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21.08.2014 15:44 China Wins Gold at Chess Olympiad in Norway
Chess shifted to Asia this week: for the first time two Asian teams stepped on the podium to claim olympic medals. The young Chinese team won the 41st Chess Olympiad in Tromsø, Norway. They became the only undefeated team among 176 participating countries, winning eight matches and tying three, scoring 19 points. The Hungarians won the silver medals on a tiebreak over India, both scoring 17 points. Azerbaijan and the top rated team of Russia also scored 17 points, but their tiebreaks were not good enough. Russia won the Women's Chess Olympiad with 20 match points and China edged Ukraine on a tiebreak after both scored 18 points. The average age of ...
20.08.2014 16:13 King's Indian
The trendy ...c5 Fianchetto
19.08.2014 17:22 Why chess is really an extreme sport
The deaths of two players at the Chess Olympiad in Norway shows that it’s time tournaments came with a health warning. It seemed to me one of the strangest coincidences of all time: two chess players dying on the same day at the end of the biennial Chess Olympiad in Norway. But when I spoke to a chess-playing friend of mine, he said “Is it really so odd?” There were almost 2,000 players taking part in the chess event, quite a few of them – especially the men – getting on in years, unfit, sedentary. Healthwise, they were high risk. Are two deaths really so surprising? My friend is right and wrong at the same time. It is a bizarre coincidence that two chess players – one from the Seychelles, one from Uzbekistan, the former at the chessboard, the latter in ....
18.08.2014 16:56 Caro Pirc Alekhine
Three mighty Scandinavian games!
18.08.2014 15:18 Daring Defences
Diverse opening systems in the spotlight this month!
17.08.2014 16:07 Flow of Chess Olympiad Medals for Russian Men Dries Up
Last week’s Chess Olympiad results further tarnished Russia’s lingering reputation as the game’s dominant power. The chess tournament showed that, at most, it is first among equals, and that may be too generous an assessment. The Russians, as usual, were the top-ranked team at the Chess Olympiad, which ended Thursday in Norway. But once play began, they were never really in contention for the gold medal. And their usual intimidation factor seemed to be gone. Chess teams that had never before challenged the Russians gave them fits this time. They lost to the Czech Republic; drew with China, Bulgaria and Spain; and eked out victories against Norway’s B team and Serbia. In some ways, the results illustrate the slow slide of Russian chess prowess since ...
17.08.2014 15:37 Open Sicilians
Attractive Sicilian games from Tromse!
16.08.2014 14:57 Dragon Sicilians
A subscriber's game under the microscope
16.08.2014 11:11 French Defence
A bumper update of neglected variations!
15.08.2014 15:56 China spring historic surprise with gold medals at Tromso Chess Olympiad
China’s gold medals at the 174-nation Tromso Chess Olympiad were a historic moment. Its team halved with the top seeds Russia and Ukraine but beat their other main rivals in an emphatic triumph. Yu Yangyi, 20, was their individual star. His 9.5 points total was the highest of any Olympiad player, he won the third board gold medal, and he advanced his world chess rating to the elite 2700 level. The national game is xiangqi (Chinese chess) and Beijing only began to foster the global version in the 1970s. Now China, already with the individual world woman chess champion in Hou Yifan and the men’s Olympiad gold, is sure to step up its quest to find a challenger to the world chess champion, Magnus Carlsen. Scores in tiebreak order were ...
12.08.2014 14:50 Kasparov Is Soundly Defeated in Bid to Lead Chess Federation
Garry Kasparov, the former world chess champion, rarely tasted defeat in his long playing chess career. But on Monday, in an election for the presidency of the World Chess Federation, the game’s governing body, Mr. Kasparov received a stinging rebuke in his effort to unseat the incumbent, Kirsan N...
10.08.2014 15:55 Chess Olympiad Is Shadowed by Leadership Showdown
It is election season at the World Chess Federation, with a vote at the Chess Olympiad on Monday that pits the incumbent president against a former world chess champion. The president, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov of the Russian republic of Kalmykia, has led the chess federation for 19 years. He is known for ...
