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Je publie ici les dernières nouvelles du monde des échecs, pour le moment elles ne sont qu'en anglais. Si vous publiez votre propres RSS de nouvelles ou si vous en connaissez des bons, contactez-moi et après vérification je les publierais ci-dessous.

25.09.2020 18:37 On Chess : World Champion Magnus Carlsen Shares Champions Showdown
While nearly all over-the-board chess events have been cancelled or postponed, online chess has seen a resurgence in the face of the ongoing global pandemic. The St. Louis Chess Club hosted two online events that normally take place in-person: "Champions Showdown: Chess9LX" and "the St. Louis Rapid and Blitz". The first exciting week of chess kicked off with a twist; the style of play, known as Fischer Random or Chess960, is a popular chess variant invented by former World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer. In Chess960, the pieces on the back rank are randomized, yielding 960 possible starting positions. This eliminates the memorization and deep opening preparation top Grandmasters have, leaving them to figure it out in the moment. Chess9LX was a 10-player round robin, which means everyone played each other once. Each round had ...
24.09.2020 19:49 d-Pawn Specials
Classy Carlsen
24.09.2020 12:23 Caro Pirc Alekhine
A Mixed Bag
20.09.2020 18:30 On Chess : Making Connections Through the Game of Chess
Playing a tournament chess game is a lonely, solitary experience. No one can guide you through the endless possibilities and complications, and unfortunately there is only one person to blame if the game goes south. Conversely, the joy of winning is only heightened by overcoming this pressure of being on your own. Surprisingly, this isolation during competition stands in stark contrast to the truly social nature of the game. Chess provides countless opportunities for people to connect with each other. The social aspects of chess happen after the tournament game itself. The two former opponents often dive straight into analyzing their game with each other. Invariably, a discussion that begins about the chess game starts to drift toward a casual, friendly conversation. Occasionally, the chess players might even share a meal or drink together post game while ...
18.09.2020 18:22 Queen's Gambit, Slav
Rare Sicilians and theoretical Najdorfs
18.09.2020 17:35 Chess : Kasparov and Carlsen undone by internet glitches after 55-move draw
Following their evocative 55-move draw last week in their first official game since 2004, both Garry Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen suffered separate internet glitches in a reminder that the booming pursuit of online chess has its own peculiar hazards to which even the greatest legends are not immune. Kasparov met Fabiano Caruana in round four of the $150,000 Chess Champions Showdown aware that he had been crushed 5-1 by the American world No 2 the previous year. This time Kasparov was ready, had a clear edge at move 34, and planned a queen trade by Qe4-c2. A mouse slip landed the queen on d3, and the computer interpreted his attempted correction as a pre-move which blundered a bishop. That disaster spoiled the chess tournament for Kasparov, who halved out on the final day and said “computers hate me”, which was also a reference to ...
17.09.2020 14:02 King's Indian
A relative hodge-podge of variations
16.09.2020 22:02 Anti-Sicilians
Anti-Sicilians in the Online Olympiad
15.09.2020 16:39 English, Flank
Online Olympiad Lessons
12.09.2020 16:10 French Defence
Rarer variations in the Winawer
11.09.2020 18:06 AI Ruined Chess . Now, It's Making the Game Beautiful Again
Chess has a reputation for cold logic, but Vladimir Kramnik loves the game for its beauty. “It’s a kind of creation,” he says. His passion for the artistry of minds clashing over the chessboard, trading complex but elegant provocations and counters, helped him dethrone Garry Kasparov in 2000 a...
05.09.2020 17:29 Chess : Russia and India's shared Olympiad gold sparks wave of criticism
Fide, the global chess body, and its Russian president, Arkady Dvorkovich, faced a wave of criticism after the 163-nation Chess Olympiad final ended on Sunday with Russia and India declared joint winners and gold medalists. After a major internet outage caused two Indian chess players to lose by dis...
02.09.2020 17:55 Chess Olympiad: India and Russia both get gold after controversial final
India and Russia have been declared joint winners of a major international chess tournament after two Indian players lost their internet connection during the final round. An online version of the Chess Olympiad contest is being held for the first time this year because of coronavirus. India appeale...
