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17.12.2014 16:48 Samuel Sevian: Young Armenia-American Grandmaster Rises to the Top
Bobby Fisher non-withstanding, chess has never been a huge sporting phenomenon in the Unites States. In the small Republic of Armenia, it is a religion. This country of less than 3 million has given the world two World Chess champions: Tigran Petrossian and Gary Kasparov, though Kasparov is half Jewish and was born in Azerbaijan. Armenians have been moving around the world, forming a global diaspora of talented business people, artists and scientists ever since the fall of the medieval city of Ani in 1045. Now it seems that chess players are its latest exports. Some time in the near future, Armenians may once again make it to a world chess championship final and find themselves facing the United States -- which also has a fine tradition in the sport -- and one of their very own, in the person of a slightly older and perhaps unbeatable ...
17.12.2014 14:24 French Advance playable eBook
French Defence subscribers can now download the new-style playable Advance Variation eBook [C02]!
17.12.2014 13:21 Queen's Gambit, Slav
Lots of developments in 1.d4 d5 territory
16.12.2014 14:18 Daring Defences
A Grunfeld Defence special
16.12.2014 00:51 Nimzo, Benoni
Anand and Kramnik strutting their Nimzo stuff
15.12.2014 21:34 French Defence
The Advance, Euwe Variation
15.12.2014 17:32 London Chess Classic: Anand, Nakamura and Kramnik with all to play for on the final day
The London Chess Classic's football-style scoring system of three points for a win came into play in the final round of London's big chess event. When I was planning the first London Chess Classic, I took many soundings and thought long and hard about the scoring system. I went for the three points for a win system because it can potentially keep so many chess players in the hunt until the very end. The fifth and final round of the 6th London Chess Classic was a case in point. Going into the final day’s play, the standings were: 1-2 Vladimir Kramnik & Anish Giri 6/12; 3 Hikaru Nakamura 5; 4-5 Michael Adams & Anand 4; 6 Caruana 3. So if Giri vs Kramnik was drawn, Nakamura, Anand or Adams could win the chess event on tie-break of number of wins or number of wins with black. Adams fell into some deep opening preparation from ...
15.12.2014 17:30 Kramnik a happy man: Vladimir defeats Nakamura's King’s Indian at London Chess Classic
Hikaru Nakamura played into Russian former world chess champion Vladimir Kramnik's hands at the London Chess Classic 2014 at Olympia in Kensington. Vladimir Kramnik played a model game against the King’s Indian to defeat Hikaru Nakamura, as Michael Adams lost to Anish Giri in the second round of the 6th London Chess Classic, being held at Olympia. Kramnik explained that he had kept this opening idea "in his pocket" until the opportunity arose. The 14th world chess champion is an expert at defeating the King’s Indian and made the audience laugh when he said: "I admit I am always happy to see a King’s Indian." 9.Be3 is a rarity, 9.Bh4 is normal. If 9...Na6 10.Nd2 prevents Nh5 and White stands well, he will advance on the queenside. 10.Bd2 is a novelty at the top level. ...
13.12.2014 18:20 Hikaru Nakamura impresses in London Classic at Olympia
America’s Hikaru Nakamura has been the star turn in the London Classic at Olympia which reaches its final rounds this weekend. The US No1 won the 400-player rapid (one-hour games) with a 9.5/10 total, beating his main rivals in individual encounters. Now the elite top six grandmasters, among them the England No1, Michael Adams, are competing in a single-round all-play-all. Rounds start at 2pm on Saturday. Nakamura has been spurred on by the global body Fide’s announcement that Magnus Carlsen’s next defence of his world title will be staged in the US in 2016. The venue is stated as New York or Los Angeles but the billionaire Rex Sinquefield, who has created a chess Mecca in his home city, St Louis, could outbid either of them and is a fan of Nakamura, who recently defeated the world No5, Levon Aronian, in a chess match there. Fabiano Caruana, ...
12.12.2014 14:35 Open Sicilians
Theoretical novelties and sharp Sicilian battles!
11.12.2014 13:06 English, Flank
New ideas and important concepts!
09.12.2014 16:59 Yu Yangyi defeats Vlad Kramnik and Anish Giri to win Qatar Masters Open
20-year-old Chinese player took $25,000 first prize and cracked Kramnik’s Berlin Wall. When China won the 172-nation Chess Olympiad this summer, their star performer was Yu Yangyi. This week the 20-year-old made another break-through when he took the $25,000 first prize at Qatar in the strongest e...
