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17.04.2014 15:40 High-powered Webster claims second straight college chess crown
In college football, the big names include Alabama, Ohio State and Notre Dame. In college chess, the big names on campus are the likes of Webster University, Texas Tech and the University of Maryland-Baltimore County. Anchored by two world-class grandmasters, the Webster Gorloks (Google it) took their second straight Final Four chess championship, although the UMBC Retrievers gave them a run for their money earlier this month in New York. Texas Tech finished third, with surprise qualifier University of Illinois-Champaign bringing up the rear. One highlight for the Retrievers was GM Akshayraj Kore’s startling upset win with Black against Webster’s GM Wesley So, even though he was a 250-point rating underdog to the young Philippine chess star, now ranked ...
16.04.2014 13:29 French Defence
Primarily devoted to the Rubinstein Variation
16.04.2014 00:10 Open Sicilians
Most of our Sicilians are from the Candidates tournament!
15.04.2014 16:18 Michael Adams helps Baden-Baden secure ninth straight Bundesliga title
The England No1, Michael Adams, squeezed a full point from an apparently drawn bishop ending last week to ensure that his Baden-Baden chess team became winners of the German Bundesliga with a 100% score, 15 wins in 15 matches. It was B-B's ninth straight title, confirming the team's domination of the strongest national chess league in western Europe. Opulent financial backing meant that B-B's squad was headed by the former world chess champion Vishy Anand and the world No2, Levon Aronian, though both had cameo roles. Anand played just twice while Aronian only came for the final weekend. Their absence meant that, as in most previous seasons, Adams and France's No2, Etienne Bacrot, were the powerhouses of B-B's top chessboards. B-B rarely ...
15.04.2014 01:26 Anti-Sicilians
Plenty of juicy novelties!
13.04.2014 15:54 Webster University Clings to Its Title at Final Four
Chess had its own version of the Final Four last week, with Webster University of St. Louis taking the title, known as the President’s Cup, for the second year in a row. But it was close. Texas Tech nearly pulled off an upset at the tournament, held this year in New York. Webster’s chess team — whose members have been recruited from all over the world by its coach, the grandmaster Susan Polgar — included Wesley So of the Philippines and Le Quang Liem of Vietnam. Both are ranked among the best 40 in the world. The chess team also included Georg Meier of Germany and Ray Robson of the United States, who are in the top 150. Texas Tech has its own chess championship tradition, and a natural rivalry with Webster. Until 2012, Polgar headed the chess program at ...
12.04.2014 14:06 d-Pawn Specials
Entertaining fare!
11.04.2014 23:01 Rematch point: Chess champions, challengers often meet again
Indian GM Viswanathan Anand’s easy win in the FIDE Candidates Tournament that wrapped up late last month in Russia took many by surprise. The former world chess champion had fallen to eighth in the world rankings, and most handicappers figured rivals, such as Levon Aronian of Armenia or former world chess champion Vladimir Kramnik of Russia, had a better chance of capturing the event and winning the right to take on Norwegian world chess champion Magnus Carlsen for the world title later this year. In the end, however, Mr. Anand easily outpaced his rivals, and now has a chance to reclaim the crown he lost to Mr. Carlsen just six months ago. In another sense, though, Mr. Anand’s win fits neatly into the game’s historical pattern — rematches are ...
11.04.2014 10:34 Daring Defences
Looking at a wide range of openings
10.04.2014 13:46 King Pawn Openings
The Candidates Tournament in Khanty-Mansiysk
09.04.2014 13:43 Queen's Gambit, Slav Defence
Recent developments in the Catalan!
07.04.2014 16:06 Tasting Early Success, Only to Walk Away
A victory at the World Junior Chess Championships can open the door to a life on the elite competitive circuit, as a list of past winners shows: Boris Spassky, Anatoly Karpov, Garry Kasparov, Viswanathan Anand, Levon Aronian. But what about Ilya Gurevich, the 1990 champion, or Tal Shaked, who won in...
