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Bruno's Chess Problem: 08/20/2017

V.Bron, Ceskoslovensky sach, 1965

Mate in 3(***)
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White to play


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1. Bg2! ... 2. Nc6+ Kd5 3. N2b4#
  1... Rc4 2. Nc6+ Rxc6 3. Qf4#
  1... f5 2. Qa1+ Rd4 3. Qxd4#
     2... Kd5 3. Ne3#
  1... Kd5 2. Qxa6 ... 3. Qb5#
     2... e5 3. Qa2#
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2017-08-20 08:48:00, by problemist
Bohemian problem with model mates. The idea is to pin the bR when the bK moves to d5. This suggest the key by the wB which already provides the threat 2. Nc6+ Kd5 3. Nb4# (model mate). If 1.. Kd5 there follows the quiet 2. Qxa6 threatening 3. Qb5# and on 2.. e5 3. Qa2# (model mate). On 1.. f5 2. Qa1+ Kd5 3. Ne3# (model mate). As a side variation 1.. Rc4 2. Nc6+ RxN 3. Qf4#. Beautiful pin model mates in a showcase of the Bohemian School. 2nd Prize.

Владимир Акимович Брон (*14.9.1909 in Nikolaev, +1.10.1985 in Sverdlovsk) Russian composer and Grandmaster, see wikipedia de, en, fi, it, lv, ru. "Vladimir Bron was a top Soviet composer of endgame studies. Vladimir Bron also had a brilliant scientific career in the field of refractories and industrial ceramics. He wrote "Избранные этюды и задачи" in 1969. He composed mainly studies, but also direct mate problems and helpmates."

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