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04.07.2015 13:04 Anti-Sicilians
Mixing mainlines with sidelines
03.07.2015 12:49 King's Indian
Mihaela Sandu on the Four Pawns
02.07.2015 18:36 Walter Browne’s genius lives on in great chess games
Suddenly and far too soon, America lost one of its colorful and most combative chess champions with the passing of six-time national champion GM Walter Browne last week at the age of 66. The Australian-born, Brooklyn-reared chess star — Browne attended Bobby Fischer's Erasmus High and, like Fischer, didn't bother to graduate as he pursued a career in chess — died doing what he loved where he loved to do it, having just competed in the annual National Open in Las Vegas and getting in a little action at the poker tables as well. (Browne was a professional poker player and probably made far more money from cards than he ever did from chess.) He was an active participant in the Las Vegas Chess Festival last week, playing a 25-board simultaneous exhibition, giving lectures, and teaching at the chess camp. Fortunately for his
01.07.2015 12:37 Dragon Sicilians
A bit of a mixed bunch
30.06.2015 11:37 d-Pawn Specials
A fair amount of practical sting
29.06.2015 20:35 Topalov on Top of Norway Chess 2015
The world chess champion Magnus Carlsen was in free fall, losing game after game at the beginning of the Norway Chess 2015 in Stavanger, one of the three tournaments of the newly founded Grand Chess Tour. Failures of famous chess players attract as much attention as their successes. Misfortune was being played out on both sides of the Atlantic. By the time Tiger Woods stopped swinging his golf clubs and was eliminated from the the U.S. Open, Carlsen lost three times and drew once in the first four rounds, inhabiting last place. It was the worst start of his chess career. In the first round Carlsen lost on time in a winning position against Veselin Topalov. The 40-year-old Bulgarian grandmaster turned this lucky break into first place with a string of victories reminiscent of his triumph at the world chess championship tournament in ...
29.06.2015 11:45 Nimzo, Benoni
More Nimzo action!
24.06.2015 18:02 Norway Chess 2015: Is it too late for Magnus Carlsen?
World chess champion Magnus Carlsen surely has no chance to catch Veselin Topalov, writes Malcolm Pein. Normal service was resumed in one respect, as Magnus Carlsen notched up his first victory at Norway Chess. But the world chess champion surely has no chance to catch Veselin Topalov, whose incredible start was augmented by a large slice of luck in the fifth round. Carlsen created some complications in Alexander Grischuk’s habitual time trouble and eked out a win. Topalov turned round a poor position against Jon Ludvig Hammer and the game looked certain to end in a draw. The position below arose after 73...Ke7. Now 74.f5 gxf5 75.Ke5 exchanges Black’s last pawn and the players would shake hands. Instead, Hammer blundered with 74.Kc6?? Ke6 0-1 White must head for b7 with his king, but when he does, the bishop will ...
19.06.2015 17:50 Magnus Carlsen disappoints in early rounds of Grand Tour in Stavanger
Magnus Carlsen has got off to a dire start with two defeats at the $1m Grand Tour in Stavanger. The world chess champion lost his first round to Veselin Topalov with the white pieces at move 60 in a winning position through misunderstanding the time limit, then saw his previously impregnable Berlin Wall demolished by his principal rival, Fabiano Caruana. This early double disaster in a chess event of only nine rounds is a massive boost to his main rivals and means that the 24-year-old Norwegian’s negative record of never winning a top chess tournament in his homeland is likely to continue. After three rounds Topalov and Hikaru Nakamura led with 2.5 points. Carlsen was 10th and last with 0.5. Saturday is a rest day but round five (of nine) should be fun to watch free and live online from 3pm on Sunday. The Grand Tour continues at St Louis, US, in August and ...
19.06.2015 13:23 Open Sicilians
Theoretically exceptional!
18.06.2015 11:04 King Pawn
Top players reveal their novelties!
17.06.2015 13:06 Queen's Gambit, Slav
A pretty wide spectrum of openings
16.06.2015 21:36 French Defence
A little of everything
16.06.2015 18:15 Chess at the Olympics?
The IOC does recognise chess as a sport, but will it be accepted at Tokyo 2020? Chess and Bridge are among 26 sports that have applied for inclusion in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. The Additional Event Programme Panel will determine a shortlist to be announced on June 22, with a final decision m...
