English opening theory? 1.c4 e6! bomb in QGD!

The move 1.c2-c4 is reputed today as one of the most strong for white. So development of defensive methods against it is extremely important.

This article informs about new method of defence, that is very strong! This method consists in the following: black plays 1...e7-e6! (the strength of this black’s move is very large) forming the position of A13. This new method is none other than the new method of playing (after 2.d2-d4 d7-d5) of QGD by black.

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Author: Yury V. Bukayev

Dear reader, here you can see theoretical discoveries-bombs, that change appraisal of important opening systems. You can see email-contact of Yury V. Bukayev, the inventor, the innovator, on Contacts page.

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