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Bruno's Chess Problem: 15/10/2018

J.Kapros, J.Lois, WCCT, 1988

Mat en 2(**)
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Les blancs jouent

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1. Nc5! ... 2. Qe7#
  1... Kf8 2. Qxf7#
  1... O-O 2. Ne7#
  1... Qxf5 2. Rxh8#
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2018-10-15 18:03:52, by problemist
The theme of the 3rd WCCT for twomovers required that in a try and the solution White creates exactly two flight squares for the bK. In the present problem the second flight square is reached by castling, certainly a clever idea! The 1st Place was a zugzwang problem with 3 phases by Henryk Żuk (1915-2001). See the "Kalenderblatt" of "Die Schwalbe" from June 2015. In fact, this problem was also presented by Bruno this year on March 15 and was solved by slowbut2 and me :-)
2018-10-15 07:01:56, by slowbut2
before my seeing comments: My solution: to mate with queen [or rook] after some move of black, white's ncfive is start
2018-10-15 06:18:17, by problemist
14 th Place in the 3rd WCCT. FIDE Album. Black castling long is shown in the try 1. Qd6? 0-0-0 2. Qb8#, but 1.. Bb4! This defense also works against a random move of wNd7 (again threat 2. Qe7#). So the key blocks this by moving the wN to c5. Now castling short is possible 1.. 0-0 2. Ne7#.

Jorge Marcelo Kapros (* 6.11.1955) Argentinian composer and International Master. "Jorge Kapros usually composes problems together with Jorge Lois. For details about Jorge Kapros and examples of his works (alone or in collaboration with J.Lois) please refer to the Argentinian site of the Unión Argentina de Problemistas de Ajedrez or more precisely their recently awarded works."

Jorge Joaquín Lois (* 5.12.1946 in Buenos Aires) Argentinian composer and International Master. "Jorge Joaquín Lois presented himself in his award "Jorge Lois-60 JT" where he provides more biographical information:"I have composed more than 580 chess problems which have been published in almost any of the magazines dealing with this specialty; many of them are joint products from me and my friends and colleagues Jorge M. Kapros and Roberto Osorio. I have received more than 250 distinctions in international tourneys, including 63 first prizes. Initially, I was involved in fairy problems, certain types of direct mates, selfmates an retros. Presently, I am mainly focused on helpmates and proofgames." Jorge Joaquín Lois composes just about in all genres."

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