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Bruno's Chess Problem: 09/13/2021

M.G.Garcia, 1996

Mate in 3(****)
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1. Nce4!
  1... Kd3 2. O-O-O+ Kc4 3. Bxd5#
     2... Ke3 3. Bh6#
  1... Kb3 2. Nc5+ Kc4 3. Rc1#
     2... Kc2 3. Bg6#
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2021-09-13 08:06:30, by problemist
"All modern American literature comes from one book by Mark Twain called 'Huckleberry Finn'. [...] it's the best book we've had. All American writing comes from that. There was nothing before. There has been nothing as good since." Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) "Green Hills of Africa" (1935).

A good chess puzzle. The positon of wRa1-wKe1 suggest that castling will be used. "In chess problems, castling is assumed to be allowed if it appears possible, unless it can be proved by retrograde analysis that either the king or the chosen rook had previously moved." Something on 1.. Kb3 has to be found, thus 1. Nge4? fails. The key is by the other wN: 1. Nce4 creates zugzwang and opens the c-file for the wR and the long diagonal a1-h8. 1.. Kb3 2. Nc5+ Kc4, Kc2 3. Rc1#, Bg6#. On 1.. Kd3 castling is used 2. 0-0-0+ Kc4, Ke3 3. Bxd5#, Bh6#. Reprinted as No. 59 in "Estudios Artisticos de Ajedrez. Nº 2 – Año 2010 – Salta - Argentina, Problemas de Mario Guido García." Available as a pdf from the website of the Unión Argentina de Problemistas de Ajedrez.

Mario Guido García (* 1948 in Salta) Argentinian composer and International Judge. More biographical information can be found on the website of the Unión Argentina de Problemistas de Ajedrez as well as pdfs of problem collections.

Since the opening in October 2000, I had published online more than 6650 free chess problems. If you want more details, look at my chess figures pages.

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