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Bruno's Chess Problem: 04/15/2014

V.Dyachuk, V.Kopyl, Internet Tourney Award, 1999

Mate in 2(**)
chess problem diagram
White to play


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1. e5! ... 2. Qf2#
  1. ... Nxe5,Nd4 2. Qd4#
  1. ... Rxe3 2. Rg4#
  1. ... Ra2 2. Ref3#
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2014-04-15 15:09:52, by problemist
1. Bxc6? Rd3! 2. b8Q+, Rd6. As a general rule, such bold white captures in the key would ruin the aesthetic concept of a composition. Therefore one should strive for a refutation and an alternative solution.
2014-04-15 09:01:05, by slowbut
Before my seeing comments:
white moves to eliminate piece to threaten mate with promotion and to prepare
alternative checkmates like with queenm rock.
bcsix is
2014-04-15 08:29:41, by problemist
The theme is a mix of two paradoxical reversal themes: Try key A [1. Qd4?] has one threat B [2. Rg4#] and two defeats x [1.. Ne5!] and y [1.. Rxe3!]. In the solution defence x allows mate A (Vladimirov) and defence y allows mate B (Dombrovskis). 11th Commendation. The report with all commented awards is available online. GM Vasyl Dyachuk (*25.3.1972), UA; FM Valery Volodimirovich Kopyl (*12.9.1957), UA, is also a GM of chess solving.

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