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Bruno's Chess Problem: 10/06/2015

C.Gamnitzer, Schach Echo, 1971

Mate in 4(**)
chess problem diagram
White to play


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1. Bb4! ... 2. Nd7+ Kb7 3. Bc5 ... 4. Ra7#
  1. ... Ba8 2. Rxa8 Kb5 3. Rb8+ Kc4 4. b3#
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2015-10-06 07:20:42, by problemist
The idea is to move the wB such that it can enter the diagonal g1-a7 threatening 2. Nd7+ Kb7 3. B guards a7 4. Ra7#. Black has the Kling defense 1.. Ba8! which leads to stalemate if White follows his plan. But if the wB is at b4 (so 1. Bc3? does not work) White may simply capture at a8 and play 3. Rb8+ 4. b3#. An early problem of Gamnitzer that is not yet as hard as his mature ones. Comment by the composer: "Das Linzer "Kling"-Debüt. Kein Ruhmes-Blatt: "Siegfrieds" simple Abmurksung. Sehr bald hatte die schwarze Selbsteinsperrung zwecks Patt den Newcomer wie magisch in ihren Bann gezogen. Neben der handwerklichen Herausforderung war es vor allem das Sympathisch-Schrullige am "Kling", das mir in den Folgejahren immer neue Bearbeitungen entlockte, darunter exklusive Verknüpfungen mit anderen Themen."

GM Camillo Gamnitzer (*6.5.1951), A, see, "the herald of the new strategic selfmate which in his eyes bears some resemblance with the musical fugue. He is the first Austrian problemist to receive the title of Grandmaster in chess composition. His problems are, for obvious reasons, feared by solvers." See the website "Problem Chess in Upper Austria" for a commented list of his problems. The comment cited above is taken from this page.

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