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Bruno's Chess Problem: 01/23/2020

V.Marin, Jubil. Rice, 1916

Mate in 3 (***)
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White to play


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1. Bd7! ... 2. Rf6+ ... 3. Bg4#
  1... Bd5 2. Rf6+ ... 3. Bg4#
     2... Ke2 3. Re1#
  1... Nxe6 2. Qf8+ ... 3. Bg4#
     2... Ke2 3. Re1#
  1... Rxd7 2. Qxe5 ... 3. Rg3#
  1... Rxe6 2. Qxe5 ... 3. Rg3#
     2... Rg6 3. Qe4#
     2... Rxe5 3. Bg4#
  1... Ke2 2. Rxe5+ Kf3 3. Bg4#
  1... Bxe6 2. Qb3 ... 3. Qd1#
     2... Bxb3 3. Bg4#
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2020-01-24 07:32:25, by problemist
In the threat 2. Rf6+ on 2.. Ke2 there are in fact triple mates 3. Bg4#, Rf2#, Re1#. The latter two still work on 1.. Bd5 2. Rf6+ Ke2.
2020-01-23 15:49:23, by problemist
The tourney was in memory of the German-born Jewish American businessman and chess patron Issac Rice (* 22.2.1850 in Wachenheim an der Weinstraße, † 2.11.1915, in New York City) see wikipedia ar, de, en, fi, he, it, nl, ru. He gave his name to the Rice Gambit (a variation of the King's Gambit) and then sponsored tournaments where the opening became the starting point of each game. Emanuel Lasker and Mikhail Chigorin were two of many players who contested these tournaments, with bonus prizes for white wins.
2020-01-23 07:06:27, by problemist
1st Prize, ex aequo, American Chess Bulletin, 1916. In view of black checking threats, e.g. 1..h2 2.. hxg1Q+, a key with a forced white threat is needed. It is the hidden B-move into ambush at d7 threatening 2. Rf6+ 3. Bg4#. On the three captures on e6 the capturing piece is decoyed so that again the main threat succeeds 1.. Nxe6, Bxe6, Rxe6 2. Qf8+, Qb3, Qxe5 (the latter two quiet). And on 1.. Rxd7, Ke2 2. Qxe5, Rxe5+. Good key and interesting play around the square e6.

Valentin Marin y Llovet (* 17.1.1872 in Barcelona, † 7.12.1936 in Barcelona) Spanish composer and player, see wikipedia ca, de, en, es, fr, lv, ru. "Some of his chess games (one of them against J.R. Capablanca) can be found on"

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