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23.07.2024 20:04 Queen's Gambit, Slav
Carlsen's h2-h4 in the QGD Exchange
22.07.2024 20:19 English, Flank
Novelties and practical weapons
20.07.2024 20:39 Open Sicilians
The Four Knights and the Najdorf
19.07.2024 21:32 Dragon Sicilians
Maximising the half-open c-file!
16.07.2024 19:21 King Pawn
Delving into a sharp line of the Yurtaev
15.07.2024 17:22 French Defence
Return to the Alekhine-Chatard Attack!
09.07.2024 22:44 Daring Defences
Sharp theory in the English Defence
06.07.2024 20:50 Anti-Sicilians
Getting ahead of the curve
06.07.2024 19:53 Nimzo, Benoni
Novelties from Norway
04.07.2024 01:09 d-Pawn Specials
10.06.2024 17:35 King's Indian
One of Demchenko's favourite blitz weapons
31.10.2023 21:13 Just The Rules: How Common Is This? - US Chess Federation
He is also a member of the US Chess Rules Committee plus the Tournament Director Certification Committee (TDCC). His new column, exclusive to US Chess  ...
26.09.2023 21:54 Chess Grandmaster Hans Niemann Denies 'Ridiculous' Cheating Claims—Calls Accuser ... - Forbes
Niemann was publicly accused of cheating by World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen last year and kicked off a major online chess platform, ...
13.09.2023 22:00 150 years ago: The Vienna Chess Tournament 1873 | ChessBase
150 years ago, from 21 June to 29 August 1873, the “First International Vienna Chess Congress” was held in Vienna. Some of the best players in the ...
23.08.2023 22:05 Tactics Tuesday: Back to Basics in Baku - US Chess Federation
By JJ Lang | August 22, 2023 | Chess Life Kids Online , News , Tactics Tuesday , Workout. This week's Tactics Tuesday goes back to Baku for the ...
09.08.2023 22:29 World's Largest Chess Piece: world record in St. Louis, Missouri
Certified by Guinness World Records on April 6, 2018, the iconic chess piece not only serves as a beacon for the Saint Louis Chess Campus, but also a ...
09.08.2023 22:29 When is the FIDE Chess World Cup and what is the prize fund? - The US Sun
THE FIDE Chess World Cup 2023 in Azerbaijan has a mega 206 players.Here's everything you need to know about the 10th edition of the ...
19.04.2023 21:47 Global Chess League unveils its official logo - FIDE
Global Chess League (GCL), a joint venture by FIDE and Tech Mahindra, today unveiled its official logo, which resembles a chess board with 64 ...
19.04.2023 21:47 Knicks guard Derrick Rose starts a chess tournament in Vegas - New York Daily News
The Knicks guard announced Tuesday that he's starting a chess tournament called “Chesstival” with the inaugural competition this summer in Las ...
06.04.2023 19:57 11-year-old Syrian refugee makes chess history in Germany - Yahoo News
STORY: This Syrian refugee has become Germany'syoungest ever national chess player Location: Lippstadt, Germany11-year-old Hussain Besou ...
06.04.2023 19:57 2023 World Chess Championship: Nepomniachtchi and Ding battle for the crown but ...
For the first time since 2007, a new world champion will emerge in chess who is not named Viswanathan Anand or Magnus Carlsen.
02.03.2023 20:55 A brief history of the European Chess Championships - ChessBase
The very competitive European Chess Championships will take place in March, with the open event set to start on March 3 in Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia.
02.03.2023 20:55 Carlsen misses mate-in-3 in Pro Chess League drama -
Magnus Carlsen was a mate-in-3 against Vidit away from a perfect 8/8 in the Pro Chess League, but instead he crashed to defeat as the Canada ...
01.02.2023 16:07 Inspiring battles in Round 2 of the Chess Olympiad for People with Disabilities
As a doctor, Darija Kisic Tepavcevic was intrigued by the event and discussed with FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich how chess benefits people with ...
