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21.10.2014 16:19 From Lasker to Larsen, chess games that link the generations
For such an ancient and venerable game, chess offers some surprisingly direct links to its distant past. Consider: The great American GM Arthur Bisguier, the 85-year-old "Dean of American Chess," in 1950 played a 15-move draw against the legendary Russian-born Polish-French star Savielly Tartakower, then 63. Tartakower in his youth had played such 19th century immortals as England's Joseph Henry Blackburne, who crossed swords ten times over the chessboard with the first recognized modern world chess champion, Germany's Adolf Anderssen. Play a casual game with Bisguier, in other words, and you're just three degrees of chess separation from the player who lost the famous match to Paul Morphy three years before the start of the Civil War. What sparked these thoughts was the arrival in the mailbox of "Bent Larsen's Best Games: Fighting Chess with ...
21.10.2014 00:21 King's Indian
Important games in the Classical
20.10.2014 13:00 Dragon Sicilians
A possible resurgence of the old ...Qa5 variation?
19.10.2014 16:32 Veteran grandmaster Nigel Short 'ecstatic' after winning PokerStars Open
The PokerStars Open in the Isle of Man ended in a stunning multiple home success, the best overall English performance in such a high calibre chess event for many a year. Nigel Short, at 49 the oldest active elite grandmaster, won the £6,000 first prize with 7.5/9, unbeaten and a full point ahead of the field. He tweeted “I am ecstatic. I know I can play well when not distracted.” Short had briefly dropped out of the world top 100 due to his work as England Fide delegate and unofficial cheerleader in Garry Kasparov’s ill-fated bid for Fide president. His best game in an impressive display was a strategic tour de force against Armenia’s Olympiad gold medallist Gabriel Sargissian. There is an echo of 1992-93, when Short scored a historic match victory over Anatoly Karpov before the schism where he and Kasparov broke from Fide for their world title match. The rights and ...
19.10.2014 00:35 French Defence
The usual suspects!
17.10.2014 15:54 Caruana stumbles
It just had to be. Fabiano Caruana was on one of the greatest runs in the history of the game of chess. In two months he had closed the rating gap on Magnus Carlsen from 80 points to 15 – and then he lost to the back marker, Dmitry Andreikin, at the Baku FIDE Grand Prix. Caruana still shares the lead with Boris Gelfand on 5/8, but his quest to take the number one spot has been halted, at least temporarily, after an eighth-round draw with Rustam Kazimdzhanov. Caruana boldly employed the Scandinavian Defence, rarely seen at the top level, and reached a level position, but made several errors, the decisive ones being near the time control at move 40 that both chess players made with just seconds left. Caruana commented: “More or less all my moves were bad from the first to the last ...
17.10.2014 14:24 Daring Defences
The Grunfeld and the Albin Counter-Gambit
16.10.2014 16:44 Adams in masterly form
Top-flight chess has made a welcome return to the Isle of Man, thanks to support from PokerStars, which have capitalised on the popularity of poker with many leading chess players. The event started with a poker tournament won by the Norwegian Baard Dahl, who was heads up with GM Mark Hebden. Over the chess board, the Masters section, which has a prize fund of £15,000, is very strong with 25 GMs in a 73-player field that has 17 countries represented. In the first round, IM Simon Ansell held Laurent Fressinet, ranked 41st in the world, to a draw with black. Otherwise it was mainly business as usual for the top seeds, who include England’s Michael Adams, Nigel Short, Gawain Jones and David Howell plus Maxime Vachier-Lagrave of France. Adams impressed in round one and seemed to win effortlessly ...
16.10.2014 15:07 Caro Pirc Alekhine
Add the Scandinavian to your repertoire!
15.10.2014 01:40 Queen's Gambit, Slav
Topical QGD games to go with the trendy Slav lines
12.10.2014 16:53 After Rocky Start, Grand Prix Finds a Favorite in the Lead
This year’s Grand Prix was plagued with organizational problems even before the first tournament began last week. Since plans were first announced, the number of tournaments in the series has been cut by one-third, the schedule truncated to seven months and the turnaround time between events short...