07.12.2014 16:38 Rating the field for the chess champ’s next challenger
Just as in politics, the pundits can barely wait until the votes are counted in one election before they start speculating on who might be the front-runners for the next cycle. Magnus Carlsen of Norway has barely had time to savor his unexpectedly tough but successful world chess championship title ...
05.12.2014 21:11 Caro Pirc Alekhine
A lot of bold fighting chess to enjoy!
05.12.2014 17:11 London's Super Six
Six of the best chess players in the world come to town to play in the London Chess Classic, the UK's largest chess festival at Olympia Conference Centre. The strongest Rapid tournament ever staged on these shores, the London Chess Classic Super Six Rapid, is under way at the Olympia Conference Cent...
03.12.2014 17:02 Magnus Carlsen and a Parade of Chess Champions
The world chess champion Magnus Carlsen turned 24 last Sunday and had many reasons to celebrate: it was the most fruitful year of his young chess career. For nearly four years he has dominated the FIDE rating list as the world's top-rated chess player. He won two additional world titles in the rapid...
01.12.2014 17:49 Magnus Carlsen overpowers spirited Vishy Anand in world title rematch
Vishy Anand’s brave fight in his €1m world title rematch with Magnus Carlsen at Sochi ended tamely when the Indian veteran, one down but with an edge in game 11 of 12, lost his equanimity and sacrificed rook for bishop in what he later conceded was a “bad gamble”. Carlsen cashed in his extra...
01.12.2014 14:31 Anti-Sicilians
The Kings Indian Attack after 2.Nf3 e6
28.11.2014 17:41 A tougher fight, but Magnus Carlsen prevails to retain world chess crown
It proved harder to retain the chess crown than it was to win it, but Norwegian world chess champ Magnus Carlsen managed the feat with a tough 6-4 title defense over Indian challenger Viswanathan Anand Sunday in Sochi, Russia. Carlsen, who appeared to be ailing for much of the second half of the mat...
27.11.2014 20:31 d-Pawn Specials
Another devastating victory for Jobava!
25.11.2014 19:56 King Pawn
Offbeat lines, top level chess!
25.11.2014 17:09 Carlsen retains world chess title with Game 11 victory over challenger Anand
With a dramatic win in Sunday's Game 11, Norwegian world chess champion Magnus Carlsen has successfully defended his crown against challenger Viswanathan Anand of India in their title match in Sochi, Russia. In a back-and-forth struggle, Mr. Carlsen finally broke through Mr. Anand's tough Ruy Lopez ...
23.11.2014 18:15 World Chess Championship: Carlsen wins title as Anand blunders in game 11
It is no coincidence that the world chess championship, which could have turned on a blunder more than a week ago, ended for challenger Viswanathan Anand on Sunday with an unforced error—a leap of faith in a comfortable position, which he later regretted as a “bad gamble”. He wasn’t able to ...
22.11.2014 16:49 Magnus Carlsen’s poor form continues in Vishy Anand world title rematch
Magnus Carlsen ground his way to a narrow 5.5-4.5 lead over the challenger, Vishy Anand, with two games to go in their world title rematch at Sochi but the Norwegian, 23, has made heavy weather of a series for which he was a pre-match 1-4 favourite. Thursday’s game nine, Carlsen’s penultimate wh...
21.11.2014 21:15 Dragon Sicilians
Thrilling Dragon encounters
21.11.2014 17:54 Chess champ Carlsen moves closer to victory with Game 10 draw
World chess champion Magnus Carlsen moved one game closer to a successful defense of his crown, holding challenger Viswanathan Anand to a draw Friday in the tenth game of their scheduled 12-game title match in Sochi, Russia. The young Norwegian takes a 5 1/2-4 1/2 lead into Sunday's Game 11, when he...
20.11.2014 21:20 World Chess Championship: Better prepared Anand draws with black in Game 9
Not wanting to take any chances in a drawn position, World chess champion Magnus Carlsen opted to split points with title challenger India’s Viswanathan Anand in their ninth game of the World chess championship at Russia Thursday. Carlsen went for a draw through the route of perpetual checks-check...
20.11.2014 21:16 Did champ fall asleep during chess title match game?