13.06.2015 23:24 Glenn Flear draws plaudits for performance in French national league
The solitary Englishman competing in this week’s French team finals made his mark on the chess event by an elegant 21-move miniature plus a surprise victory over a former world No3. France’s national chess league is the third strongest in the world after the German Bundesliga and the Russian tea...
13.06.2015 11:45 English, Flank
Good innovations and surprising moves!
10.06.2015 19:08 England up to ninth in Fide rankings despite lack of strength in depth
England have advanced to ninth place among 174 countries in the global chess body Fide’s June 2015 ratings, which are headed by Russia, China, Ukraine and the United States. A decade ago England struggled to stay in the top 20, yet there is a paradox. In this same period England have often underpe...
06.06.2015 22:53 Can America Return to Chess Glory?
The United States chess team may embark on a journey reminiscent of the golden past. Three extraordinary chess grandmasters -- Fabiano Caruana, Hikaru Nakamura and Wesley So -- are rated in the World's Top Ten. They are young, hungry and very good. And they will be eligible to play in next year's ch...
02.06.2015 18:04 Fabiano Caruana and Hikaru Nakamura could challenge for world crown
The prospect of the first American since Bobby Fischer challenging for the world chess crown grew closer this week when two United States players qualified for the 2016 Candidates tournament, which will decide Magnus Carlsen’s next title opponent. Fabiano Caruana, the world No2, and Hikaru Nakamur...
01.06.2015 13:03 Caro Pirc Alekhine
The most popular openings
29.05.2015 17:22 Watch Chess Champ Magnus Carlsen Win Three Games at Once (While Blindfolded)
Magnus Carlsen is a 24-year-old chess mastermind, who’s currently the top-rated chess player in the world — and the highest-rated player in the history of chess, period. In 2013, TIME named Carlsen one of the 100 most influential people in the world. At the recent Sohn Conference in New York, th...
21.05.2015 16:55 Coming home, Fabiano Caruana adds pop to U.S. chess lineup
It's become a paradox of modern sports: choosing up sides has become as big a draw as the games themselves. The NFL draft, once a relatively low-key affair, now is a three-day televised extravaganza, dissected by an army of analysts. The hot-stove league in baseball — with breathlessly covered fre...
18.05.2015 17:36 Chess Grandmaster Fabiano Caruana Switches Nationality and Will Play for U.S.
Fabiano Caruana, the No. 3 chess player in the world, who has represented Italy for the last 10 years, is switching federations to play for the United States. The United States Chess Federation announced Caruana’s move Tuesday in a statement on its website. Caruana, who was born in the United Stat...
15.05.2015 18:13 Magnus Carlsen quips 'they are indeed buying nerds' as US snaps up Fabiano Caruana
The chess world number three, Fabiano Caruana, announced on Tuesday that he would be seeking to change his country of registration from Italy to the US. Tellingly, the announcement was made from St Louis, Missouri, where Rex Sinquefield has set up a chess club and scholastic centre that has become t...
15.05.2015 18:10 Siberia-Novosibirsk oust traditional favourites in Russia team league
Russia’s team league is by far the strongest in the world, with 2600-rated grandmasters on even the weakest squads. You would expect Moscow and St Petersburg to dominate, but in fact the best teams are often from Siberia. A few years ago the championship favourites often included Tomsk, a city who...
11.05.2015 16:45 Magnus Carlsen claims he could ‘stay at the top for another 20 years’
Magnus Carlsen, fresh from his latest triumph, claimed last week he could “stay at the top for another 20 years”. The world chess champion’s 7/9 against an elite field at Shamkir, Azerbaijan, was the closest yet that the Norwegian has approached to the near-sweeps that Alexander Alekhine in 19...
07.05.2015 17:43 Garry Kasparov shows his class with rapid demolition of Nigel Short
Garry Kasparov has been retired from competitive play for a decade but the former world chess champion and for most people still the all-time No1 stole the show at St Louis last weekend. Kasparov’s 10-game rapid/blitz match with Nigel Short was intended as an extra to the announcement of a new $1m...
02.05.2015 16:17 Carlsen Collects Another Chess Victory
The world chess champion Magnus Carlsen, 24, scored another amazing victory with 7 points in 9 games at the Gashimov Memorial tournament in Shamkir, Azerbaijan. The Norwegian grandmaster finished a full point ahead of the former world chess champion Vishy Anand. The 45-year-old Indian grandmaster mo...
