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Bruno's Chess Problem: 12/08/2016

A.Zidek, Schach Aktiv, 1987

Mate in 3(***)
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White to play


Level : * (very easy) to ****** (very hard)

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1. Qe6! ... 2. Qg4#
  1. ... f5 2. Qf6 ... 3. Qh4#
     2. ... g5 3. Qf7#
  1. ... Nf5 2. Qxe4 ... 3. Qg4#
     2. ... g5 3. Qe8#
     2. ... Ne3 3. Qh4#
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2016-12-08 06:16:04, by problemist
An easy Q-minimal. The wQ attacks with a short threat at g4 and keeps an eye on the diagonal e8-h5 to retain the mate after g5. On 1.. Nf5 (unguarding e4) 2. Qxe4 and on 1.. f5 (blocking f5 for the bN) 2. Qf6.

Alexander Zidek (*24.5.1964) Austrian composer and FIDE Master, "composes direct mates and helpmates." From Chlubna, Wenda, "Problempalette II," Vienna, 1991: Debut in 1986 in the Austrian newspaper "Die Presse." "Entwickelte sich in kürzester Zeit zu einem unserer einfallsreichsten und produktivsten Komponisten, der auch vor schwierigen Modethemen nicht zurückschreckt."

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