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Bruno's Chess Problem: 10/14/2017

W.Speckmann, Rochade Europa, 1995

Mate in 6(***)
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White to play


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1. Rde7!+ Kf8 2. Rxf7+ Kg8 3. Rfe7 ... 4. Ra8#
        3. ... Kf8 4. Red7 ... 5. Ra8#
           4. ... Ke8 5. Rdb7 ... 6. Ra8#
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2017-10-14 09:17:46, by problemist
A logical problem which may also appeal, in the style of a study, to the otb-player as Black has a huge material advantage. The immediate 1. Rdb7? fails to black castling. The idea is to return to this position after some moves of the bK such that castling ist no longer legal. But White has to be careful to invalidate the defenses of the black Bishops. There are two variations after the check in the first move 1.. Kd8 2. Rxf7 and now 2.. Ke8 3. Rfb7 leads to a short mate while 2.. Ba6 3.RxB Ke8 (3.. Kc8 4. Ra8#) 4. Rb7 and 5. Ra8#. The K-flight to the other side is the main variation 1.. Kf8 2. Rxf7+ Kg8 and now not 3. Rfb7? Ba3! but 3. Re7 ( threats 4. Re8#, Ra8#) Kf8 4. Rd7 (again with a double threat, not 4. Rfb7? Bb5!) Ke8 and now the initial position is reached again and as castling is no longer possible 5. Rfb7 6. Ra8# mates. Straightforward to solve as the white play is concentrated to R-moves on the 7th rank. But the variety of play is still fascinating.

Werner Speckmann (*21.8.1913 in Dortmund, +23.2.2001 in Hamm) German composer and International Master, see wikipedia de, it, ru, "International Judge, he was a specialist of miniature logical problems. He wrote "Strategie im Schachproblem" in 1959, "Das logische Schachproblem" and "Schachminiaturen" in 1965, "Kleinste Schachaufgaben" in 1970. He composed mostly miniatures and was the editor of the problem section of the "Deutsche Schachzeitung" from 1973 till 1988. He was also interested in fairy chess and was the inventor of the fairy piece "Superpawn". Lothar Speckmann maintains the splendid website "Werner Speckmanns elektronische Schachbücher" to his memory. More reading in English (to be found among the "Nachrufe"): his obituary by Colin Russ published in "The Problemist", May 2001.

Since the opening in October 2000, I had published online more than 4931 free chess problems. If you want more details, look at my chess figures pages.

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