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Bruno's Chess Problem: 02/28/2015

A.Kraemer, 3eme Pr., Dresdener Anzeiger, 1929

Mate in 5(****)
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1. Bf4! ... 2. Nc1#
  1. ... Bc3 2. Rg1 ... 3. Ra1+ Bxa1 4. Nc1#
     2. ... Be1 3. Nc1+ Ka1 4. Be5+ Bc3 5. Bxc3#
  1. ... Bd4 2. Rg1 ... 3. Ra1+ Bxa1 4. Nc1#
     2. ... Bxg1 3. Nc1+ Ka1 4. Be5+ Bd4 5. Bxd4#
  1. ... Bh8 2. Be5 ... 3. Nc1#
     2. ... Bxe5 3. Rg1 ... 4. Ra1+ Bxa1 5. Nc1#
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2015-02-28 08:32:41, by problemist
After a random move of wBc1 2. Nc1# is threatened and the idea is to continue with 2. Rg1 3. Ra1+. But black has the interesting Turton defense 1.. Bh8! 2. Rg1, Qg7. White wants to answer that by playing the wB to the diagonal a1-h8 forcing the black Anti-Turton 2.. BxB and them 3. Rg1. This excludes 1. Bd2, Be3, Bh6? There is also the defenses 1.. Bd4 to be answered by 2. Rg1 BxR 3. Nc1+ and check and mate by the wB. Here against 1.Bg5? Black has the defense 4. Bf6+, e5 and mate is deferred. So only the key remains. Logical problem. Ado Kraemer (23.3.1898-25.6.1972), D, see wikipedia de, en, it, "was specialized in logical three- and moremovers. He published with his very close friend Erich Zepler two remarkably chosen and commented collections of problems: "Im Banne des Schachproblems" in 1951 and "Problemkunst im 20. Jahrhundert" in 1957. When you learn that Zepler was a Jew and migrated to England in 1935, while Kraemer was an SS (SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer), as Anders Thulin says, "it seems to make his cooperation with Zepler at the time even more remarkable." See also his recent biography by Ralf J. Binnewirtz (Nightrider Unlimited, 2012).

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