02.09.2020 15:53 Dragon Sicilians
Bobby Fischer on both sides of the Dragon!
01.09.2020 22:05 Daring Defences
Rapidplay openings par excellence
01.09.2020 18:45 Nimzo, Benoni
Saemisch Secret Revealed
28.08.2020 17:52 Chess : Garry Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen to meet for first time in 16 years
Garry Kasparov will make a rare cameo appearance when the chess legend, now aged 57, takes on the reigning chess champion, Magnus Carlsen, in the 10-player Champions Showdown invitation organised by St Louis from 11-13 September. This will be an historic clash, even though it is only online random c...
22.08.2020 17:00 Open Sicilians
Fresh ideas from the 'Legends of chess'
21.08.2020 18:01 Chess : Carlsen fights back from brink to overcome Nakamura in 38-game epic
Magnus Carlsen fought back from the verge of defeat on Thursday as the world chess champion clinched his seven-day, 38-game match against Hikaru Nakamura by four sets to three after the US chess champion took a one-set lead on several occasions. Nakamura, in the form of his life at age 32, was one u...
21.08.2020 13:51 King Pawn
Lots of new opening ideas
07.08.2020 17:56 Chess : Magnus Carlsen continues record unbeaten run going into Tour finals
Another week, another new record opportunity for Magnus Carlsen. Last Tuesday the world chess champion won the $150,000 Legends of Chess final, stretched his current winning run to 19 online mini-matches, then took a few days off to prepare for the online Tour semi-finals and final which start next ...
04.08.2020 18:36 Chess : Magnus Carlsen aiming to continue his 15-match winning streak
Magnus Carlsen is on a 15-match winning streak against his major rivals this weekend. Norway’s world chess champion, whose target is to become the Goat (Greatest of All Time), starts his $150,000 Legends of Chess semi-final on Friday afternoon. At the 29-year-old’s other passion of Fantasy Premi...
24.07.2020 18:33 Chess: Magnus Carlsen misses mate in four as over-50s shine at Legends event
Legends of Chess, the $150,000 online tournament where six veterans in their 40s and 50s are meeting Magnus Carlsen and three others from the current world top 10, got off to a surprise start on Wednesday as Carlsen missed a simple all-checking mate in four, while Israel’s Boris Gelfand, 52, world...
17.07.2020 17:55 Chess : Hou Yifan, No 1 woman and a professor at 26, makes uneven return
China’s Hou Yifan, the all-time No 2 women’s chess player and currently ranked No 1, last week became a Professor at Shenzhen university, aged 26 and the youngest in that institution’s history to be so honoured. It was a pinnacle which contrasted with her accident-prone chess comeback this mon...
17.07.2020 17:55 On Chess : The Multifaceted Benefits Of Chess
Chess is often regarded as the game that is most commonly associated with intelligence and strategy. Science has in fact proven that chess players have more cognitive skill than non-chess players. But why is that so? Chess increases problem-solving skills. Legendary former World Champion Garry Kaspa...
11.07.2020 17:59 Chess : Adams stirs with win under Ciderdrinker alias before Biel event
England’s No 1 will take his seat in Switzerland behind a plexiglass screen as over-the-board chess action returns. Michael Adams will be in international action next weekend when Biel, Switzerland, stages the first major European chess tournament since lockdown. Biel is a triathlon of classical, ...
03.07.2020 18:08 Chess : Magnus Carlsen chasing another prize despite bizarre four-move loss
Norway’s world chess champion resigned four moves into the second game of his semi-final with Ding Liren but still reached the final of the Chessable Masters. Magnus Carlsen in another major final hardly rates a headline at the moment, such is the world chess champion’s dominance over his rivals...
28.06.2020 18:04 Chess : Carlsen routs Caruana and tops fantasy football league in winning week
Magnus Carlsen overran the world No 2, Fabiano Caruana, 2.5-0.5 in their latest meeting on Thursday, only a day after the world chess champion had topped seven million rivals to lead the Fantasy Premier League for the second time in six months. The online meeting earlier this month between the Norwe...
25.06.2020 18:04 On Chess : When The Game Of Kings First Became A Game Of The People
Chess is often described as the game of kings. And it is. But there was a time when chess was also the game of those who were overthrowing their kings. That was a time when chess was the game of dangerous radicals and revolutionaries, writers and intellectuals. It was a time when men and women used ...
