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Bruno's Chess Problem: 03/18/2018

I.Mikan, Israel Chess Monthly, 1956

Mate in 3(***)
chess problem diagram
White to play


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2018-03-18 10:01:33, by problemist
A problem in the Bohemian style without any wPs and model mates. Something forced is needed in view of Rh8-h6+. The key activates the wQ and threatens 2. Qxb7+ KxN 3. Qb8#. The main variation is the Q-sacrifice using the bB as a self block 1.. BxN 2. Qc6+! bxc6, dxc6, Bc7 3. Ba6#, Be6#, QxB#. Also 1.. RxN 2. Qa6 (another Q-sacrifice using the bR as a self block) bxa6 3. Bxa6#. Further 1.. KxN 2. Qb6+ Ke8, Kc8 3. Bf7#, Qc7#. On 1.. b6 there is a minor dual 2. Qa6+, Qxb6. 1st Prize. FIDE Album.

Ilja Mikan (*12.1.1911 in Hradec Králové, +12.4.1979 in Praha) Czech composer and International Master (1972). He was also an International Judge since 1958. He published from the mid-60s on problem collections of composers of the Bohemian School ("Galerie československých skladatelů") and in 1973 a collection of 700 of his own problems "Dobrodružství 64 polí." They are available online from Václav Kotěšovec's website.

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