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Bruno's Chess Problem: 09/22/2018

S.Vokal, Probleemblad, 1970

Mate in 4(**)
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White to play


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1. O-O-O! ... 2. Rd8#
  1... Bd6 2. Kb1 Be7 3. Rd7 ... 4. Rd8#
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2018-09-22 09:48:29, by problemist
Not 1. Rd1? Bg3+ 2. Ke2 Bd6 3. Rd2 Be7. Instead castling long is the key gaining a tempo with the continuation 1.. Bd6 2. Kb1 Be7 3. Rd7 4. Rd8#. Castling is legal (by convention) because the position is (obviously---otherwise it would be a retro problem) reachable in a game in which wRa1 and wKe1 did not move.

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