12.12.2022 17:59 Viewers of Ludwig's Chessboxing Declare Andrea Botez a “F******* Beast” and Exclaims to ...
Notably, Twitch chess streamer Andrea Botez won the hearts of fans with her impeccable boxing showcase. ADVERTISEMENT.
12.12.2022 17:59 Chess : Magnus Carlsen to play world rapid and blitz starting Xmas Day | Financial Times
Speed chess continues to gain status as a competition format in its own right, even for a tournament starting on Christmas Day.
21.10.2022 16:35 Hans Niemann files $100 million lawsuit against Magnus Carlsen, Chess .com
Niemann's suit, which accuses Carlsen and the online chess platform of collusion and defamation among other infractions, was files Thursday in ...
09.09.2022 17:26 Chess is in chaos over suspicion that a player cheated against Magnus Carlsen | Mint
Magnus Carlsen's 53-game unbeaten streak had been over for only a few hours when the reigning chess world champion made a move that indicated ...
09.09.2022 17:26 'They want me to strip fully naked? I'll do it': Hans Niemann defends himself against cheating ...
Carlsen then shocked the chess world even more by withdrawing from the tournament—the first time he has done so in his career—hinting at potential ...
17.08.2022 17:36 FTX Crypto Cup: Pragg beats Firouzja - ChessBase
World champion Magnus Carlsen, who founded Play Magnus Group —the company that runs the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour— has proven to be as strong ...
08.08.2022 16:49 Chennai R8: Armenia leads, Gukesh beats Caruana - ChessBase
With three rounds to go at the Chess Olympiad, Armenia continues to lead the standings in the open section with an undefeated match score.
08.08.2022 16:49 Randy Bauer Named President of US Chess
US Chess is the 82,000 member 501(c)(3) organization responsible for growing and governing chess in the U.S. The outgoing President, Mike Hoffpauir, ...
25.07.2022 17:56 Carlsen didn't retire from chess , won the Super United Croatia 2022
The reigning World Champion Magnus Carlsen won the Super United Croatia Rapid & Blitz tournament, the third tournament of the Grand Chess Tour ...
18.07.2022 16:12 Igor G. Naumkin (1965 - 2022) - ChessBase
He impressed the chess community with wins over Tal and Bronstein. When he was 17, at the closed Moscow Championship, he won against four of the nine ...
18.07.2022 16:11 Round 9: The Announcers Earn Their Money - US Chess Federation
Yoo will receive $12,000 in prize money, a $10,000 scholarship from the Dewain Barber Foundation and US Chess , and, most importantly, ...
12.07.2022 20:19 FTX Road to Miami 2: Ju Wenjun shines as Sam snatches lead |
... replay all the games from the FTX Road to Miami, the 5th event on the $1.6 million Meltwater Champions Chess Tour, using the selector below.
12.07.2022 20:19 Padel Meets Chess . PUMA Ambassador Momo González and Magnus Carlsen ... - Yahoo Finance
HERZOGENAURACH, Germany, July 12, 2022--Professional Padel Player Jerónimo "Momo" González and World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen challenge ...
11.05.2022 16:35 2022 GCT Superbet Chess Classic Romania: Day 5 Recap - FIDE
Day 5 of the Superbet Chess Classic Romania came with an exciting finish with GM Fabiano Caruana taking down Azeri GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov to get ...
11.05.2022 16:35 The 1997 chess game that thrust AI into the spotlight - Yahoo News
The 1997 chess game that thrust AI into the spotlight. Cedric SIMON, Laurent BARTHELEMY and Joseph BOYLE. Tue, May 10, 2022, 8:20 PM ·3 min read.
28.04.2022 18:53 Carlsen and Praggnanandhaa set up final day shootout - FIDE
The Norwegian is now hot favourite to win the first Major of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour season. Duda also isn't out of it, as he sits just ...

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