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18.04.2015 01:20 Open Sicilians
Fighting chess!
17.04.2015 14:31 Queen's Gambit, Slav
Recent trends in the Slav, Ragozin and Catalan
17.04.2015 00:32 d-Pawn Specials
Tromps and Londons to get our teeth into!
16.04.2015 16:28 Nakamura and Krush Capture U.S. Chess Titles
The 2015 U.S. Chess Championships in Saint Louis, Missouri, ended last Sunday as expected: the top-rated grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura won his 4th U.S. title. On the women's side, Irina Krush defended the title, her seventh. But it was not that simple. After the second round, two Americans grabbed their spots among the top five in the world on the unofficial live rating list. Nakamura moved to Number 2, jumping over the 2800 rating barrier, and Wesley So, 21, moved to number five. But the race between the two strongest chess players didn't materialize. Unexpectedly, So lost three games and was forfeited in round nine after six moves. He wrote "double check triple check use your time" on a piece of paper, his opponent Varuzhan Akobian complained to the referee and So lost the game, apparently according to the rules. Six moves and ...
16.04.2015 12:39 Dragon Sicilians
Hardcore Yugoslav Attack!
14.04.2015 17:26 The key to Magnus Carlsen’s success as a chess grandmaster
For the fifth installment of my series of posts analyzing a data set of over 650,000 chess tournament games ranging back to the 15th century, I wanted to focus in on Magnus Carlsen and try to understand what makes him such an exceptional chess player. In November 2013, Magnus Carlsen soundly defeated the reigning World Chess Champion, Viswanathan Anand, and added “World Chess Champion” to his wardrobe of prestigious titles that he’s earned in the past decade of playing chess. Many seem to think that it’s Carlsen’s ability to wear his opponents down and win games that’s been the key to his success lately, but a recent analysis of his games since 2001 seems to suggest otherwise. Magnus Carlsen’s meteoric rise to the top started like many of the other chess prodigies. He appeared on the scene in the early 2000s as an ambitious ...
11.04.2015 19:08 A data-driven exploration of the evolution of chess: Game lengths and outcomes
For the second in my series of blog posts exploring a data set of over 650,000 chess tournament games ranging back to the 15th century, I wanted to look at how chess has changed over time. Nobility and scholars alike have played chess for over 1500 years, and chess has changed considerably since its inception in the 6th century AD. Since I only have reliable data on chess games from 1850-2014, I’ll start this analysis at 1850. Chess has been revolutionized several times since 1850. 1851 marked the first international chess tournament in London, leaving the German Adolf Anderssen as the official best chess player in Europe at the time. The 20th century saw several breakthroughs in chess theory as chess players began to treat chess as a science more than a pastime. With the advent of computers in the mid-1900s, chess players started ...
09.04.2015 17:56 Ave Maria! Ukrainian Muzychuk wins Women's World Chess Championship
Maria Muzychuk beats Natalia Pogonina to move out of the shadow of her older sister and win the FIDE Women’s World Chess Championship KO. Maria Muzychuk of Ukraine defeated the Russian Natalia Pogonina 2.5-1.5 to win the FIDE Women’s World Chess Championship KO. It was a more comfortable win than the score suggests. Muzychuk dominated, never stood worse in an individual game and missed a win in game three that would have decided the contest. Until now, Maria has been overshadowed to an extent by her older sister Anna, who captured the Women’s World Blitz Championship last year and has been a GM since 2012. As winner of the world chess championship, Maria now becomes a GM. The sisters hail from the city of Lvov, Ukraine, and their parents are both chess teachers. Lvov has a fine chess tradition and has produced many other great chess players including ...
07.04.2015 20:23 English, Flank
The everyday creative process of a serious chessplayer
07.04.2015 17:18 Meet Sam Sevian, America's 14-year-old chess grandmaster
The youngest ever US chess grandmaster – a 14-year-old from suburban Boston – on intimidation tactics and what it will take to become America’s first world chess champion since Bobby Fischer. -- Hello Sam! -- Hello, Small Talk! -- You have a big couple weeks ahead with the US Chess Championship. How are you feeling? -- Of course there is a little bit of anxiety, but I have played many such tournaments where I am outrated by a couple hundred points, so I don’t think this should be something that is new to me. -- How does this US Chess Championship compare to the others you competed in, especially since it is the first since you have reached the rank of grandmaster [Sam is doing pretty well so far, last Friday he beat world No8, Wesley So]? -- This is the strongest US Chess Championship in history, and that kind of puts a little more pressure on ...
