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Bruno's Chess Problem: 06/24/2017

F.Matousek, Svetozor, 1929

Mate in 3(***)
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White to play


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1. Qf2! ... 2. Qd4+ Rb4 3. Bd7#
  1... Rb6 2. Qd4+ Rb4 3. Bd7#
     2... Ka5, Kb5 3. Rc5#
  1... Rab8, Rxc8 2. Qxa7+ Kb4 3. Qd4#
     2... Ra5 3. Qxa5#
  1... Rc5 2. Qxc5 ... 3. Bd7#
  1... Rb4 2. Bd7+ Rb5 3. Qd4#
  1... Rb3 2. Bd7+ Rb5 3. Qd4#
     2... Kb4 3. Qc5#
     2... Ka3 3. Bd6#
  1... Ba2, Bd3, Bf5 2. Qa2+ Kb4 3. Qa3#
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2017-06-24 11:05:44, by problemist
Bohemian Meredith without any white Pawns. The tries 1. Qf6?, Bd6? fail to 1.. Rc5. So the hidden key threatens 2. Qd4+, but also controls c5. On 1.. Rb3 2. Bd7+ Ka3 there is the pin mate 3. Bd6# (2.. Kb4 3. Qc5#). This also shows why 1. Qg1? does not work. On 1.. Rb6 2. Qd4+, Ka5(b5) 3. Rc5# again a pin mate with an exchange of the pinning and mating pieces (wR, wB). Some side variations are 1.. Rxc8(Rab8), Rc5, Bd3(a2) 2. Qxa7+, QxR, Q(x)a2+ On other moves of bRb4 it follows 2. Bd7+ Rb5(Kb4) 3. Qd4#. Quite a challenge to solve and also of thematical interest.

František Matoušek (*17.1.1879 in Praha, +21.2.1956 in Praha) Czech composer. "Matoušek is of course a member of the Bohemian chess problem school. For the amateur interested in the problems of Matoušek, V.Pachman has written an anthology of 100 threemovers "Problémový šach - Výběr 100 trojtahových úloh Fratiška Matouška" which is available online. A picture of him and his obituary can be found on page 58 of "Československý šach 1956" (due to Václav Kotěšovec)."

Since the opening in October 2000, I had published online more than 4931 free chess problems. If you want more details, look at my chess figures pages.

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