08.08.2014 16:29 England in the running as Tromso Chess Olympiad provides plenty of surprises
... After upsets galore, no chess team had maximum points after five rounds. Top seeded Russia halved with Bulgaria and China, and both the No2 seeds, Ukraine, and the Chess Olympiad champions, Armenia (who met England in round six), started badly. Round five leaders included the unlikely names of S...
07.08.2014 13:01 Queen's Gambit, Slav
Interesting games and ideas in the Slav
06.08.2014 15:57 American teams stumble as Chess Olympiad kicks off
After easy wins in the first two rounds, the U.S. team suffered a painful setback in Round 3 of the 41st biennial Chess Olympiad that got underway late last week in the northern Norwegian city of Tromso. The American chess squad lost to a powerful Dutch team 2½-1½ Monday, with GM Alex Onischuk’s...
06.08.2014 12:48 English and Flank
The English according to Richard Rapport!
05.08.2014 16:19 d-Pawn Specials
The Tromp is once again experiencing a surge in popularity
04.08.2014 15:55 Two New Teenage Champs as Scholastic Chess Events Boom
Two 16-year-olds have won their first chess championships at scholastic tournaments. Claudia Muñoz of Texas emerged as the winner of the first United States Girls Junior Invitational last month after the tournament, held in New Hampshire, ended in a four-way tie. She took the title based on tiebrea...
01.08.2014 16:29 Powerful Queen Sacrifices in Chess Olympiads
On the eve of the Chess Olympiad in Tromsø, Norway, scheduled for the first two weeks in August, a few queen sacrifices from the past chess olympiads lead us to an intriguing question: when might have the queen been sacrificed for the first time? A scarce double-queen sacrifice. The tension was mou...
01.08.2014 14:05 Anti-Sicilians
Off to the Olympiad!
30.07.2014 15:44 Song soars with dramatic Cadet chess victory
It came down to one game for all the marbles in the final round of the U.S. Cadet Chess Championship in Rockville, Maryland, last week, with co-leaders Edward Song of Michigan and Kapil Chandran of Connecticut paired against each other. Song, who relinquished the lead with a painful loss the previou...
28.07.2014 16:19 Chess Tournament Wins Point to Youth’s Strength
Performances at three elite chess tournaments that ended last week show how much players in their early to mid-20s are now dominating the chess world. Fabiano Caruana of Italy, who will be 22 on July 30, won the 42nd Sparkassen Chess Meeting in Dortmund, Germany, last Sunday. He clinched first place...
26.07.2014 17:04 England roll back the years with silver at World Senior Teams in Vilnius
The England teams in the halcyon 1980s became accustomed to silver medals behind the golden Soviets and silver it was again this week in the World Senior Teams at Vilnius, Lithuania. It was the chess event’s first outing since the senior age limit changed from 60 to 50 and in truth the entry was u...
24.07.2014 16:19 Cadets battle as DC summer chess scene heats up
With the D.C. International and the World Chess Open just behind us, and a slew of chess events underway and on the way, the Washington area is emerging as one of the nation’s premier summer hot spots for top-flight chess. The Maryland Chess Association kicked off a busy month by hosting the stron...
22.07.2014 15:57 Winning While Losing
The chess tournament in Solingen, celebrating the 600th anniversary of the town, almost didn't take place. The main attraction was Boris Spassky (photo above), but he was running out of favor in Moscow ever since he lost the world title to Bobby Fischer in Reykjavik in 1972. Almost at the last momen...
20.07.2014 16:18 Chess Champion's Luck Runs Out at His Favorite Tournament
Fabiano Caruana of Italy took the early lead at the Sparkassen Chess Meeting in Dortmund, Germany, by winning three of his first four games, while Vladimir Kramnik of Russia, who has won the title 10 times, had a rocky start. Ruslan Ponomariov of Ukraine was one of Caruana’s victims in a game that...
18.07.2014 15:54 Controversy hits chess Olympics in Norway
The chess Olympic games in Norway next month could be under threat following the organisers' decision to exclude the Russian women's team, the current champions, who were not registered in time. The organising committee of the games, to be held from August 1 to 14 in the city of Tromsoe in northern ...
