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Welcome to Bruno's Chess Problem of The Day. As its name indicates it, you will find here, every day, a new chess problem. You will find also a big chess problems archive, chess articles (including ones with theoretical opening discoveries), chess news, banks of ChessMasters games in PGN (sorted by opening and by player's name) and of course The chess directory.

To help you to explore Bruno's Chess Problem, all the sections are described below. Have a good visit! This is the oldest and wealthy equipped site on daily publishing of chess composition. Do you spend your day looking for logic puzzles, free chess strategies or tactics? Come here, visit my site and find an ocean of free chess puzzles. Visit this site daily before or after work and try to solve free online chess games. Find also extremely important and amazing chess articles and a lot of other useful chess stuff. Be a friend of the site!

The chess problem of the day

Free Online Chess Problem of the Day

Today a checkmate in 3 [E.A.Brunner, Deutsches Wochenschach, 1910]. Try to solve this problem of the day. If you do not find the solution, return tomorrow and choose Yesterday in the menu.

For each problem, a group of * indicates his difficulty. Only one means a very simple problem. Our most difficult chess problems have six *. Today, the checkmate is rated: ***. Whatever you play chess online or offline, chess strategy is needed, but don't forget tactics.

Do you like my chess problems? You cannot connect you every day to solve my free checkmates problems? You will find here our 10 days archive for your pleasure and to help you improve your chess tactic. Improve this skill with my free online chess games puzzles.

The chess problems archive

Do you want more? All the 2267 checkmates, from mate in one to mate in six, I had published from 2000 to 2006 on Bruno's Chess Problem of the day are available online. Don't miss this big chess problem database. You could browse it by date I published it here or you could use the advanced search feature.

You are bored with the black and white chessboard! You should select one of my enhanced chess sets: many sizes, colors, and you could also moving pieces... If you want a new chess set drop me a note with the contact form, I will study it.

All chess news

You should read it every day to know what happens in the chess world. I compile for you several chess news providers. So do not hesitate! With only one page you will know all the latest chess news.

Chess Articles

This chess article section will help you to improve your chess skill and knowledge. I write some of them by myself and receive other ones by e-mail or find on websites. I publish them here in certain forms by necessary consents. This publishing is free of charge (with no fees or dues).

Latest articles:
D10 Slav defence: Exchange variation: white’s new system! by Yury V. Bukayev
Bukayev Yury – Grischuk Alexander (game, std) by Yury V. Bukayev
Scotch game (Intermezzo variation), Hungarian: bomb! by Yury V. Bukayev
Chess problem: new composition type (RLW) by Yury V. Bukayev
The only opening named after a woman: the new by Yury V. Bukayev

The recent of GM's comments on Facebook:

It's an interesting article. Here is my comment: As a four knights player with white, I am really pleased to see new opening discoveries in an opening that is not consider aggressive but the ones who have played it know that it is a positional opening that could lead to sharp attacks.
WGM Carla Heredia Serrano

Download PGN games

These thousands games of chess masters will help you to progress. Discover the strategies of the Chess Masters. Find your way in the dark world of the chess openings.

All the games are in PGN format, and sort by famous chess players and eco code.

Last PGN file: Ivanchuk, Vassily

The chess directory

You can find much things on Bruno Chess Problem but of course not all. Also, I offer you a directory of other sites, classified by categories: chess shops, play on line, chess improve... You will find also other non chess sites.

Play the game Chess Opening

Do you want something else, try Easy MEMO - THE Concentration Game. You will find a lot of advanced features with this powerful memory game and all its free add-ons. There is a chess dedicated add-on. Download it and play with famous chess openings. Or find french book on

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