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Bruno's Chess Problem: 05/26/2023

H.Ahues, 4th Pr., 1996

Mate in 2(***)
chess problem diagram
White to play


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1. Nb4! ... 2. Qe4#
  1... d5 2. Nf5#
  1... Nd2 2. Qxc3#
  1... Bd3 2. Qxd3#
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2023-05-26 05:21:47, by problemist
"We have learned in recent years that the techniques of misinformation and misdirection have become so refined that, even in an open society, a cleverly directed flood of misinformation can overwhelm the truth, even though the truth is out there, uncensored, quietly available to anyone who can find it." Daniel Dennett (* 1942) "Breaking the Spell" (2006).

Published in Sakkélet. A random move of wNd3 threatens 2. Qe4#, but there is the defense 1.. d5! pinning wNd7. On the correction 1. Nc5? d5 2. Nf5# but 1..Nd2!, thus the further correction 1. Nb4 Nd2, d5 2. Qxc3#, Nf5#. The latter mate shows the Somov B2 theme ("The mating move can intercept a white line controlling one square in the black King field because Black has just either opened another white line (Somov B1), or blocked that square (Somov B2)." Problemesis Thèmes). A concise little gem.

Herbert Siegfried Oskar Ahues (* 2.3.1922 in Berlin, † 11.7.2015 in Bremen) German composer and Grandmaster, see wikipedia de, fr, it, lv, ru. "The son of (o.t.b.) IM Carl Ahues was a specialist of modern twomovers, especially the white lines combinations (A, B, C themes) presented with thematic try play. He has composed more than 2000 problems and has been GM since 1989. He was also International Judge. He has published a selection of his best problems: "Meine besten Schachprobleme. 600 ausgewählte Zweizüger und 3 Dreizüger" (1988, 2nd ed. 2006). His "Weiße Linienkombinationen mit thematischen Verführungen" was published as a special issue of "Die Schwalbe".

Since the opening in October 2000, I had published online more than 6650 free chess problems. If you want more details, look at my chess figures pages.

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