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Bruno's Chess Problem: 06/23/2017

Z.Janevski, Antologija Makedonskiot, 1987

Mate in 2(**)
chess problem diagram
White to play


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1. Rb5! ... 2. Rxc5#
  1... exd6 2. Rd1#
  1... cxd4 2. Qxd4#
  1... c4 2. Rd3#
  1... Ne4 2. Nxe4#
  1... R?2 2. Rxb3#
  1... Nd2 2. Rc4#
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2017-06-23 17:54:12, by problemist
Almost! But 1. Rc6? allows defenses by a move of bRb2 opening the flight square b2.
2017-06-23 17:19:01, by slowbut2
before my seeing comments: My solution: to pin & rook mate\foresee defenses, white's rcsix is start before mate with r\double check\n\ \etc.
2017-06-23 06:05:16, by problemist
Shown is the paradoxical Dombrovskis theme in four phases with three tries 1. Qf4? (threat 2. Rd3#), Qf2? (threat 2. Rc4#), Qe5? (threat 2. Rd1#) that fail to 1.. c4!, Nd2!, exd6! In the solution the threats from the tries reappear as mates against the same black defenses that refuted them in the tries. FIDE Album.

Живко Јаневски (*4.8.1953 in Gevgelija) Macedonian composer and Grandmaster, see wikipedia it, lv. "Živko Janevski is a heterodox problems specialist and an International Judge for selfmates and helpmates. He is the editor of the Macedonian magazine "Orbit". He was world champion in composing helpmates in 1989-91 and 1998-2000. He also wrote an anthology of Macedonian problemists "Antologija na makedonskiot problemski šah" in 1987; in 1989 with Nikola Stolev "The Modern helpmate in two" and in 2010 a compilation of Chris Feather's problems "Chris J. Feather - Selected Helpmates". His strategic helpmates are quite a feast for the amateur."

Since the opening in October 2000, I had published online more than 4931 free chess problems. If you want more details, look at my chess figures pages.

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