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28.01.2015 22:42 Queen's Gambit, Slav
g3 Semi Slav or Catalan Gambit?
28.01.2015 18:47 Magnus Carlsen streaks to win in first major chess tourney of 2015
Remarkably, his last chess tournament win came April, but world chess champion Magnus Carlsen was back in a familiar place — first — at the just-concluded Tata Steel Masters chess tournament in Wijk aan Zee, Netherlands, the first elite super GM gathering of the year. Riding a midtournament six-game winning streak, the Norwegian chess champ posted a 9-4 result, a half-point clear of French GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, GM Ding Liren of China, and Philippine-born GM Wesley So, who was playing his first big international event representing the U.S. Chess Federation. In the concurrent Tata Steel Challengers for up-and-coming stars, Chinese 15-year-old chess prodigy GM Wei Yi won the right to play in the 2016 Masters with a fine 10½-2½ score, a half-point ahead of Czech GM David Navara and ...
25.01.2015 16:54 Late surge carries Magnus Carlsen to brink of victory at Wijk aan Zee
Magnus Carlsen is on the brink of victory this weekend at Tata Steel Wijk aan Zee. Norway’s world chess champion, 24, began the Dutch elite chess tournament slowly but then hit a purple patch of six consecutive wins which shot him into the overall lead with three games to go. After 10 of the 13 rounds the leaders were Carlsen 7.5, Wesley So (US) and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (France) 6.5, then four players on 6. Carlsen’s six-game surge was a cameo of the kind which the legends Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov and Alexander Alekhine performed in their peak years. His rating has jumped to 2870, only 19 points shy of his all-time record achieved in April 2014. Most of his Wijk wins were scored by his special style of a small advantage used to pose a continual series of awkward problems to his opponent ending in a decisive error. His win over Italy’s Fabiano Caruana was ...
23.01.2015 22:21 Saemisch eBook
King's Indian subscribers can now download the new-style playable Saemisch eBook, with over 180 annotated games!
23.01.2015 18:00 Magnus Carlsen's charge halted by Tata's old master Vassily Ivanchuk
Eccentric Russian Grandmaster Vassily Ivanchuk brings a halt to Magnus Carlsen’s impressive run at the 2015 Tata Steel chess tournament. Magnus Carlsen’s winning run was halted by the veteran Vassily Ivanchuk at Tata Steel. The chess tournament decamped to the Mauritshuis art museum in The Hague for the tenth round and so it was appropriate that the world chess champion should find his ambitions of a seventh straight victory thwarted by an old master. Carlsen was philosophical afterwards – "He just forced a draw, he is allowed to do that, there was nothing I could do" – but he must have been pleased to remain a point clear with three to play as all the decisive games were between tail-enders. Baadur Jobava is having a nightmare tournament. His original style has been found wanting at the very top level, but in round ten, he fought ...
22.01.2015 14:01 King's Gambit eBook
1 e4 e5 subscribers can now download the new-style playable King's Gambit eBook, with over 100 annotated games!
20.01.2015 22:09 Daring Defences
New playable eBooks on the Budapest and Albin!
20.01.2015 17:45 Ivanchuk takes charge: Ukrainian Grandmaster is surprise leader at Tata Steel chess
The eccentric Ukrainian Vassily Ivanchuk moves into the lead at the 2015 Tata Steel chess as Magnus Carlsen also wins. Vassily Ivanchuk was the surprise leader going into the rest day at Tata Steel Wijk aan Zee. The Ukrainian is the oldest player in the field, but reached 3.5/4 with a smooth victory over Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, given below. Magnus Carlsen returned to 50 per cent by defeating Loek Van Wely. Ding Liren lost his first game, but then won his next three. Baadur Jobava’s games are always entertaining, but he plays too provocatively here: Ding Liren – B. Jobava; Old Indian; 1.d4 d6 2.Nf3 ...
20.01.2015 01:10 English, Flank
Interesting recent ideas
18.01.2015 22:08 King Pawn
Old openings receiving a modern treatment
18.01.2015 00:33 Open Sicilians
Top level chess!