05.04.2014 16:23 Vishy Anand in good form before world title rematch with Magnus Carlsen
Vishy Anand will be a long-odds underdog when the Indian challenges Magnus Carlsen in their world title rematch, despite the 44-year-old's achievement this week in winning the candidates without the loss of a game. Anand finished on 8½/14, a point clear of Sergey Karjakin in second place, but his s...
03.04.2014 16:00 Steady Anand earns rematch with Carlsen for world chess title
If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, you just might get another shot at being the world chess champion. Playing smooth, controlled chess as his top rivals self-destructed around him, Indian GM Viswanathan Anand has won the right to a rematch with Norwegian world chess cham...
01.04.2014 15:53 Vishy Anand close to victory at world championship candidates event
After staging one of the great comebacks of chess history Vishy Anand is poised for victory at the world championship candidates in Siberia this weekend. The Indian, at 44 the oldest in the tournament, was written off after his poor form of the last few years and the meek way he conceded his crown t...
01.04.2014 02:02 Nimzo, QID, Bogo, Benoni
The Nimzo-Indian in the Candidates tournament
30.03.2014 15:41 Deposed World Chess Champion on Track for a Rematch
When Magnus Carlsen sits down to defend his world chess title this year, it appears that he will be staring across the chess board at a familiar face: Viswanathan Anand, from whom Carlsen snatched the crown last year. Going into the weekend, Anand held a commanding lead in the Candidates tournament,...
28.03.2014 16:51 Anand in command as candidates tourney nears chess finale
The chess world may have written off the ex-champ a little too soon. Indian Grand Master Viswanathan Anand, who lost his crown in a demoralizing match to new Norwegian champ Magnus Carlsen late last year, was not expected to rebound so quickly as the world’s top chess players gathered for the FIDE...
27.03.2014 03:01 English and Flank Openings
Ideas from two of the most important tournaments of the year
25.03.2014 15:45 Keith Arkell sets standard with win at European senior championships
Keith Arkell entered chess history as a pioneer this week when the Devon grandmaster won the European senior chess championship in Oporto, Portugal. Arkell is the first of England's 1970s generation, who then challenged the mighty USSR chess legends, to enter a major over-50 event and his triumph wa...
23.03.2014 16:06 Computer Play Emboldens World Title Contenders
Computer programs have changed the pace of this year’s chess tournament that will select the next title challenger for the world chess champion, Magnus Carlsen. The eight competitors at the event this month, the Candidates tournament in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia, have clearly come armed with moves t...
22.03.2014 11:49 King's Indian Defence
Some unusual lines
21.03.2014 15:24 Dragon Sicilians
6 g3 bashing!
21.03.2014 15:18 'You'd be amazed at who beats me online': Carlsen
Norwegian chess phenomenon Magnus Carlsen has admitted to sneaking anonymously onto online chess forums and demolishing unsuspecting amateurs, in an answer to a question posed to him on Reddit, the user-generated news website. "You'll be amazed at the people I've lost to while playing online," Carls...
19.03.2014 15:48 Politics can make for some dicey chess pairings
With more than 170 member nations, the Paris-based chess federation FIDE is one of the largest sporting organizations in the world. Which isn’t always a good thing. The diverse membership can make for some tense political pairings. During the Cold War, a number of Soviet bloc chess stars who defec...
19.03.2014 00:22 Caro, Pirc, Alekhine, Scandinavian
Interesting and attacking sidelines!
17.03.2014 15:43 Two European Events Could Scramble Chess Rankings
Two chess competitions this month — the Candidates tournament and the European Individual Chess Championship — have the potential to shake up the world chess order. The Candidates event, which opened Thursday in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia, features eight of the world’s top chess players vying for...
15.03.2014 15:44 The Adventures of Soviet Chess Patriarch Mikhail Botvinnik
Chess players around him had disappeared, having been executed or sent to gulags, but he lived. Mikhail Botvinnik (1911-1995) survived because he made himself indispensable. Even the architect of Soviet chess, Nikolai Krylenko, became a victim of Stalin's purges in the late 1930s having been accused...