02.04.2015 22:36 Anti-Sicilians
01.04.2015 22:42 Caro Pirc Alekhine
The Caro-Kann Advances!
01.04.2015 19:07 Every Chess Game Tells a Story
Most people who don't play chess believe that the checkmate ends the game. They may not know they can also lose by overstepping the time limit or by resigning - something unheard of in other sports such as football, basketball or hockey. Of course, you don't win by resigning. But once I resigned in ...
01.04.2015 01:19 Nimzo, Benoni
A repertoire against the 4 g3 Queen's Indian
28.03.2015 16:27 Vlad Kramnik and Sergey Karjakin facing battle to reach 2016 candidates
Are Russia’s top chess grandmasters giving up on the world crown? Such a question would have been inconceivable 40 to 50 years ago, when the patriarch Mikhail Botvinnik was grooming his successors Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov. Or 25 to 30 years back, when K and K were locked in their marathon...
28.03.2015 00:55 Scandinavian eBook
1 e4 ... subscribers can now download the new-style playable Centre Counter/Scandinavian [B01] eBook!
25.03.2015 02:10 Busted bracket: U.S. women bounced from chess tournament
If you picked the American women, your bracket is already busted. March madness — the non-trademarked kind — is underway in Sochi, Russia, where FIDE is holding a knockout tournament for 64 of the world's best female chess players, including three former women's world chess champs. Awaiting the ...
22.03.2015 17:00 Young grandmasters Gawain Jones and David Howell facing crucial period
2015 is proving to be a critical year for England’s youngest chess grandmasters, Gawain Jones, 27, and David Howell, 24. The pair are both established above a 2640 rating, equal to a place in the world top 100 grandmasters, and have set their sights on the 2700 elite yardstick, the level of the wo...
21.03.2015 13:05 King's Indian
Tomashevsky vs. The World!
20.03.2015 22:10 King Pawn
A wide variety of openings
18.03.2015 17:07 Bring me your tired, your poor and your top-rated chess grandmasters
The New York Times last week gave front-page treatment to the under-the-radar machinations now being used to "persuade" top grandmasters to change the flag for which they play. Reporter Dylan Loeb McClain, who wrote The Times' now-discontinued chess column, looks at the subtle campaign underway to g...
18.03.2015 14:12 French Defence
An emphasis on the Tarrasch Defence
14.03.2015 16:32 Jonathan Hawkins has shown the way in the north with rise to grandmaster
Jonathan Hawkins, the British co-champion, set a marker for northern chess players when the Durham 31-year-old rose from the ranks to become a master and grandmaster in his twenties and thirties, defying conventional wisdom that you need to approach or reach the heights as a teenager. Hawkins’s lo...
11.03.2015 17:05 After 26 years at the top, Judit Polgar surpassed by Chinese chess challenger
She hasn't exactly been dethroned, but Hungarian GM Judit Polgar's reign as the ratings queen of women's chess has finally come to an end after an astonishing 26 years of supremacy. Young Chinese women's world chess champion GM Hou Yifan, like Polgar a onetime chess prodigy who can hold her own with...
09.03.2015 21:22 Daring Defences
Time for a Dutch special
07.03.2015 17:40 England fail to live up to billing at over-50 senior team championship
This week England came to the world over-50 senior team championship in Dresden with a top-seeded squad rated 90 points or more ahead of their chess rivals. Three of them – Nigel Short, John Nunn and Jonathan Speelman – had played in 1986 at the Dubai Olympiad, when England missed gold by just h...
06.03.2015 17:55 The joys of kibitzing by computer in chess
They've made some things a bit more complicated — problem-solving contests and correspondence chess, to name two — but superstrong computer programs have not proved the death of competitive chess that some feared. The rising generation of grandmasters incorporate computer analysis and opening bo...
03.03.2015 18:25 Anish Giri's world chess championship hopes dented
With big guns Anish Giri and Shak Mamedyarov failing to catch Evgeny Tomashevsky at the FIDE Grand Prix in Tbilisi, the world chess championship cycle is wide open. The recently-concluded FIDE Grand Prix at Tbilisi left a dent in the ambitions of several top chess players hoping to qualify for the w...
