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Bruno's Chess Problem: 03/26/2017

J.Papousek, Sachove umeni, 1979

Mate in 3(****)
chess problem diagram
White to play


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1. Rg3! ... 2. Rxf3 ... 3. Qd4#
     2... Rd2 3. Qc7#
  1... Rg2 2. Rxf3 ... 3. Qd4#
     2... Rd2, Rg4 3. Qc7#
  1... Rh2 2. Rxf3 ... 3. Qd4#
     2... Rd2, Rh4 3. Qc7#
  1... Rf1 2. Rxf3 ... 3. Qd4#
     2... Rd1 3. Qc7#
  1... d4 2. Na3+ ... 3. Qxd4#
     2... Kb4 3. Qc5#
  1... Kd3 2. Na3 ... 3. Qd4#
     2... Kd2 3. Qe3#
  1... Nxe5 2. Na3+ Kb4 3. Nxd5#
  1... Re2 2. Qxe2+ Kxc3 3. Bd4#
  1... Rd2 2. Qc7+ Kd3 3. Ne1#
  1... Rxc2 2. Qxd5+ Kxc3 3. Qd4#
     2... Kb4 3. Qc5#
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2017-03-26 10:24:02, by problemist
Bohemian problem with model mates. How to solve it? The wQ is attacked so the first question is if we sacrifice it or move it away? Well, the first option ist more problem-like. But then on 1.. NxQ a mate has to be provided. The idea is to put in the key the wR in ambush on the third line. Then 1.. NxQ 2. Na3+ Kb4 3. Nxd5#. We also have a quiet threat 2. Rxf3. So lets stick to it and work out the variations for 1.. Rxc2, Rd2, Re2, Kd3, d4. "The key is not so nice, but the variations more than make up for it." 1st Prize. Reprinted in Czech Album (1979-1981)

Jan Papoušek (*25.5.1943 in Mohelno) Czech composer. "Jan Papoušek composed, of course, Bohemian problems, such as today's."

Since the opening in October 2000, I had published online more than 4931 free chess problems. If you want more details, look at my chess figures pages.

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