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Bruno's Chess Problem: 01/21/2020

H.Lepuschutz, 1st Pr., Osterr. Schachztg, 1954

Mate in 5 (*****)
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White to play


Level : * (very easy) to ****** (very hard)

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1. Be1! ... 2. Bg3+ ... 3. Ne8#
     2... Qf4 3. Nb5#
  1... Rxe1 2. f7 ... 3. Ne8+ Rxe8 4. fxe8=N#
     2... Qe2 3. Kg8 Qf1 4. Ne8+ ... 5. fxe8=N#
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2020-01-21 08:10:57, by problemist
FIDE Album. A logical problem, this time not showing the Lepuschütz theme :-), but using the focal squares e8 and b5 and in the end (yes!) zugzwang. On 1. f7?, Bd2? there is 1.. Qe2! So in a foreplan the bR is decoyed to e1 (using a B-sacrifice) beyond the critical square e2 where it is later blocked by the bQ. 1. Be1! (threat 2. Bg3+) Rxe1 2. f7 (threat 3. Ne8+) Qe2 3. Kg8 and a surprising zugzwang occurs: the bQ has to guard b5 and e8, but on a move of the bR 4. Ne8+ is decisive, too.

Dr. Hans Lepuschütz (* 5.8.1910 in Graz, † 6.9.1984 in Graz) Austrian composer and International Master, see wikipedia lv. "Hans Lepuschütz was a great specialist of the logical multimover and a member of the Graz chess problem school (Grazer Schule) which linked logical combinations and aesthetic mate positions. The Lepuschütz theme means chess provocation by White in a multimover, usually with a logical motivation. GM Hans Peter Rehm presented the Lepuschütz theme on IM Ralf Krätschmer's website Please have a look at these problems, you will not regret it. MontFuji presented in detail (in French, on a doubled Lepuschütz and pendular movements associated with the Lepuschütz theme, as well as pendular movements associated with the doubled Lepuschütz theme and a Holst promotion."
"Der Grazer Jurist komponierte ab 1934 ca. 400 Probleme und errang damit über 100 Preise. Bis auf wenige Dreizüger umfaßt sein Lebenswerk ausschließlich Mehrzüger. Die für Lepuschütz typische Verschmelzung von scharfsinnigen logischen Kombinationen mit ästhetischen Mattbildern wird auch heute noch 'Grazer Schule' genannt." (Problempalette II, Vienna, 1991)

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