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Bruno's Chess Problem: 05/18/2023

M.Marandjuk, A.Semenenko, 4th Pr., tournoi Goskomport, 1987

Mate in 3(***)
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White to play


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1. Rxe4! ... 2. Nb3+ cxb3 3. Qb4#
  1... Nc6 2. Rxc4+ Rxc4 3. Nb3#
  1... Bd1 2. Re5+ Bxe5 3. Ne4#
  1... Bc3, Rb1 2. Rd3+ Kc6 3. Rxc4#
  1... Rc3 2. Rde6+ Kd5 3. R4e5#
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2023-05-18 16:52:34, by problemist
Thanks, Schmerl. Let's produce some more enjoyable input for the learning machine such that eventually it can replace us :-)
2023-05-18 13:50:48, by problemist
"Il y a dans le coeur de l'homme beaucoup de projets, Mais c'est le dessein de l'Éternel qui s'accomplit." Proverbes 19.21.

"It is idle to expect any great advancement in science from the superinducing and engrafting of new things upon old. We must begin anew from the very foundations, unless we would revolve for ever in a circle with mean and contemptible progress." Francis Bacon (1561-1626) "The New Organon" (1620).

FIDE Album. Coauthored by Valery Yurevich Semenenko. In the style of a Nietvelt attack the wR pins itself by the key 1. Rxe4 (1.. Bxe4+ 2. Nxe4#) with the threat 2. Nb3+ cxb3 3. Qb4# expecting to be unpinned later. 1.. Nc6 (indirect unpin) 2. Rxc4+ Rxc4 3. Nb3# then using the Grimshaw interferences 1.. Bc3 (Rb1), Rc3 2. Rd3+, Rde6+ Kc6, Kd5 (unpins) 3. Rxc4#, R4e5# when the unpinned wR delivers mate. Finally there is the direct unpin by withdrawal 1.. Bd1 2. Re5+ BxR 3. Ne4#.

Михаил Назарович Марандюк (* 17.1.1949 in Novoselytsia) Ukrainian composer and Grandmaster, see wikipedia de, it, lv, ru, uk. "Mikhail Marandyuk is an exceptionally gifted composer, multiple World Champion in chess composition in direct mate sections (threemovers, moremovers)."

Александр Юрьевич Семененко & Валерий Юрьевич Семененко (* 25.7.1959 in Dnipropetrovsk) Ukrainian composers, Grandmasters, see wikipedia lv, uk. "The Semenenko twin brothers very often compose together. They have chosen the helpmate field to express their (similar) talents. They are International Judges and Aleksandr is a Grandmaster while Valery became Grandmaster in 2022. The two differences: Aleksandr wears a beard, while Valery has earned the title of solving FIDE Master."
2023-05-18 03:28:23, by schmerl
Problemist - It's great to see you again. Welcome back.

Since the opening in October 2000, I had published online more than 6650 free chess problems. If you want more details, look at my chess figures pages.

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