10.10.2014 18:41 Alexander Grischuk one of several chess players branching out into poker
Chess and poker have an affinity and not only via the significant number of master chess players who supplement a fluctuating tournament income by success at online cards. The world No6, Alexander Grischuk, plays poker to a high professional level, with at least one $25,000 prize to show for it. Alm...
07.10.2014 15:41 English & Flank
Forceful play and sharp refutations!
06.10.2014 19:35 Castling clues
The decision whether to castle or not is always critical in a game of chess – even the finest chess players can misjudge it. As we saw last week, Fabiano Caruana might have scored a historic double victory over Magnus Carlsen had he castled instead of leaving his king in the centre and continuing ...
04.10.2014 19:58 Fabiano Caruana ahead of Magnus Carlsen when it comes to innovation
Unleashing an opening bomb is hard in modern chess, where aspiring amateurs have the same access as grandmasters to giant databases. But some GMs keep ahead of the pack, and the world No2, Fabiano Caruana, who has become the chess player of the moment even in front of the world chess champion, Magnu...
03.10.2014 21:39 d-Pawn Specials
The Tromp continues to pack a punch!
03.10.2014 11:06 Anti-Sicilians
This month is all about surprises!
29.09.2014 16:00 Chess Players for Hire Take European Club Title
The European Club Cup is one of the more unusual team events because it turns the world’s best players into chess mercenaries. That explains how the Azerbaijani chess team that won this year’s tournament, which ended last weekend in Bilbao, Spain, included only three Azerbaijanis and depended on...
27.09.2014 16:11 Fabiano Caruana threatening to overtake Magnus Carlsen as world No1
SOCAR Azerbaijan’s team of polyglot galácticos, financed by the state oil firm, duly regained the European Club Cup in Bilbao last weekend. The Baku chess squad fielded elite grandmasters from Bulgaria, China, England and the Netherlands, won all seven matches and en route gained revenge over Nov...
24.09.2014 15:46 Surging Anand could pose problem in chess title rematch
Don’t write off the ex-champ so fast. GM Viswanathan Anand is a distinct underdog as he tries to reclaim the world title he lost last year to Norwegian star Magnus Carlsen, with the rematch set for November in Sochi, Russia. The 23-year-old Carlsen captured the chess crown without dropping a game ...
22.09.2014 15:57 Polish Chess Player With Texas Ties Wins U.S. Masters Title
A Polish chess grandmaster who coaches a Texas university’s chess team won the United States Masters Championship over Labor Day weekend in North Carolina. The winner, Bartlomiej Macieja, who runs the chess program at the University of Texas at Brownsville, finished a half-point ahead of Yaroslav ...
20.09.2014 15:56 Vishy Anand in good form before Magnus Carlsen title rematch
Bilbao is the global chess centre this week, as Vishy Anand shows good form in his final warm-up before the November world title rematch against Magnus Carlsen, while two small English clubs notched up some heroic performances in the opening rounds of the Euro Club cup. Both chess events have their ...
20.09.2014 10:46 Nimzo Benoni
Another g4 lunge by White in the Nimzo!
17.09.2014 15:53 Kasparov, Carlsen Meet in New York for a Doubles Match
On Monday night, an invite-only crowd of about 75 blue-suited Wall Street workers and chess devotees hovered around a chess board on the second floor of the W Hotel in Midtown, awaiting two special guests. "It's not often you get to see Michael Jordan and LeBron James in the same room," grandmaster ...
15.09.2014 15:59 Women’s Chess Champion Builds War Chest for Title Defense
Hou Yifan of China won her third straight Grand Prix series title last week at a chess tournament in the United Arab Emirates. The victory could be an insurance policy in her push to repeat as the women’s world chess champion. It helped her just last year in recapturing the title. Whether she need...
15.09.2014 01:55 King Pawn
The strongest tournament in the history of chess!
14.09.2014 00:15 Open Sicilians
Extremely spectacular Open Sicilians!
13.09.2014 16:02 Fabiano Caruana closing in on Magnus Carlsen after Sinquefield Cup win
Fabiano Caruana impressively totalled 8.5/10 to win the $100,000 Sinquefield Cup at St Louis and cement his status as the crown prince of chess, just 27 points behind the world chess champion, Magnus Carlsen, in the ratings. Yet it could have been better still had Caruana taken his chances in the pu...
