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Bruno's Chess Problem: 03/03/2021

Z.Mach, British Chess Federation, 1946

Mate in 3(***)
chess problem diagram
White to play


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1. Nd4! ... 2. Rf1+ Kxe5 3. Nc6#
  1... Rxg7 2. Rf1+ Kxe5 3. Nc6#
     2... Kg5 3. Ne6#
  1... Kxe5 2. Rbe1+ Kxd4 3. Re4#
     2... Kf4 3. Bd6#
  1... Rxf5 2. Ne6+ Kxe5 3. Rbe1#
  1... Nd1, Nxc4 2. Ne6+ Kxe5 3. Rbb5#
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2021-03-03 08:42:32, by problemist
A Bohemian problem with three pin model mates. Not immediately 1. Rf1? as 1.. Rxf5 and Nxc4 defend. 1. Bd6?, Bc5? Nxc4! and 1. Rbe1? Rxg7! The sacrificial key 1. Nd4 goes the other way round and threatens 2. Rf1+ Kxe5 3. Nc6#. On 1.. Kxe5 2. Re1+ Kd4, Kf4 3. Re4# (model mate), Bd6#; 1.. Nxc4 (Nd1) 2. Ne6+ Kxe5 3. Rb5#! (a nice model mate from the other side of the board); 1.. Rxf5 2. Ne6+ Kxe5 3. Re1# (model mate); 1.. Rxg7 2. Rf1+ Kxe5, Kg5 3. Nc6# (here the threat mate is a model mate), Ne6#. This is a correction of the cooked #3, 6th HM., BCF 053. Ty., 1946-1947. Harder than expected, 4 stars are in order.

Dr. Julius Zdeněk Mach (* 2.5.1877 in Loučeň, † 2.12.1954 in Praha) Czech composer. "Julius Zdeněk Mach was a great specialist of the Bohemian school. He was the editor of many columns that were famous for the level of the published works: "Zlata Praha", "Svetozor" or "Prager Presse". He wrote "Šachové úlohy 1908-1916" (1917) which is the sequel of the Christmas series book "Ceske Melodie: Eine Sammlung Von 202 Schachaufgaben" (1908) dedicated to problems by Pospisil. "Chess Chimes from Prague" is a collection of 5 of his problems on a cylindric board (available online). V.Kotěšovec, J.Brada, J.Beasley and M.Dragoun have compiled 357 unorthodox problems by Z.Mach in "Exoproblemy dr. Zdenka Macha" (1996), because beside the cylindric board, the chinese pieces also interested Z.Mach and he published many problems in the "Fairy Chess Review". Julius Mach also invented the fairy piece Vao (the Bishop equivalent of the Chinese Pao)."

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