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Bruno's Chess Problem: 08/13/2017

L.Zagoruiko, Telescacco 92, 1997

Mate in 2(**)
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White to play


Level : * (very easy) to ****** (very hard)

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1. Nh5! ... 2. Bf4#
  1... Ng6, Nd5 2. Rd5#
  1... Re3, Bh2 2. Qd4#
  1... Rf3, Be3 2. Nf3#
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2017-08-13 09:46:21, by slowbut2
before my seeing comments: My solution: to bishop mate\foresee defenses , white's nhfive is start before mate with b\n\q\r\ \etc.
2017-08-13 07:30:10, by problemist
The black Grimshaw on e3 is not yet working as after 1.. Re3, Be3 the wNf4 is hanging, also there is the defense 1.. Ng6! which blocks wRh6 such that after 2. Rd5+ there is the flight square f6, this refutes e.g. 1. Qc7?. The key addresses both problems by moving the wNf4 to h5 with the threat 2. Bf4#. This allows the Grimshaw mates if Black cuts the line of wBc1 and on 1.. Ng6 2. Rd5# works as f6 is guarded by the wN. The source is not quite clear, while Meson agrees with Bruno, yacpdb gives Club Macedonien 1978, 1st Prize, 1978-1979. Challenging to solve as one has to unravel all details of the position.

Леонид Иванович Загоруйко (*14.8.1923 in Minsk, +22.05.1999 in Minsk) Belarus composer and International Master, see wikipedia it, lv, ru. "Leonid Zagoruiko was an international Judge and composed mostly twomovers and threemovers. He gave his name to a theme which is, with the Rukhlis theme, one of the most important and influential thematic discoveries of the second half of the 20th century, as far as twomovers are concerned." (See for more details on the Zagoruiko theme.)

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