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Bruno's Chess Problem: 05/20/2017

S.Herland, La Strat?gie, 1906

Mate in 3(***)
chess problem diagram
White to play


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1. Ra4! ... 2. Qb3 ... 3. Qf3#
  1... Rf6, Re7 2. Rxc4+ Nxc4 3. Qb1#
  1... Kxd5 2. Kf3 ... 3. e4#
  1... Nd3, Nxa4 2. Qb1 ... 3. Qh1#
  1... Nd1 2. Qb3 ... 3. Qf3#
     2... Nc3 3. Qxc4#
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2017-05-20 12:49:23, by problemist
No. 46 in the problem collection mentioned below (but there it is stated wrongly that it is a block problem, i.e., based on black zugzwang).
Without the wPa7 there would exist the bold cook 1. Bxe6!? (threat 2. Rxc4+ NxR 3. Qb1#) cxb4 2. Qa7! 3. Qd4#. So this white pawn was not added to increase the white force, but to inhibit it.
2017-05-20 09:55:46, by problemist
A problem with a Bohemian flavor. The direct try 1. Qb5? fails to 1.. cxb4! when the idea 2. Nc3+ 3. Qg5# fails to 2.. bxc3! The key clears the b-file for the wQ threatening quietly 2. Qb3. If the bN takes the wR 2. Qb1+ Kxd5 3. Qh1#. While on 1..Nd3 2. Qb1 threatening mate on d3 and h1. On defenses by the bR there is the R-sacrifice on c4 followed by 3. Qb1#. On 1.. Kd5 2. Kf3 3. e4#. Note that easy as the key and the following play is well hidden (or would you habe guessed from the diagram that there is a Q-mate from h1?)

Sigmund Herland (*27.9.1865 in Vienna, +15.8.1954 in Bucharest) Austrian-Romanian composer, see wikipedia en, ru. "Sigmund Herland was a chess player and composer. A collection of 327 selected problems by Sigmund Herland was published by Ekaterina Yaremska-Iliescu (available online). Sigmund Herland composed in all genres (studies, direct or fairy problems, in Bohemian or strategic style) and was often very creative and original. Sigmund Herland also composed what can be considered as the forerunner of the first cyclic Babson task (composed by Peter Hoffmann, Schach 2005). The story of this problem, published by Alain C. White in the Theory of Pawn Promotion, was evoked by Steven Dowd in his "Skittles" on ChessCafe."

Since the opening in October 2000, I had published online more than 4931 free chess problems. If you want more details, look at my chess figures pages.

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