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Bruno's Chess Problem: 03/24/2017

T.Czarnecki, SVTVS, 1955

Mate in 3(**)
chess problem diagram
White to play


Level : * (very easy) to ****** (very hard)

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2017-03-24 07:28:51, by problemist
Bohemian problem. Something forced is needed in view of 1.. d1Q. The key threatens 2. Qa5+ Nc5 3. e4#. On 1.. Rc3, c3 there follow the model echo mates 2. Ne7+, Ne3+ 3. Qxa7#. 4th Prize. Not that easy. Three stars are adequate.

Tadeusz Czarnecki (*2.11.1905, +20.8.1973). "Polish problemist, International Judge for Chess Composition (1956). Great composer of two-movers, he has published 300 problems which many of them got prizes. Chief editor of Szachy between 1947-1950."

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