12.03.2014 16:07 A Rocky-like chess bout from the Romantic era
World champion visits Philadelphia. Sportingly agrees to a match with a local star. Gets clocked. It sounds like the plot of a “Rocky” movie, but I discovered Sylvester Stallone’s screenplay eerily prefigured while perusing some 140-year-old chess columns from the Baltimore Sunday News. Last m...
09.03.2014 16:13 League Play Pays Off for a Former Chess Champ, Too
Earning a living at chess is not easy, and only a handful of elite competitors can count on a steady income. Many of the others teach, or work as assistants to their better-ranked peers. They also play in professional chess leagues whose teams award bonuses depending on how well they perform. League...
07.03.2014 16:36 Leading chess players target World Cup qualifying spots in Armenia
The 2014 European chess championships are underway in Yerevan, Armenia, but most of the leading contenders will not be too concerned about who wins the title. Their real targets are the 23 qualifying places for the 2015 World Cup, a 128-player bonanza where you are paid $4,800 just for turning up. A...
03.03.2014 16:24 A Chess Player's Attacks Pay Off at a Tournament in Minsk
It was a fitting finish at the International Open Tournament in Minsk, Belarus, last month, with the title going to a competitor whose style is so similar to that of the legendary chess champion the event honored. Baadur Jobava, a chess grandmaster from the republic of Georgia, won on tiebreakers a...
01.03.2014 17:09 Magnus Carlsen: the greatest of all time or too much of a grinder?
Magnus Carlsen's chess rating is now at an all-time high of 2881, 30 ahead of Garry Kasparov's peak and nearly 100 clear of Bobby Fischer's best mark. Yet chess fans continue to argue over which of the trio is the greatest. Carlsen's often opaque playing style, with its emphasis on endgames and phys...
26.02.2014 16:49 Going old school: Big chess milestones for 2014
With the history of organized tournament play dating back to the mid-19th century, we’re hitting some pretty significant milestones in the history of chess this year. It was 150 years ago that the great German master Louis Paulsen defeated compatriot Gustav Neumann in a 10-game match in Berlin. Pa...
24.02.2014 16:36 Princeton a Repeat Champ at Amateur Chess Tournament
Princeton University’s A team won the United States Amateur Team East championship last week for the second year in a row. The Princeton chess team is just the second to repeat as champion, and the last time was almost 40 years ago. Only two of the four chess players returned from last year’s ch...
22.02.2014 17:23 Magnus Carlsen facing a tough challenge at Azerbaijan chess event
Magnus Carlsen is making a fresh bid to consolidate his newly acquired world title by signing up for a stiff test against some of his most dangerous chess rivals. The Norwegian, 23, had an uncomfortable coronation at Zurich this month in his first serious event since capturing the chess crown. He wa...
20.02.2014 16:49 If you knew Sochi like chess players knew Sochi
Sochi was on the chess players’ map long before the lugers, ice dancers and speedskaters showed up. The Russian resort city on the coast of the Black Sea is getting a lot of exposure as it hosts the Winter Olympics. No doubt many viewers are learning about the city for the very first time. But Soc...
18.02.2014 17:12 Tradewise Gibraltar moves ahead of its rivals with strong 2014 edition
Tradewise Gibraltar has become clearly the strongest and best organised chess open in the world. Its 2014 edition last week attracted chess grandmasters from China, Russia, the United States and many other nations in a 200-strong field. Gibraltar's long-standing rival, Aeroflot Moscow, has disappear...
18.02.2014 00:21 Petroff, Philidor playable eBook
1 e4 e5 subscribers can now download the new playable 2 Nf3 Various replies eBook (Petroff, Philidor, Latvian C40-43)!
16.02.2014 17:05 After Unexpected Climb Into Playoff, Bulgarian Is King of the Rock
Ivan Cheparinov won a three-way playoff to take the title at the 12th Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival this month. The competition was a seesaw affair, with several chess players having a shot at victory almost until the end. Still, Cheparinov’s finish was unexpected. Cheparinov, of Bulgaria, wa...

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