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Do you want informations and figures about Bruno's Chess Problem of the Day? Welcome on the chess figures! The first chess problem was published on October 16, 2000. On April 17, 2014 I had published 4931 chess problems from checkmate in 1 to checkmate in 6. Look figures below for more details.

The 1902 oldest checkmates are available online. Click on links below to search them in my checkmate database.

The last checkmates

Checkmate Difficulty When Title
Mat #1 a long time ago
Mat #2** today W.H.Lyons, Ottawa Citizen, 1885
Mat #3** yesterday M.Wrobel, Tidskrift for Schack, 1956
Mat #4*** 15 days J.Halumbirek, 1st Pr., Neue Leipziger Zeitung, 1937
Mat #5** 24 days T.Linss, Troll, 1993
Mat #6**** 7 days M.R.Vukcevich, 1st Pr., Chess Life and Review, 1985

Overall chess problems figures

Checkmates figures
Checkmates in 115
Checkmates in 22 490
Checkmates in 31 677
Checkmates in 4431
Checkmates in 5163
Checkmates in 6155
Difficulties figures
Puzzle difficulties *189
Puzzle difficulties **2 168
Puzzle difficulties ***1 958
Puzzle difficulties ****512
Puzzle difficulties *****96
Puzzle difficulties ******8

Chess problems origins

The best years
Problems from 1902182
Problems from 1952158
Problems from 1976148
Problems from 1975131
Problems from 1951108
The best authors

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