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Bruno's Chess Problem: 05/21/2023

H.Lepuschutz, 2nd Pr., Schachmagazin, 1950

Mate in 5(***)
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White to play


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1. Qa7! ... 2. Nf5+ Kxh5 3. Qh7#
  1... Nc7 2. Qe3+ Rxe3 3. Nf6 ... 4. Ng8#
        3... Qxg6 4. Nf5+ Qxf5 5. Bg7#
  1... Rd7 2. Nf6 ... 3. Ng8#
     2... Qxg6 3. Nf5+ Qxf5 4. Bg7+ Rxg7 5. Qxg7#
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2023-05-21 17:22:27, by problemist
"Audi Domine vocem meam invocantis \ miserere mei et exaudi me." (Biblia Sacra Iuxta Vulgatam Versionem) Daily Psalm 26 (27), 7 on the Sunday Exaudi, starting the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

"The great masters of modern analysis are Lagrange, Laplace, and Gauss, who were contemporaries. It is interesting to note the marked contrast in their styles. Lagrange is perfect both in form and matter, he is careful to explain his procedure, and though his arguments are general they are easy to follow. Laplace on the other hand explains nothing, is indifferent to style, and, if satisfied that his results are correct, is content to leave them either with no proof or with a faulty one. Gauss is as exact and elegant as Lagrange, but even more difficult to follow than Laplace, for he removes every trace of the analysis by which he reached his results, and studies to give a proof which while rigorous shall be as concise and synthetical as possible." W. W. Rouse Ball (1850-1925) "History of Mathematics" p. 463 (London, 1901).

FIDE Album. A logical problem. The idea is to attack with Nf6 which presently fails by black defenses on the back rank. Therefore the foreplan 1. Qa7 (2. Nf5+ 3. Qh7#) Nc7 and now the Q-sacrifice 2. Qe3+ Rxe3 when after 3. Nf6 (4.Ng8#) black has only the bad defense 3.. Qxg6 4. Nf5+ Qxf5 5. Bg7 model mate. On 1.. Rd7 again 2. Nf6 (3. Ng8#) when the previous variation is repeated 2.. Qxg6 3. Nf5+ Qxf5 4. Bg7+ Rxg7 5. Qxg7#. 1.. Qc7 2. QxQ, Nf6 (dualistic by-play). For hardness 4 stars are in order as witnessed by the fact that this problem was selected for "E. Bykova Memorial solving tournament, 12 Mar 2023 (5\14), Suzdal". Reprints: Schach, 1950; Problem-Palette, 1970.

Dr. jur. Hans Lepuschütz (* 5.8.1910 in Graz, † 6.9.1984 in Graz) Austrian composer and International Master, see wikipedia de, lv. "Hans Lepuschütz was a great specialist of the logical multimover and a member of the Graz chess problem school (Grazer Schule) which linked logical combinations and aesthetic mate positions. The Lepuschütz theme means check provocation by White in a multimover, usually with a logical motivation. GM Hans Peter Rehm presented the Lepuschütz theme on IM Ralf Krätschmer's Please have a look at these problems, you will not regret it. MontFuji presented in detail (in French, on a doubled Lepuschütz and pendular movements associated with the Lepuschütz theme, as well as pendular movements associated with the doubled Lepuschütz theme and a Holst promotion." "Der Grazer Jurist komponierte ab 1934 ca. 400 Probleme und errang damit über 100 Preise. Bis auf wenige Dreizüger umfaßt sein Lebenswerk ausschließlich Mehrzüger. Die für Lepuschütz typische Verschmelzung von scharfsinnigen logischen Kombinationen mit ästhetischen Mattbildern wird auch heute noch 'Grazer Schule' genannt." (Problempalette II, Vienna, 1991). A dark spot of his biography is Lepuschütz's role in the "Third Reich" as documented in, but, like in the similar case of Ado Kraemer, this is independent of, and does not diminish, his outstanding work as a chess composer.

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