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Bruno's Chess Problem: 05/15/2019

K.Mlynka, Sachove umenie, 1971

Mate in 4 (*****)
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White to play


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1. Kf7! ... 2. e8=Q+ Kxf5 3. Rc5+ Kg4 4. Qe2#
  1... Kxf5 2. e8=Q ... 3. Rc5+ Kg4 4. Qe2#
     2... Kxg5 3. Rc5+ Kg4 4. Qe2#
        3... Kh6 4. Qh8#
  1... Kd5 2. e8=B ... 3. Bc6#
     2... Ke4 3. Bd7 Kd5 4. Bc6#
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2019-05-15 06:52:18, by problemist
4. Bc6# and 4. Qe2# are model mates. Published in Šachové umění (2618) 1971-01.
2019-05-15 06:04:42, by problemist
Meredith. Chess puzzle. The straightforward key to f7 clears e8 for promotion and guards wNg6. Now on 1.. Kd5 not 2. e8Q? stalemate, but an underpromotion to a wB and 2.. Ke4 3. Bd7 Kd5 4. Bc6#. On 1.. KxN 2. e8Q Kg4 3. Rc5! Kh5 4. Qe2# while on 2.. Kxg5 several moves work 3. Rxg3+, Rc5+, Qe4, Qa4. Not that hard, (***) suffice.

Karol Mlynka (* 11.8.1944 in Kozárovce) Slovak composer and FIDE Master. "Karol Mlynka is a twomover and fairy composer. Juraj Lörinc summed it up on his website:

Teacher of Slovak and German languages. Known Slovak composer, he composes since 1961, inventor of Mlynka theme (cyclic change of defence motives of 3 defences in 2 phases) as well as many other original themes from the field of so called Slovak school. International judge FIDE since 1987 and FIDE master since 1990. In recent time he works well in Pat a Mat redaction, where he is editor for #3.

Karol Mlynka also invented the Supertransmuting King and has already composed many problems with this fairy piece. The definitions and some examples can be found also on Juraj Lörinc's website. Karol Mlynka's book "100 selected chess compositions" can be downloaded from" [Today's problem is listed as No. 74 in the book "409 Selected Chess Compositions of Karol Mlynka" by Gabriel Török (also available online).]

Since the opening in October 2000, I had published online more than 6650 free chess problems. If you want more details, look at my chess figures pages.

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