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Bruno's Chess Problem: 01/14/2022

L.Losinskij, G.Baev, Magyar Sakkvilag, 1929

Mate in 2(***)
chess problem diagram
White to play


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1. Qxc5! ... 2. Ne5#
  1. ... e5 2. Qe3#
  1. ... Qd4 2. Rxd4#
  1. ... Rxc5+ 2. Nxc5#
  1. ... Nd5 2. Qd4#
  1. ... Nxe4 2. Be2#
  1. ... Bg3 2. Rd2#
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2022-01-15 16:04:31, by problemist
Shown is the Schór theme where the key selfpins a white piece (wQc5) which unpins a black one (bNc3). In its next move it unpins the white piece (by 1.. Nd5) which delivers mate (2. Qd4#). László Schór, 1897-1984). Here with the additional twist that 1.. Nd5 also unpins a black piece (bQd6) that now guards the threatened mate (2. Ne5#), but it also blocks the guard of d4 by the bQ.
2022-01-14 06:38:14, by problemist
"Saying that studying the brain is limited to the study of physical entities would be like saying that literary criticism must focus on paper and bookbinding, ink and its chemistry, page sizes and margin widths, typefaces and paragraph lengths, and so forth." Douglas R. Hofstadter (* 1945) "I Am a Strange Loop" (2007).

The key self-pins the wQ by 1. Qxc5 (threat 2. Ne5# which also follows on 1.. Qd5+). 1.. e5, Nd5 unpin it so that 2. Qd4#, Qe3#. On 1.. Qd4, Rxc5+, Nxe4, Bg3 2. Rxd4#, Nxc5#, Be2#, Rd2#.

Георгий Баев (* 1910) Russian composer from Ростов-на-Дону.

Лев Ильич Лошинский (* 17.1.1913 in Warsaw, † 19.2.1976 in Moskva) Russian composer and Grandmaster, see wikipedia de, el, fi, fr, it, lv, ru. "Lev Loshinsky was perhaps 'the' greatest composer of threemovers." "Il est considéré comme un des plus grands problémistes russes. Spécialiste des problèmes orthodoxes en 2 et 3 coups, il remporta les neuf premiers championnats soviétiques de composition de problèmes en 3 coups (de 1945 à 1968) et quatre championnats de composition dans la catégorie des problèmes en deux coups (1947-1948, 1949-1952, 1953-1955 et 1959-1961) ainsi que le championnat de 1965-1966 dans la catégorie des problèmes en plus de trois coups. Lochinski était professeur de mathématiques à l'Université de Moscou."

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