29.04.2015 16:40 Honoring a fallen star with a star-studded chess tournament
Chess has devised a wealth of ways to preserve the memory of the game's greatest and most notable figures. There is the World Chess Hall of Fame connected to the Chess Club and Scholastic Center in St. Louis. There are anthologies and game collections of top chess players. Invent a popular opening v...
26.04.2015 17:21 Wesley So fights back strongly after controversial St Louis default
Last week Wesley So was the psychologically bruised victim of a questionable refereeing decision. This week he is competing for a high prize with the world chess champion in the strongest chess tournament of 2015. So had seemed crushed after the ninth round of the US Chess Championship at St Louis w...
23.04.2015 16:40 Magnus Carlsen goes clear in Shamkir as Wesley So falters
Mighty Magnus Carlsen was brought back down to earth by the English GM Michael Adams but a day later took control of Gashimov Memorial. Michael Adams battled hard to hold the world chess champion Magnus Carlsen to a draw in the fourth round of the Gashimov Memorial, but Carlsen took control of the c...
19.04.2015 18:33 Wesley So defaulted at St Louis for writing messages to himself
The default of a world top-10 chess grandmaster for writing motivational phrases on his scoresheet overshadowed Hikaru Nakamura’s victory in the $175,000 US chess championship at St Louis. The world No3 scored 8/11, beating Ray Robson, aged 20, on 7.5 and Wesley So, 21, on 6.5. Samuel Sevian, 14, ...
16.04.2015 16:28 Nakamura and Krush Capture U.S. Chess Titles
The 2015 U.S. Chess Championships in Saint Louis, Missouri, ended last Sunday as expected: the top-rated grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura won his 4th U.S. title. On the women's side, Irina Krush defended the title, her seventh. But it was not that simple. After the second round, two Americans grabbed the...
14.04.2015 17:26 The key to Magnus Carlsen’s success as a chess grandmaster
For the fifth installment of my series of posts analyzing a data set of over 650,000 chess tournament games ranging back to the 15th century, I wanted to focus in on Magnus Carlsen and try to understand what makes him such an exceptional chess player. In November 2013, Magnus Carlsen soundly defeate...
11.04.2015 19:08 A data-driven exploration of the evolution of chess: Game lengths and outcomes
For the second in my series of blog posts exploring a data set of over 650,000 chess tournament games ranging back to the 15th century, I wanted to look at how chess has changed over time. Nobility and scholars alike have played chess for over 1500 years, and chess has changed considerably since its...
09.04.2015 17:56 Ave Maria! Ukrainian Muzychuk wins Women's World Chess Championship
Maria Muzychuk beats Natalia Pogonina to move out of the shadow of her older sister and win the FIDE Women’s World Chess Championship KO. Maria Muzychuk of Ukraine defeated the Russian Natalia Pogonina 2.5-1.5 to win the FIDE Women’s World Chess Championship KO. It was a more comfortable win tha...
07.04.2015 17:18 Meet Sam Sevian, America's 14-year-old chess grandmaster
The youngest ever US chess grandmaster – a 14-year-old from suburban Boston – on intimidation tactics and what it will take to become America’s first world chess champion since Bobby Fischer. -- Hello Sam! -- Hello, Small Talk! -- You have a big couple weeks ahead with the US Chess Championshi...
04.04.2015 17:53 I will bring conflict in Korea to its endgame, declares world chess chief
Chess-mad 'alien abductee' Kirsan Ilyumzhinov says he will negotiate with Kim Jong-un to hold a chess match between children from the North and South. The FIDE president, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, revealed today his ambition to organise a chess match between children from North and South Korea on the 38th...
01.04.2015 19:07 Every Chess Game Tells a Story
Most people who don't play chess believe that the checkmate ends the game. They may not know they can also lose by overstepping the time limit or by resigning - something unheard of in other sports such as football, basketball or hockey. Of course, you don't win by resigning. But once I resigned in ...
28.03.2015 16:27 Vlad Kramnik and Sergey Karjakin facing battle to reach 2016 candidates
Are Russia’s top chess grandmasters giving up on the world crown? Such a question would have been inconceivable 40 to 50 years ago, when the patriarch Mikhail Botvinnik was grooming his successors Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov. Or 25 to 30 years back, when K and K were locked in their marathon...

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