It may have been the oddest time for a quick power nap ever. The chess world is still buzzing over images posted to social media that appear to show world chess champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway actually falling asleep at the board during this week's Game 8 of his world championship match with India...
20.11.2014 17:24 On Chess: Seven Questions With Hikaru Nakamura
You’re back in town for the Showdown in St. Louis, a five-round match for $100,000 against the World No. 4 chess player, Levon Aronian. The Showdown is not a world-circuit event in which you normally play -- is a chess event like this still important to you, even though it’s just an exhibition? ...
20.11.2014 00:47 King's Indian
A lot of really high level games
18.11.2014 17:02 Carlsen keeps chess title match lead with quiet draw in Game 8
World chess champion Magnus Carlsen came up with a much better defense to his opponent's Queen's Gambit opening and secured an easy 41-move draw in Game 8 of his title match with Indian challenger Viswanathan Anand in Sochi, Russia Tuesday. The Norwegian chess champion now leads 4 1/2-3 1/2 with jus...
18.11.2014 00:42 Anand holds Carlsen to draw in epic 122-move Game 7
Champ leads 4-3 with five to go in chess title match. It took 122 moves of grinding defense, but Indian challenger Viswanathan Anand may have claimed a little momentum Monday in drawing Game 7 with world chess champion Magnus Carlsen in their scheduled 12-game title match in Sochi, Russia. With the ...
16.11.2014 16:52 Carlsen wins error-filled Game 6 to seize chess title match lead
The grandmasters proved they were human as world chess champion Magnus Carlsen defeated Indian challenger Viswanathan Anand in a blunder-filled Game 6 of their chess championship match in 38 moves Saturday in Sochi, Russia. The young Norwegian chess champion now leads 3 1/2-2 1/2 at the halfway poin...
15.11.2014 16:53 World Chess Championship, Game 6: Viswanathan Anand Loses to Magnus Carlsen
Viswanathan Anand failed to capitalise on an optical blunder by Magnus Carlsen and went on to lose the sixth game of the World Chess Championship, here on Saturday. Carlsen, thanks to the lucky victory, surged ahead in the match for the second time and now leads the latch by 3.5-2.5 at exactly the h...
14.11.2014 17:28 World Chess Championship: Anand draws with Carlsen in game 5
In the fifth game of the World Chess Championship Viswanathan Anand playing with white pieces drew with Magnus Carlsen in a relatively short game 5 on Friday. In the press conference that followed game 4 on Wednesday, Carlsen said, "I'm not playing very well. Actually, I'm playing somewhat terribly....
13.11.2014 18:08 Chess match still tied as Anand, Carlsen draw Game 4
World chess champion Magnus Carlsen pressed but was unable to break challenger Viswanathan Anand's defenses, as Game 4 of their scheduled 12-game title match in Sochi, Russia ended in a 47-move draw. The result leaves the chess match knotted at 2-2, and represented a moral victory of sorts for the I...
13.11.2014 18:08 Anand breaks through to even chess match with Carlsen in Game 3
Bouncing back from a painful loss in Game 2, Indian challenger Viswanathan Anand defeated defending chess champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway in just 34 moves in Tuesday's Game 3 to even their scheduled 12-game match at 1 1/2 points apiece. The victory was the first for the 44-year-old Indian challeng...
12.11.2014 16:56 Why Chess Will Destroy Your Mind
Let’s take a trip back to 1859, when our mental environment faced a dire new threat. An upstart form of entertainment was exerting a hypnotic, addictive pull on our fragile minds, forcing them to engage in a useless, pointless activity that threatened everyday cognition. Sober cultural critics pat...
10.11.2014 17:06 Anand, Carlsen battle to draw in first game of chess title match
World chess champion Magnus Carlsen and challenger Viswanathan Anand battled to a hard-fought draw in the first game of their scheduled 12-game title match in Sochi, Russia Saturday. Anand, playing White, took the initiative early in a Grunfeld Defense, with Black forced to defend his e-pawn after t...
08.11.2014 17:01 Magnus Carlsen starts as clear favourite in title rematch with Vishy Anand
There are two world chess championships this week. In one, starting at midday on Saturday, Magnus Carlsen is a hot favourite to keep his global crown in his rematch against Vishy Anand. In the other an English player missed victory and glory by a whisker. Keith Arkell tied for the world over-50 ches...

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