17.01.2015 13:12 King's Indian
New ideas in the Classical
17.01.2015 00:59 Anti-Sicilians
A repertoire for Black
16.01.2015 00:41 French Defence
The move ...b6 in the Classical Steinitz
15.01.2015 17:04 Master of the attack: a look back at a Yugoslav Grandmaster's dangerous line against the Sicilian
Yugoslav chess Grandmaster Dragoljub Velimirovic was a superb tactician who invented a line against the Sicilian that is still going strong. Here it is in action. The Yugoslav Grandmaster Dragoljub Velimirovic invented a line against the Sicilian Scheveningen 40 years ago that has stood the test of ...
13.01.2015 18:01 Caruana in cruise control: Fab shows he is Magnus Carlsen's main threat at Tata Steel chess
World number 2 Fabiano Caruana takes the lead at the Tata Steel chess tournament in Wijk aan Zee with a second win as Carlsen draws with Wesley So. Fabiano Caruana continued to show why he is regarded as the main threat to world chess champion Magnus Carlsen as he took the lead at Tata Wijk aan Zee ...
13.01.2015 13:46 Budapest Gambit eBook
Daring Defences subscribers can now download the new-style playable Budapest Gambit eBook, with over 130 annotated games!
10.01.2015 17:16 Fabiano Caruana leads new generation vying to challenge Magnus Carlsen
Norway’s world chess champion, Magnus Carlsen, is only 24 so after defeating the best players of the older generation, India’s Vishy Anand and Russia’s Vlad Kramnik, his crown might be thought to be secure for a while – but far from it. Carlsen’s title is targeted by Italy’s world No2, F...
10.01.2015 17:16 Zhao Jun conquers Hastings: Chinese grandmaster wins world's oldest chess congress
Chinese GM Zhao Jun secured the draw he needed to win the Hastings Chess Congress to finish on 8/9, a full point clear of the field. GM Zhao Jun of China was a comfortable winner at Hastings after an uneventful last-round draw with GM Alexander Fier of Brazil took him to 8/9, a full point clear of t...
10.01.2015 17:02 Modern Benoni eBook
Nimzo and Benoni subscribers can now download the new-style playable Modern Benoni eBook!
08.01.2015 17:07 40 Years of Spectacular Chess
In 1975, the organizers of the traditional chess tournament in the Dutch coastal town of Wijk aan Zee inaugurated a prize for the most spectacular game. They expected breathtaking encounters, griping contests, and some glamour and charm. Throughout the four decades many grandmasters were rewarded fo...
05.01.2015 18:19 Opening novelty: Cuba move a boon for chess
It probably didn't factor into his decision, but President Obama's recent diplomatic breakthrough with Cuba could have the side benefit of re-establishing normal relations with one of the world's great chess-playing cultures, a country with a rich history in the game that has long punched above its ...
05.01.2015 00:42 d-Pawn Specials
Something of a Torre fest this month!
03.01.2015 17:01 English hopes rest with Jonathan Hawkins as Hastings draws to a close
Europe’s traditional New Year chess congresses include Stockholm and Groningen as well as Hastings and all have a history of producing speedy victories as the holiday season causes defenders to relax. Hastings approaches its closing rounds this weekend and they can be watched free and live at hast...
01.01.2015 18:30 Black or white? Can you find this mate in one for New Year’s Day and solve a chess puzzle from Hastings
Here are three chess puzzles to start off the New Year, one is from Hastings in 2006 where either black or white can win. This year, for day one it’s mate in one. White or Black to move: [] Hastings is well under way and traditionally battle is joined on New Year’s Day. Today’s second puzzle i...
29.12.2014 17:48 The Mathematical Chances of Each Piece in Chess Surviving in the Game
If you’re a chess player, you’ll know how frustrating it is to lose a piece – even losing a pawn can be a confronting moment! But chess is all about conquering your opponent, so it’s inevitable for pieces to be sacrificed in order for others to be spared. But what exactly are the chances of ...
27.12.2014 17:05 Hastings maintains widespread appeal in face of strong global competition
Hastings starts on Monday, and the traditional new year chess congress keeps its global appeal. Israel’s Maxim Rodshtein is the top seed, and the field of over 100, 14 of them grandmasters, includes entrants from Brazil, China, India, the US and Uzbekistan. The chess event’s palmy years were the...
