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Bruno's Chess Problem: 07/23/2016


Mate in 2(**)
chess problem diagram
White to play


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1. Nh5! ... 2. Ng3#
  1. ... Bg2,c5 2. Ndf6#
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2016-07-23 09:26:01, by problemist
The key threatens four N-mates. After the defenses 1.. Bg2, Bc4, Ne6, c5 there remain distinct pairs of these mates which form a cycle: Ndf6, Nhf6 -> Nhf6, Ng3 -> Ng3, Nc3 -> Nc3, Ndf6. Brogi theme, see below. Published in stella polaris, 1966.

Giuseppe Brogi (2.5.1900-17.1.1976), I, see wikipedia it, "was specialized in twomovers and in retro and fairy problems. He invented the Marine pieces. He published more than 1000 problems. He was the editor of the problems section of the "Italia Scacchistica" from 1955 until 1959. He published in 1969 "Il problem. Terminologia e tecnica". The twomover theme Brogi requests a quadruple threat ABCD and black defences that cyclically prevent two of these four threats (AB,BC,CD,DA) in four variations. The theme was requested in the 17th thematic tourney of the Italian magazine "Il Due Mosse" in 1962" and is also shown in today's problem as explained above.
2016-07-23 08:40:59, by slowbut2
before my seeing comments: My solution: to knight mate\foresee pawn defense, white's nhfive is start before mate with n\ \etc.

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