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Bruno's Chess Problem: 09/30/2022

E.Zepler, Chemnitzer Tageblatt, 1927

Mate in 4(****)
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White to play


Level : * (very easy) to ****** (very hard)

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1. Ba8! Rg8 2. Rf8+ Rg2 3. Rb8 ... 4. Rb1#
  1. ... h3 2. Bd5 Rg4 3. Rg3+ Re4 4. Bxe4#
     2. ... Rg1 3. Ng3+ Rxg3 4. Rxg3#
        3. ... Kg2 4. Rf4#
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2022-09-30 06:38:51, by problemist
"The most incredible thing about miracles is that they happen." G. K. Chesterton (1874-1936) "The Innocence of Father Brown" (1911).

FIDE Album. Not 1. Bd5? h3! Instead the foreplan 1. Ba8 with tempo 1.. h3 and now 2. Bd5 zugzwang Rg4, Rg1 3. Rg3+, Ng3+ Re4, Kg2 (Rxg3) 4. Bxe4#, Rf~# (Rxg3#); on 1.. Rg8 2. Rf8+ Rg2 3. Rb8 h3 4. Rb1# this line explains why the wB had to move to a8 in the key (1. Bb7?, Bc6? Rg7!, Rg6!). Reprinted in "Im Banne des Schachproblems," 1971 (85, p. 79) and "Suomen Tehtäväniekat," Apr 2005 (2\2005\A2, p. 78).

Erich Ernest Zepler (* 27.1.1898 in Herford, † 13.5.1980 in Southampton) German - British composer and International Master, see wikipedia arz, ca, de, en, fr, it, lv, pl, ru, tr. "Erich Zepler fled Germany in 1935 and settled in England. Biographical details and one of his logical problems can be found on the Wikipedia page. Zepler collaborated with Ado Kraemer and published with him "Im Banne des Schachproblems" (1951), a collection of their best work, as well as "Problemkunst im 20.Jahrhundert" (1957), an anthology of 20th century problems. Zepler also gave his name to a doubling manoeuvre: the Zepler doubling."

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