28.02.2015 17:47 Wesley So overcomes tough opposition to triumph at Bunratty weekender
Ireland’s annual Bunratty chess tournament is only a weekender but it has built an international reputation due to its ability to attract big names and its convivial ambience. Bunratty 2015 last weekend even boasted a world top-10 grandmaster. America’s Wesley So, 21, has shot up the chess ratin...
24.02.2015 17:09 Chess Gems From Zurich
The Zurich Chess Challenge was a festive six-grandmaster extravaganza played this month in the posh Savoy hotel. The American grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura benefitted from the last-minute change in the rules and blitzed his way to win the title. The rules of the chess competition were confusing. Four ...
21.02.2015 18:15 Magnus Carlsen has record rating but is not as dominant as Bobby Fischer
Bobby Fischer never achieved 2800, the super-elite chess rating for the very strongest grandmasters. At his 1972 peak during his match with Boris Spassky at Reykjavik Fischer reached 2785, which reflected his record run of 20 consecutive games won and put him 120 points ahead of Spassky. Garry Kaspa...
19.02.2015 17:31 Hikaru Nakamura and Anish Giri join FIDE's elite 2,800 club
Fascinating chess matches in Tbilisi and Zurich propel two of the world's best chess players into the top rank of Super GMs. Two new members of the 2800 club were inducted this week. Anish Giri’s defeat of Peter Svidler at Tbilisi and Hikaru Nakamura’s canny demolition of Sergey Karjakin at Zuri...
17.02.2015 17:52 Chess is a wonderful game, but it’s no life coach
Chess is to be made a compulsory subject in Spanish schools. There is cross-party agreement that the move is a good one, with the Socialist party MP who proposed it claiming the game “improves memory and strategic capacity, teaches students to make decisions under high pressure and develops concen...
14.02.2015 18:34 Magnus Carlsen pushed all the way by Arkadij Naiditsch at Grenke Classic
Magnus Carlsen, the world chess champion, scored another tournament victory this week in the Grenke Classic at Baden-Baden, Germany, but it could hardly have been closer. Carlsen tied with the German No1, Arkadij Naiditsch, who won their individual game and had also beaten the Norwegian at the 2014 ...
13.02.2015 18:12 Spain to teach chess in schools
Introducing chess as a compulsory subject in school is one of the precious few issues that all Spanish political parties seem to agree on. A non-binding resolution discussed in Congress on Wednesday met with rare support from almost everyone in the room. The congressional education committee is “a...
11.02.2015 17:56 Nakamura rocks Gibraltar, reclaims top U.S. rating slot in chess
Top-ranked U.S. GM Hikaru Nakamura rules the Rock, having just won this year's edition of the strong Tradewise Gibraltar open chess tournament on the British Mediterranean outpost with an 8½-1½ score. Nakamura, now being challenged by rising GM Wesley So as the top-rated American chess player, did...
11.02.2015 17:54 GRENKE Chess Classic goes down to the wire as Magnus Carlsen lets superior position slip
World chess champion Magnus Carlsen goes into a play-off at Baden-Baden after being held to a draw by Etienne Bacrot. The 3rd GRENKE Chess Classic at Baden-Baden went to a play-off, as the leaders at start of play, Magnus Carlsen and Arkady Naiditsch, spoilt superior positions in the seventh and fin...
08.02.2015 17:53 Wei Yi breaks Magnus Carlsen's rating record at Tradewise Gibraltar
Tradewise Gibraltar has become a byword for quality fields, smooth organisation and generous prize funds, plus a fine venue at the Caleta Hotel, and its 2015 version this week maintained its high status. Gibraltar 2015 began two days after the big Dutch chess event at Wijk aan Zee ended rather than ...
04.02.2015 17:46 How David Howell hung on for a draw against Super GM Hikaru Nakamura to go second at the Gibraltar Masters
England international David Howell exploits a superior pawn structure against US number 1 Hikaru Nakamura at the Tradewise Gibraltar Masters. David Howell is in second place after seven rounds at the 13th Tradewise Gibraltar Masters. The England international scored a magnificent win over the Chines...
01.02.2015 18:09 Magnus Carlsen generation on top of world chess after Tata Steel Wijk
The Magnus Carlsen generation has stormed to the top of international chess. Norway’s world chess champion won the elite Tata Steel Wijk tournament last week with 9/13, while half a point behind him were four grandmasters from China, France, the Netherlands and United States, all under 25. And fir...

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