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Bruno's Chess Problem: 07/18/2019

E.Zimmer, 2000

Mate in 3 (***)
chess problem diagram
White to play


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1. Ra3! ... 2. Nb6+ ... 3. Ra8#
  1... Kb8 2. Nc3 Kc8 3. Ra8#
  1... Kd8 2. Rf3 ... 3. Rf8#
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2019-07-18 08:28:28, by slowbut2
before my seeing comments: My solution [arrived to through the 32-pixel, B&W, restartable-moving-pieces setting]: in view of the possibility\s: not all three-star problems are made equal [re difficulty] \ rook starts\ still king in first move followed by knight and rook check , to mate with rook after black-king moves west and east knight blocks pawn before black-king moves east [or to mate with rook from east\ rook], white's rathree starts
2019-07-18 05:55:45, by problemist
An easy miniature. Shown are R-mates on the black back rank. The key puts the wR into ambush at a3 with the threat 2. Nb6+ 3. Ra8#. On 1.. Kb8, Kd8 2. Nc3 (zugzwang), Rf3 Kc8, ~ 3. Ra8#, Rf8#. Here for hardness two stars are in order. Published in Pat a Mat (31\972) 2000-12.

Eligiusz Zimmer (* 13.12.1951 in Piotrków Trybunalski) Polish composer. "Eligiusz Zimmer composes direct mates, helpmates and endgame studies."

Since the opening in October 2000, I had published online more than 6650 free chess problems. If you want more details, look at my chess figures pages.

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