11.09.2014 16:15 Caruana's Spectacular Chess Leap
The Sinquefield Cup in Saint Louis was promised to be extraordinary this year: the highest-rated chess tournament ever with many of the world's best chess players on hand. To the delight of Rex Sinquefield, the main sponsor, it got even better. Fabiano Caruana, an Italian born in Miami, won the firs...
09.09.2014 16:06 Fabiano Caruana wins Sinquefield Cup with stunning performance
Caruana wins $100,000 in strongest ever chess tournament. Magnus Carlsen faces imminent world title deadline. The Sinquefield Cup at St Louis is the strongest tournament in chess history but its place in the record books has been hijacked by a stunning individual performance. Fabiano Caruana, the wo...
07.09.2014 16:19 Feat of Historic Proportions for an Italian Grandmaster
Fabiano Caruana turned in one of the most dominant performances in the game’s history at the Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis. He won his first seven games and clinched first place long before the chess tournament ended on Saturday. Caruana, an Italian grandmaster, notched victories over all five of h...
05.09.2014 15:52 English chess lagging as young talent develops more quickly abroad
Chess talents in several countries are reaching top international level at younger ages, though England is lagging behind. Richard Rapport, 18, currently the world’s highest ranked teenager, has an imaginative style which has gained a large fan following. Rapport had an impressive August when he h...
04.09.2014 15:52 World chess champion Magnus Carlsen could be stripped of chess title
He is the poster boy of chess, a Nordic prodigy who became world No 1 while still a teenager and has since been rated the strongest chess player of all time. But Magnus Carlsen is locked in an escalating dispute with the game's governing body, Fide, over a world title match due to take place in Nov...
02.09.2014 16:02 Millionaire Chess to Hit Las Vegas, in Gambit to Raise Game’s Profile With Big Prizes
Next month, more than 500 chess players from 39 countries will arrive at the Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas to compete in a tournament with the biggest prize fund in chess history — $1 million. And despite all of the players paying at least $1,000 each in entry fees, the tournament organizer...
01.09.2014 16:16 13-Year-Old Is Set to Become Youngest U.S. Grandmaster
Samuel Sevian, at age 13, is poised to make chess history, aided by a strong performance this month at the Washington International tournament. Sevian tied for second place at the chess event, held in Rockville, Md. In doing so, he earned the third and final norm for the chess grandmaster title. To ...
30.08.2014 15:46 Chess in the Time of War
Chess was played and often flourished under totalitarian regimes, military juntas and in the middle of wars. How did the chess players deal with that? Did they raise their voices against the leaders of their own country or did they keep silent? In the Polish spa Polanica Zdroj in August 1968 we con...
28.08.2014 16:30 The might of Sinquefield
I have done the sums, and the second Sinquefield Cup in St Louis, Missouri, where battle commences today, will be the strongest chess tournament in the history of the game. I imagine the organisers were brandishing the pocket calculator when they sent out the invitations. Despite the withdrawal of S...
24.08.2014 16:55 Best Woman to Ever Play Chess Retires From Competition
The best woman to ever play chess has called it a career. Earlier this month, as the Chess Olympiad in Tromso, Norway, drew to a close, Judit Polgar, a Hungarian grandmaster, announced that she was retiring from competition. Polgar was one of the greatest prodigies in chess history. In 1989, at age ...
23.08.2014 16:04 Sinquefield Cup an opportunity for Magnus Carlsen to emulate past greats
Arguably the strongest chess tournament in the game’s history starts on Wednesday when the second Sinquefield Cup opens in St Louis. The six chess players in the double-round event all rank in the top 10, are headed by the world chess champion, Magnus Carlsen, and have an average rating above 2800...
21.08.2014 15:44 China Wins Gold at Chess Olympiad in Norway
Chess shifted to Asia this week: for the first time two Asian teams stepped on the podium to claim olympic medals. The young Chinese team won the 41st Chess Olympiad in Tromsø, Norway. They became the only undefeated team among 176 participating countries, winning eight matches and tying three, sco...

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