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Bruno's Chess Problem: 05/15/2018

P.A. Petkov, 2nd Pr., Problemas, 1981

Mate in 2(**)
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White to play


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1. Bf4! ... 2. Qe5#
  1. ... Rf6 2. Ne7#
  1. ... Bf6 2. Bxe6#
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2018-05-15 19:34:08, by problemist
The Novotny tries 1. Bf6?, f6?, Qd6? threaten 2. Ne7#, Bxe6# that a black capture on e6 can only separate. But they fail to the exquisite defenses 1.. bxc5! (as already noted by slowbut2), Nxd4!, e3! In the solution the new threat 2. Qe5# is created against which only the Grimshaw interferences on f6 defend followed by the former Novotny mates. FIDE Album (2+3+4 = 9 points).

Петко Андонов Петков (*27.2.1942 in Tolbukhin) Bulgarian composer and Super-Grandmaster, see wikipedia bg, de, fr, it, lv, ru. "Petko Petkov is the best Bulgarian chess composer. Since he is the leader in the world rank list with 471.75 points in the FIDE Albums (with 117 points more than the second-placed Michel Caillaud with 354,07 points!), it might be said that as far as FIDE Albums are concerned, he is the best in the world." Read more superlatives in the rest of the article on
2018-05-15 13:56:26, by slowbut2
my better solution: white's bffour is start
2018-05-15 13:50:25, by slowbut2
1. Bf6? c5!
2018-05-15 08:28:21, by slowbut2
before my seeing comments: My solution: to mate with knight [or bishop, queen] after a move of black rook [or another piece], white's bfsix is start

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