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Bruno's Chess Problem: 12/15/2014

Z.Labai, 1st Pr., Szachy, 1982

Mate in 2(**)
chess problem diagram
White to play


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1. Nxf4! ... 2. Ng6#
  1. ... Kxf4 2. Qxf5#
  1. ... Nxf4 2. Nf7#
  1. ... Rg1 2. Qe3#
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2014-12-16 12:20:44, by slowbut
before my seeing comments: My solution: to keep king still white's bheight is start before qgeight and mate with queen.
2014-12-16 06:56:08, by problemist
Just one variation, working with zugzwang. The key avoids stalemate after 1.. f6 and the second move brings the wQ on the way to e6. IM Andre Cheron (25.9.1895-12.9.1980), F, "was a chess player who is nowadays best known for his work in the theory of endgames and for his written works. In 1952 his "Nouveau traite d'echecs - la fin de partie" was published and included almost 700 more studies than the 1927 "Traite complet d'echecs". His masterwork was the 4-volume "Lehr und Handbuch der Endspiele", published between April 1958 and September 1964, which contains 2336 studies. He also wrote about chess composition "Les Echecs artistiques" (1934). He was one of the first five persons who received the title of International Master in chess composition. He was 3 times French chess champion and he also wrote books about bridge." See also wikipedia in many languages.

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