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Bruno's Chess Problem: 04/14/2024

E.Pape, 1st Pr., Good Companions, 1923

Mate in 2(***)
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White to play


Level : * (very easy) to ****** (very hard)

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1. Qe5! ... 2. Qxe3#
  1... d2+, Re4, Rxe5 2. Nc3#
  1... Kd2 2. Qb2#
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2024-04-14 08:53:31, by problemist
"Scientific research is based on the assumption that all events, including the actions of mankind, are determined by the laws of nature."

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) To Phyllis Wright, January 24, 1936. Einstein Archives 52-337.

FIDE Album. Mutate. On any Black move a mate is set but there is no waiting move to retain them. The sacrificial key 1. Qe5 creates zugzwang and changes the mates on 1.. d2+, N~, R~ 2. Nc3#, QxR#, Nc3# and on the new move 1.. Kd2 2. Qb2#.

Edouard Pape (* 18.4.1870 in Paris, † 6.3.1949 in Neuilly-sur-Seine) French composer, see wikipedia fr. “Edouard Pape composed more than 2000 problems, most of them twomovers in the "Good Companions" style - he was vice-president of the Good Companions. He wrote a chess-themed novel "La variante F.VIII du Gambit Camulogène". The Pape theme requests the double en-passant capture of the same white pawn."

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