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Bruno's Chess Problem: 03/04/2021

S.Sovik, 1st HM, Gvozdjak-30 JT, 1995

Mate in 2(***)
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White to play


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1. Be7! ... 2. Qb2#
  1... Bxc4, Qxc4 2. Nd3#
  1... Qxc5 2. Rxb6#
  1... Qa4 2. Rxa4#
  1... Rb1 2. Nxc2#
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2021-03-04 17:40:48, by problemist
Reprinted as No. 632 in Peter Gvozdják's "Cyclone" (2000).
2021-03-04 08:16:54, by slowbut2
before my seeing others’ comments: My solution [arrived to through the 32-pixel, B&W, restartable-moving-pieces setting and “(?)”]: in view of the following possibility\s:::::: bishop double check\\ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it seems [ reverification is intended later on and before seeing others’ comments] that white's beseven starts
2021-03-04 07:13:10, by problemist
FIDE Album. We expect a cyclic theme in the awarded problems of this tourney in honor of the prospective author of the Cyclone-books (2000, 2010). And indeed shown is a Shedey cycle where in two phases the mates in the threats and the variations (on the same black defenses) are cyclically shifted. In the try 1. Qd4? Rxa1! the threat is 2. Nd3# (A) and on 1.. Qxc5, Qxc4 2. Qb2# (B), Rxb6# (C). In the solution 1. Be7 (threat 2. Qb2# (B)) 1.. Qxc5, Qxc4 2. Rxb6# (C), Nd3# (A). So we have the cyclic shift ABC->BCA in the threats and on the defenses 1.. Qxc5, Qxc4. Side variations are 1.. Bxc4, Rb1, Qa4 2. Nd3#, Nxc2#, Rxa4# (and Nc checks).

Štefan Sovík (* 29.12.1944 in Mosonmagyaróvár) Slovak composer and International Master. "Štefan Sovík composes mostly direct and selfmates in 2-3 moves and enjoys cyclic themes. He has become an International Judge in 2017."

Since the opening in October 2000, I had published online more than 6650 free chess problems. If you want more details, look at my chess figures pages.

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