This website offers you a new free chess problem online every day. For the moment there are only checkmate problems. Later, perhaps, I will add other kinds of chess problems. For each problem a group of stars show you the difficulty of the chess problem. If there is only one star it is a very easy problem.

If you can't solve the chess problem of the day come back the next day and go on to the Yesterday item to find the solution.

I used java to display Chess Problems with short download and a lot of features. So you have to have an internet browser java 1.1 compliant (IE4 and Netscape 4.06 and higer are java 1.1 compliant).

The java applet shows you a chess problem and a solution in an attractive interface with a very short download time. In the future, I will add features. eg. graphical notation for the solution.

At the moment, I used only the US short notation for writing the solution. Later I will use the graphic short notation (with a picture of the figure instead of the US letter). If you are not familiar with the US notation, look at the table below to learn the meaning of each figure letter :

US letter US Name FR Name

It's possible to move figures. Just click on a figure move to the good square and click again.

If you click on "(c)" at left bottom of the board an About box is displayed. And if you can't get connected one day, don't worry, you will not miss a chess problem or a solution. Go onto the Archives item and you will access all the 10 last problems.

Chess Problem of The Day


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Chess Problem of The Day

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