No. 21, p. 27-28, available online:
"Le 21 est la seule miniature cumulant l'antiforme du Grimshaw blanc et la forme du Grimshaw noir critique et d'une manière plus général la seule miniature cumulant en variantes distinctes le même thème, une fois avec pièces blanches et l'autre fois avec pièces noires.
Solution: 1. Th2! coup anticritique blanc volontaire (1), Fç2 (2). - 2. Txç2 coup critique blanc forcé, Pç3. - 3. Th2! coup anticritique blanc volontaire (3), Pç2 - 4. Cf5+! (4), Rf3 - 5. Fé2 mat (5).
Commentaires: (1) essai thématique: 1. Cf5+?, Rf3. - 2. Fé2+ intercepte la Tour, Rf2 ou g2. - La clef a pour tout d'eviter cette interception, et menance 2. Cf5+! (et none 2. Fxç4?, Fd1. - 3. Tg2 ou 3. Ff5, Fg4), Rf3. - 3. Fé2 mat. - D'autre part, si 1. Cf5+?, Rf3. - 2. Th2, Fd1 (2.. Rg4?. - 3. Fé2+ Rg5. - 4. Tg2 mat). - Et si 1. Fxç4?, Fç2 (et non 1.. Fd1?. - 2. Tg2 ou h2). - 2. Txç2, pat. - (2) Si 1.. Fd1. - 2. Fxç4! (essai thématique du Grimshaw noir critique: 2. Cf5+?, Rf3. - 3. Fé2+ Fxé2), Fg4 (les Noires sont en zugzwang. Si 2.. Fh5 coup critique du Grimshaw noir. - 3. Cf5+!, Rf3. - 4. Fé2 mat). - 3. Rg2 (et non 3. Fa6? ni 3. Fb5?, Fd1), Fd1. - 4. Cf5+, Rf3. - 5. Fd5 mat. - Si 1.. Fd7. - 2. Fxç4! (meance 2. Té2 mat), Fg4. - 3. Tg2! - (3) et non 3. Fç4, pat. Essai thématique: 3. Cf5+?, Rf3. - 4. Fé2+ (4. Th2, Rg4), Rf2 oú g2. - (4) et non 4. Fç4?, Pc1:C. - (5) mat pur, économique parfait et presque miroir (si la case é2 etait vide, ce que le thème interdit évidemment, le mat serait miroir et parfait)."
2021-09-21 06:56:28, by problemist
"For me personally, Wittgenstein was perhaps the philosopher who, besides Russell and Frege, had the greatest influence on my thinking. The most important insight I gained from his work was the conception that the truth of logical statements is based only on their logical structure and on the meaning of the terms. Logical statements are true under all conceivable circumstances; thus their truth is independent of the contingent facts of the world. On the other hand, it follows that these statements do not say anything about the world and thus have no factual content." Rudolf Carnap (1891-1970) "Intellectual Biography," 1963.

Miniature. Dedicated to Harold Lommer. Not 1. Bxc4? Bd1 2. Rh2 as 1.. Bc2! defends. Instead transposing the moves 1. Rh2 (2. Nf5+ Kf3 3. Be2#) Bd1 2. Bxc4 zugzwang Bg4 (otherwise Nf5+ or Re2#) 3. Rg2 zugzwang using the focal squares e2, f5 that cannot both be guarded by the bB 3.. Bd1 (Bh5) Nf5+ Kf3 5. Bd5#; 1.. Bd7 2. Bxc4 (3. Re2#) Bg4 3. Rg2 as before. Finally 1.. Bc2 2. Rxc2 3. Rh2 4. Nf5+ 5. Be2#. Reprinted in Chéron's "Miniatures stratégiques françaises", 1936 (21).

André Chéron (* 25.9.1895 in Colombes, Seine, † 12.9.1980 in Leysin) French-Swiss composer and International Master, see wikipedia in many languages. "André Chéron was a chess player who is nowadays best known for his work in the theory of endgames and for his written works. In 1952 his "Nouveau traité d'échecs - la fin de partie" was published and included almost 700 more studies than the 1927 "Traité complet d'échecs". His masterwork was the 4-volume "Lehr und Handbuch der Endspiele", published between April 1958 and September 1964, which contains 2336 studies. He also wrote about chess composition "Les Échecs artistiques" (1934). He was one of the first five persons who received the title of International Master in chess composition. He was 3 times French chess champion and he also wrote books about bridge."

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