25.12.2014 17:07 The Chess Phoenix Rises Again
Vishy Anand could be the Phoenix of Chess. Many times down, but never out. Again and again he rises up to snatch another chess tournament triumph, another world chess championship. Last year Anand lost the world title to Magnus Carlsen, but came back this year and won the Candidates to play the Norw...
24.12.2014 18:12 Basking in the Basque: Format offers unique chess challenges
It's rapidly (no pun intended) becoming one of my favorite chess events of the year. In addition to bridge, Go, checkers and other tournaments, the annual SportAccord World Mind Games, held earlier this month in Beijing, includes a "Basque rapid" chess event in which top grandmasters play two games ...
21.12.2014 17:10 This Awesome 16-Year-Old Wants To Be The Youngest African American Chess Grandmaster
There were plenty of signs that 16-year-old Joshua Colas was a chess prodigy. "He told me one day, 'Daddy, I can play you blindfolded,'" his father Guy Colas recounted to The Huffington Post. "And I said, 'You sure? I've never seen you practice.'" Joshua was right; he could not only match his dad bu...
20.12.2014 17:00 Michael Adams misses his chance to demolish Vishy Anand's Berlin Wall
A strange final-round game decided this week’s €90,000 London Classic and provided India’s Vishy Anand with an unexpected consolation for his world title match defeat. There were six elite grandmasters, no obvious bunny in the field and only five rounds, so the Classic was always likely to spa...
20.12.2014 15:09 Dragon Sicilians
James Bond on the TV?
20.12.2014 12:28 Caro Pirc Alekhine
A legend in action!
19.12.2014 17:20 Two take Classic Open: Kamil Dragun and Chinese junior Jinshi Bai share win
The 6th London Chess Classic Open was won jointly by GM Kamil Dragun of Poland and the Chinese junior Jinshi Bai, whose score of 7.5/9 was good for a GM result. Six GMs were equal third on 7/9: Vladislav Tkachiev (France); Bartosz Socko (Poland); Alexandr Lenderman (USA); Alexander Fier (Brazil); Al...
17.12.2014 16:48 Samuel Sevian: Young Armenia-American Grandmaster Rises to the Top
Bobby Fisher non-withstanding, chess has never been a huge sporting phenomenon in the Unites States. In the small Republic of Armenia, it is a religion. This country of less than 3 million has given the world two World Chess champions: Tigran Petrossian and Gary Kasparov, though Kasparov is half Jew...
16.12.2014 00:51 Nimzo, Benoni
Anand and Kramnik strutting their Nimzo stuff
15.12.2014 17:32 London Chess Classic: Anand, Nakamura and Kramnik with all to play for on the final day
The London Chess Classic's football-style scoring system of three points for a win came into play in the final round of London's big chess event. When I was planning the first London Chess Classic, I took many soundings and thought long and hard about the scoring system. I went for the three points ...
15.12.2014 17:30 Kramnik a happy man: Vladimir defeats Nakamura's King’s Indian at London Chess Classic
Hikaru Nakamura played into Russian former world chess champion Vladimir Kramnik's hands at the London Chess Classic 2014 at Olympia in Kensington. Vladimir Kramnik played a model game against the King’s Indian to defeat Hikaru Nakamura, as Michael Adams lost to Anish Giri in the second round of t...
13.12.2014 18:20 Hikaru Nakamura impresses in London Classic at Olympia
America’s Hikaru Nakamura has been the star turn in the London Classic at Olympia which reaches its final rounds this weekend. The US No1 won the 400-player rapid (one-hour games) with a 9.5/10 total, beating his main rivals in individual encounters. Now the elite top six grandmasters, among them ...
11.12.2014 16:43 Problematic chess results when a composer and a champion collide
They were champions in two very different realms of the game, so it was perhaps no great surprise that Wilhelm Steinitz and Sam Loyd enjoyed a not-so-friendly rivalry at times. The Austrian-born Steinitz was the first undisputed world chess champion of the post-Morphy era, with a principled (some sa...

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