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Bruno's Chess Problem: 03/05/2021

F.Palatz, Die Schwalbe, 1932

Mate in 4(***)
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White to play


Level : * (very easy) to ****** (very hard)

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1. Bf7! ... 2. Be6 ... 3. Bg4#
     2... Rb4 3. Bd5 ... 4. Bf3#
        3... Re4, Rf4, Rb3 4. Bb3#
  1... Rd5 2. Be6 ... 3. Bg4#
     2... Rd3 3. Bg4+ Rf3 4. Bxf3#
     2... Rd2 3. Bb3+ Rc2 4. Bxc2#
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2021-03-05 07:21:07, by problemist
FIDE Album. Miniature. 1st HM (Judge: Otto Dehler). A tempo duel between bR and wB. Not 1. Bg6?, Bd7?, Bc6?, Rh2? Rc5!, Rb4!, Rb3!, Ra5! The key 1. Bf7 creates zugzwang and the bR cannot guard both focal points b3 and h5, so only the sacrifice 1.. Rd5 defends (2. BxR? stalemate). Now 2. Be6 (3. Bg4#) and the bR cannot guard both focal points b3 and g4: 2.. Rd2, Rd3 3. Bb3+, Bg4+.

Franz Ferdinand Ludwig Palatz (* 18.7.1896 in Hamburg, † 1945 in Pommern) German composer, see wikipedia de, it, lv. "Franz Palatz was one of the greatest theoreticians of the beginning of the 20th century. He wrote "Antiform" in 1929 with Mongredien and in 1935 he published "Miniatures stratégiques" comprising 200 miniatures. Among his articles we may quote "Antiturton, Zepler und die Antiform" (Deutsches Wochenschach, 1923) or "Klassifizierung der Zugwechselaufgaben" (DW 1925) He also impulsed the growth of the helpmate genre by many articles."

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