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Bruno's Chess Problem: 07/14/2018

M.R.Vukcevich, The Problemist, 1981

Mate in 6(*****)
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White to play


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1. Rh4! ... 2. Nd5#
  1... Rxh4 2. f3 ... 3. Bc3#
     2... Ng7 3. Bxg7 ... 4. Bc3#
        3... Rxf3 4. Nd5+ exd5 5. Bc3+ Rxc3 6. Rb7#
  1... Qxh4 2. f3 ... 3. Bc3# Ng7 3. Rxg7 ... 4. Rb7#
        3... Bxf3 4. Nd3+ Nxd3 5. Rb7+ Bxb7 6. Bc3#
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2018-07-16 15:40:19, by problemist
ta-ta-ta-Taaa. Kerber quite unexpectedly wins in Wimbledon, France rather expectedly wins the Soccer World Championship, and I take a summer timeout from daily commenting on Bruno's chess problems. In the meantime, have fun with these problems :-)
2018-07-14 11:27:00, by problemist
A logical problem showing black and white Novotny's on f3 and g7. The mainplan, the Novotny 1. f3?, fails to the white Novotny 1.. Ng7! Using the foreplan 1. Rh4! (with the threat of discovered double check mate) the bQ or the bR is decoyed, after which the mainplan with an additional decoy, closing a black line of defense, succeeds: 1.. QxR 2. f3 Ng7 3. RxN Bxf3 4. Nd3+! NxN 5. Rb7+ Bxb7 6. Bc3# and the other way round 1.. Rxh4 2. f3 Ng7 3. BxN Rxf3 4. Nd5+! PxN 5. Bc3+ RxB 6. Rb7#. Two perfectly analogous variations. A short side variation is 1.. c4 2.Nd3+ RxN 3. BxN and mate on a3 or c4. 1st Prize. FIDE Album (4+3+2 = 9 points).

Milan Radoje Vukcevich (* 11.3.1937 in Belgrade, 10.5.2003 in Shaker Heights) Serbian-American Grandmaster in chess composition, see wikipedia de, el, en, fr, it, lv, nl, ru, sr. "Milan Vukcevich was a prominent American chess player (3rd in US closed Championship in 1975, see his games on and composer. He was also an acclaimed scientist who was considered for a Nobel Prize in Chemistry. About his personality the best is to quote from an eulogy written by Michelle Vukcevich in 2003 (the eulogy was itself quoted in a biographical sketch centered on Milan's scientific achievements):

Milan was a continual, tireless educator. He gave lectures and encouraged students throughout his career and absolutely shined in the classroom. He believed that the evolutionary driving force of humanity is increased knowledge. He, himself, was constantly learning new things. He couldn't sit still for two minutes without a chess board or a science magazine in his hand. To his students he was an inspiration, to search for truth and understanding. And he was a counselor, to search for their personal growth...

Milan Vukcevich composed in all genres (orthodox, studies, fairy problems,...). Of course, Milan also had talent for writing. He published in 1981 "Chess by Milan: Problems and Games of Dr. Milan R. Vukcevich" and in 2003 "My Chess Compositions". In 2008 Siegfried Hornecker also published an article, on, about Milan, quoting many problems."

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