19.06.2020 17:32 World Champion Magnus Carlsen Crowned Clutch Chess International Winner
The second edition of Clutch Chess, Clutch Chess International, had the recipe for the perfect event: high-stakes, top-level chess, epic comebacks, drama and emotion. The historic online chess tournament, hosted by the St. Louis Chess Club, had everyone in the chess world glued to their seats watchi...
16.06.2020 17:57 The Grandmaster Who Got Twitch Hooked on Chess
Hikaru Nakamura is the top-ranked blitz chess player in the world — and his channel has seen a meteoric rise as he coaches streamers in the ancient game. One day in May, chess grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura was watching the last two moves of Felix “xQc” Lengyel’s online chess game. Ever-patient...
13.06.2020 17:50 On Chess : Chess Improvement — Proven Training Regimens vs Immersive Learning
“What’s the best way for me to improve?” This simple question, in one form or another, is by far the most common question I’m asked as a teacher at the St. Louis Chess Club. The best answer that I have found is borrowed from language learning. As with languages, the best way to learn chess i...
06.06.2020 17:37 Chess : Magnus Carlsen tries Champions Showdown after surprise failure
Magnus Carlsen will compete in the richest ever online chess tournament this weekend just days after Norway’s world chess champion surprisingly failed to reach the final in his latest event, the $150,000 Lindores Abbey Rapid. Carlsen is top seed in the $265,000 Champions Showdown, hosted and finan...
06.06.2020 17:36 On Chess : Clutch Chess USA Tournament Results & Introducing Clutch Chess International
With over-the-board chess tournaments postponed indefinitely, online chess events are becoming more and more popular. The St. Louis Chess Club kicked off its series of online events with the first edition of Clutch Chess. The small but star-studded field included the top American grandmasters who co...
29.05.2020 18:38 Chess : Magnus Carlsen leads arch-rival Hikaru Nakamura in Lindores semi-final
Magnus Carlsen took a commanding 3-0 first set lead on Thursday against his arch-rival, America’s chess blitz specialist Hikaru Nakamura, when the world and US champions met in a best of three sets semi-final of the Lindores Abbey Rapid. The chess event, which continues on Friday afternoon, is an ...
28.05.2020 17:29 Magnus Carlsen: 'My emotions are usually outside my body and that's not what you usually connect to a chess player'
Greatness cannot be achieved without sacrifice. While it is the fire that burns inside that fuels the brilliance, the pursuit for perfection can also torment, turning relationships to ashes and niggling at the soul. The gifted can be loved and disliked. They can achieve immortality but still be flaw...
27.05.2020 18:03 A Chess Prodigy's Return to Health Brings Cheer to the Game
Growing up in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, Irina Krush often went to Asser Levy Park at Coney Island and beat the men playing chess there. Many of those who fell were sharp characters, too. More than a few had been toughened by life in the former Soviet Union. But they welcomed the little girl with a p...
22.05.2020 17:57 Chess : Magnus Carlsen wins despite 'terrible' form, but setbacks spark angst
Another online weekend, another first prize for the world chess champion, but Magnus Carlsen suffered angst against lower ranked opponents which continued and increased on Wednesday and Thursday as he narrowly qualified for the Lindores Abbey quarter-finals. The online Steinitz Memorial blitz was an...
09.05.2020 17:35 Chess : Vishy Anand ambushes Russia's world No 4 to win in five minutes
India’s former world chess champion Vishy Anand stole the show at this week’s online Nations Cup as the 50-year-old veteran caught the world No 4, Ian Nepomniachtchi, with home prep and won in 17 moves as checkmate was imminent. The unsuspecting Russian blitzed out his replies until it was too l...
03.05.2020 17:28 Chess : Erratic Magnus Carlsen faces Chinese challenge in invitational semis
Magnus Carlsen has qualified for this weekend’s semi-finals in his $250,000 online elite invitational, but Norway’s world chess champion, 29, now faces strong and ambitious rivals in the context of his own erratic form. Carlsen won several games in fine style in the all-play-all preliminaries, b...

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