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Bruno's Chess Problem: 01/21/2021

J.Havran, Pravda, 1976

Mate in 5(***)
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White to play


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1. Rb8! ... 2. Rxb5+ Rxb5 3. Bc4#
  1... a6 2. Rd8 ... 3. Rxd6#
     2... Ba3 3. Rg8 ... 4. Rg5 ... 5. Rxf5#
           4... Be4,Bh3,Bg4 5. Bxe4#
        3... Be4 4. Bxe4+ fxe4 5. Rg5#
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2021-01-21 18:17:00, by problemist
The judge of the tourney was the Russian GM Jakov Vladimirov. Havran submitted three moremovers, one today's and two others #9, #5 that were awarded 2nd and 3rd Prize, see Pravda, 22.10.1976 (the chess columns are available online on
2021-01-21 06:52:36, by problemist
A logical problem. The main plan 1. Rg8? 2. Rg5 3. Rxf5# (1.. Be4 2. Bxe4+ fxe4 3. Rg5#) still fails to 1.. Ra1! A foreplan 1. Rd8? Ba3 2. Rg8 fails to 1.. Ra6! So another foreplan is needed 1. Rb8 (2. Rxb5+ 3. Bc4#) a6 and now the second foreplan 2. Rd8 Ba3 finally the mainplan 3. Rg8 etc. Commendation.

Jozef Havran (* 2.6.1952 in Ružomberok) Slovak composer. "Jozef Havran composes direct mates and selfmates. He is the selfmate editor of the Slovak magazine Pat a Mat."

Since the opening in October 2000, I had published online more than 6650 free chess problems. If you want more details, look at my chess figures pages.

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