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Bruno's Chess Problem: 12/01/2020

W.Speckmann, Die Schwalbe, 1941

Mate in 6(***)
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White to play


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1. Qh1! h5 2. Rg1 h4 3. Rbf1 h3 4. Ne1 Kxa1 5. Ng2+ Ka2 6. Ra1#
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2020-12-01 13:45:02, by problemist
Reprinted on 23.7.2002 as No. 4283 in Harald Keilhack's chess column in the newspaper "Stuttgarter Zeitung."
2020-12-01 10:46:45, by problemist
Originally published in Die Schwalbe 10\1941, p.194, without wPa4 which would allow the cook 1. Qh1 h5 2. Rg1 h4 3. Nf4 4. Rg8 5. Rb2+ axb2, cxb2 6. Ra8#, Qb1#. The correction was published in 11-12\1941, p. 220. Computer test: %Popeye FreeBSD-4.3-RELEASE-32Bit-Version 3.77. (From PDB-Server).
2020-12-01 05:43:07, by problemist
An Indian problem. The wQ and the wRs move beyond the critical square e1 1. Qh1 h5 2. Rg1 h4 3. Rf1 h3, then 4. Ne1 releases stalemate and Black is forced to eliminate wNa1 4.. Kxa1, such that White can mate on a1 5. Ng2+ Ka2 6. Ra1#.

Werner Speckmann (* 21.8.1913 in Dortmund, † 23.2.2001 in Hamm) German composer and International Master, see wikipedia de, it, lv, ru. "International Judge, he was a specialist of miniature logical problems. He wrote "Strategie im Schachproblem" in 1958, "Das logische Schachproblem" and "Schachminiaturen" in 1965, "Kleinste Schachaufgaben" in 1970. He composed mostly miniatures and was the editor of the problem section of the "Deutsche Schachzeitung" from 1973 till 1988. He was also interested in fairy chess and was the inventor of the fairy piece "Superpawn". His son Lothar Speckmann (* 1958) maintains the splendid website "Werner Speckmanns elektronische Schachbücher" to his memory. More reading in English (to be found among the "Nachrufe"): His obituary by Colin Russ published in "The Problemist", May 2001." See also the appreciation "Werner Speckmann 100" by Hemmo Axt in "Die Schwalbe," August 2013 (available online).

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