16.07.2014 15:53 Winners take three paths to the top at the 42nd World Chess Open
There are many paths to world domination. The 42nd World Chess Open, held earlier this month at the Hyatt Regency in Crystal City, produced a three-way tie at the top, with GMs Ilya Smirin of Israel, Illya Nyzhnyk of Ukraine and Conrad Holt sharing the honors in the Open section with 7-2 scores. Smi...
15.07.2014 02:02 Nimzo Benoni
Karpov, Kasparov, Fischer and Botvinnik-Capablanca!
13.07.2014 16:32 King Pawn
The fascinating World Championships in Dubai!
13.07.2014 15:54 A Run of Significant Victories for the Game's Young Stars
Boys from Massachusetts, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin are leading the way for the next generation of great chess players. Awonder Liang, an 11-year-old from Wisconsin, proved his chess prodigy status when he was 8 and won a World Youth Chess Championship title. Two weeks ago, at the D.C. International ...
10.07.2014 16:02 Who Is the Greatest Chess Player?
We can't answer Magnus Carlsen—not yet. His future is still ahead of him. We also can't answer Paul Morphy—in his day no one else was very good, and he got through everyone like a hot knife through butter. I present to you five options: Player A scored 77 percent with white and 69 percent with b...
08.07.2014 16:00 Magnus Carlsen's Parents on Raising the World's Best Chess Player
The family of the unmatched chess prodigy gave him time to find his passion, but never went easy on him. How do you a chess prodigy? Is there a moment—perhaps when he makes a boldly brilliant move out of nowhere or plasters his bedroom with pinups of Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov—when it all ...
06.07.2014 15:53 An Elite Club May Add Its Second Woman
Hou Yifan of China is on the cusp of becoming just the second woman to crack the list of the world’s top 100 chess players. Her victory last week at the Women’s Grand Prix chess tournament in Lopota, Georgia, leaves her less than 10 ratings points — or about two games away — from overtaking ...
04.07.2014 15:45 Magnus Carlsen takes rapid and blitz titles in Dubai
Magnus Carlsen badly wanted more titles in Dubai last week after finishing only second on his Norwegian home turf in Stavanger a few days earlier and the 23-year-old world chess champion did just that in capturing the global crowns in both rapid and blitz chess, both against very strong fields. Carl...
02.07.2014 15:53 Fourth time a charm as Troff captures U.S. junior chess title
America’s newest chess grandmaster is also its 2014 junior chess champion. In his fourth try at the title, GM-elect Kayden Troff broke through to win the under-21 U.S. Closed Junior crown, using a strong finishing kick to tally a 7-2 score, 1½ points ahead of FM Michael Bodek and IM Samuel Sevian...
30.06.2014 15:55 In a Surprise, Carlsen Shows He's a Three-Speed Champ
Magnus Carlsen is now the world champion of chess at all speeds. Carlsen has held the title in conventional, or slow, chess since November. Now he has swept to victory at both the World Rapid Championship (fast) and the World Blitz Championship (faster), which were held in Dubai this month. He start...
28.06.2014 16:58 Carlsen's Trifecta and Tal's Magic
After the world chess champion Magnus Carlsen collected two more world titles last week in Dubai, winning the FIDE Rapid and Blitz chess championships, new comparisons were inevitable. Now he might be compared to a horse or a long distance runner, I thought. The famous horse I had in mind was Secret...
26.06.2014 16:37 Campaigning and competing on Capitol Hill
Appropriately, there was a lot of lobbying, some politicking and a little competing at the first public meeting of the Congressional Chess Caucus last week, held in a committee room at the House Rayburn Office Building. Assisted by former world chess champion Garry Kasparov, St. Louis chess patron ...
24.06.2014 16:27 Magnus Carlsen clinches triple crown with world blitz title win
Speed chess, once a poor relation of slower classical games, has become mainstream. The global body, Fide, now has official world rankings for one-hour rapid games and for 10-minute blitz. This week the Fide world rapid and blitz championships surged to a new level of high-class participants, as a $...

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