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Bruno's Chess Problem: 05/13/2019

C.Kainer, Narodni osvobozen, 1926

Mate in 3 (****)
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White to play


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1. Qc6! ... 2. Rc1+ bxc1=? 3. Qxc1#
  1... Ng6 2. Rc1+ bxc1=? 3. Qxc1#
     2... b1=? 3. Qc3#
  1... Ka2 2. Rc1+ Nf7 3. Qxa4#
     2... Ka3 3. Qc3#
  1... b1=B 2. Qf6+ Ka2 3. Rxa4#
  1... b1=Q 2. Qf6+ Ka2 3. Rxa4#
     2... Qb2 3. Rc1#
  1... b1=N 2. Rxa4+ Kb2 3. Ra2#
     2... Na3 3. Qc1#
  1... Kb1 2. Qe4+ ... 3. Rxa4#
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2019-05-13 18:01:13, by problemist
Published in Národní osvobození, 1926-08-01.
2019-05-13 13:05:21, by problemist
A Bohemian Meredith without any wPs and several model mates. Not 1. Rc2?, Qg7? a3!, Nf7! The key doubles R and Q on the c-file and keeps an eye on e4 and a4 (therefore 1. Qc7? is wrong). The threat is 2. Rc1+ PxRX, b1X 3. QxX#, Qc3# (Qf6#) model mates. Further model mates are 1.. Kb1 2. Qe4+ Ka2 3. Rxa4#; 1.. b1N 2. Rxa4+ Na3 3. Qc1#; 1.. b1Q 2. Qf6+ Qb2 3. Rc1#. In addition there are 1.. b1N 2. Rxa4+ Kb2 3. Ra2#; 1.. b1Q 2. Qf6+ Ka2 3. Rxa4#; 1.. Ka2 2. Rc1+ Nf7, Ka3 3. Qxa4#, Qc5# (Qd6#, Qc3#); 1.. Nf7 2. Qxa4+ (Rxa4+) Kb1 3. Bh7#. A rich set of nice variations conjured up with only 8 pieces. Not particularly easy to solve, but (***) should suffice for hardness.

Čeněk Kainer (* 22.5.1883 in Holešov, † 22.3.1945 in Podhradní Lhota) Czech composer, see wikipedia lv. "C. Kainer, einer der würdigsten Vertreter der böhmischen Kompositionsschule, verdient, auch unseren Problemfreunden vorgestellt zu werden." (Schweizerische Schachzeitung, July 1954, p. 122) His obituary ("Odchod valašského učitele-úloháře") was published in Šach, 1945, p. 115 (available from the site "Chess Problem Links" of Václav Kotěšovec). Collections of Kainer's problems were published in Vol. 2 of Miroslav Soukup's "Šachové umění" under the title "Čeněk Kainer: Valašské dumky," Praha, 1937 (with a preface by Miroslav Havel) and in Vol. 8 of "Galerie československých skladatelů," Praha 1971, edited by Ilja Mikan [today's problem is reprinted there as No. 112] (both books are also available from "Chess Problem Links").

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