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Bruno's Chess Problem: 07/20/2019

F.Istokovics, L'Italia Scacchistica, 1980

Mate in 2 (***)
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White to play


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1. Kxg5! ... 2. Bg7#
  1... Rxd6 2. Qxd6#
  1... Ng6 2. Ndxf5#
  1... Nc4 2. Nb5#
  1... Bxe3+ 2. fxe3#
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2019-07-20 15:58:31, by problemist
The try 1. Bg7? threatens mate with the Royal battery 2. Kxg5# and has 1.. Ng6, Nc4 2. Nexf5#, Nc2# (these are in fact already in the set), but fails to 1.. h6! The solution goes the other way round with the reversal of key and threat 1. Kxg5 threatening 2. Bg7#. Now wNd6 is unpinned while wNe3 is pinned so the N-mates on 1.. Ng6, Nc4 are changed and performed by the other wN: 2. Ndxf5#, Nb5#. An interesting change of play. The mates on 1.. Rxd6, Bxe3 (one of them a check, which one also changes) stay the same 2. Qxd6#, fxe3#. A tricky mechanism rewarded by a HM. The solver may be easily guess wrong on first sight confusing key and threat. So the problem is a good candidate for a warm-up in a quick solving tourney.

Ferenc Istokovics (* 29.11.1937 in Baja, † 16.5.1986 in Baja) Hungarian composer. "Ferenc Istokovics was a twomover composer." For more biographical information about the composer see the magnificent Hungarian site "Sakkszerzői munkásságát a civil foglalkozásából is eredő villamosmérnöki precizitás jellemezte. Özvegye, Istokovics Ferencné által küldött dokumentumokból tudhatjuk, hogy 1982-ig 25 műve kapott kitüntetést, közülük 7 díjas, 8 dicséretes és 10 elismeréses található. A XIII. Magyar Sakkszerző Bajnokságon a 6-8. helyezést érte el..." (Just use the Google translator if you don't understand Hungarian.)
2019-07-20 08:20:16, by slowbut2
before my seeing comments: My solution [arrived to through the 32-pixel, B&W, restartable-moving-pieces setting]: in view of the possibility\s: white king then bishop move \ , to mate with north knight. after east black-knight move [or to mate with pawn\ queen\ knight\ north rook ], white's kgfive starts

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