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Bruno's Chess Problem: 07/02/2020

U.Degener, Die Schwalbe, 1987

Mate in 2(**)
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1. Bxa6! ... 2. Ncb5#
  1... f6 2. Ne6#
  1... Rc5 2. Be5#
  1... bxa3 2. c3#
  1... e3 2. Rd1#
  1... bxc2 2. Nxc2#
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2020-07-02 08:06:37, by problemist
After Shankar Ram. 5th Prize. FIDE Album. Shown is a Hannelius cycle. The tries are 1. cxb3? (2. Nc2# A) bxa3! (a); 1. Bxb4? (2. c3# B) Rc5! (b); 1. Nxa6? (2. Be5# C) f6! (c); 1. Rxf7? (2. Ne6# D) e3! (d); 1. Nc4? (2. Rd1# E) bxc2! (e). In the solution 1. Bxa6! zugzwang the mates from the tries are cyclically shifted after their refutations from the tries: a B; b C; c D; d E; e A. Reprinted as No. 128 in Degener's collection of his problems "Matt - 900 Schachaufgaben" (2011).

Udo Degener (* 23.11.1959 in Nordhausen) German composer and Grandmaster, see wikipedia de, it, lv. "Udo Degener is a poet and a publisher but also a remarkable twomover and selfmate composer. He has published many chess problem books, among which "50 Jahre Dombrovkis Thema" (2007) containing 1234 problems achieving the Dombrovskis theme (now out of print). He is also the current holder of the "Albrecht-Sammlung", the twomover database collected by Hermann Albrecht and now including 156000 problems."

Since the opening in October 2000, I had published online more than 6650 free chess problems. If you want more details, look at my chess figures pages.

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