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Je publie ici les dernières nouvelles du monde des échecs, pour le moment elles ne sont qu'en anglais. Si vous publiez votre propres RSS de nouvelles ou si vous en connaissez des bons, contactez-moi et après vérification je les publierais ci-dessous.

12.06.2021 17:21 Chess : Garry Kasparov to make cameo comeback when Chess Grand Tour resumes
Garry Kasparov, now aged 58 and for many still the all-time No 1 chess player, will make a rare cameo comeback next month when the 2021 over-the-board Chess Grand Tour, which was cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic, reaches Zagreb in Croatia. Kasparov will play 18 games in the five-minute blitz section on 10-11 July, when his leading opponent will be the current world title challenger, Ian Nepomniachtchi, who is not playing the full Tour but is competing in Zagreb as a wildcard. The first five rounds of the opening Tour event, the Superbet Classic at Bucharest, have been marred by numerous theoretical draws, with only the two Romanian locals providing a combative approach. Just six of the 25 games were decisive, and all but one of those involved Constantin Lupulescu or Bogdan-Daniel Deac. Lupulescu won an entertaining chess ...
12.06.2021 17:20 How chess changed the lives of two migrant families
Like many migrant families, starting a new life in the US was not easy for the Adewumis. After fleeing persecution by Boko Haram in their native Nigeria, the family of four made their way to New York. They spent the first few months living in a homeless shelter, relying on food and financial aid from the government. But their youngest son, Tanitoluwa - Tani for short - spent those months engrossed in a new hobby: chess. He played chess, studied chess, read chess books - and he was good. So good, that after just a few months of playing chess, he won the New York State chess championship in 2019 for his age group. After that, everything changed. Tani made headlines around the world. His story was remarkable - a homeless third grader winning a prestigious chess tournament and ...
10.06.2021 17:33 Caro Pirc Alekhine
Hybrid tournaments
09.06.2021 19:49 French Defence
Fashionable lines in the Tarrasch Variation
09.06.2021 17:45 Magnus Carlsen beats Wesley So at third attempt amid copycat draw gripes
Magnus Carlsen’s uneven progress through the online Meltwater Champions Tour, two chess tournament victories in six attempts, still leaves the world chess champion in pole position for the 10-player Tour final over the chessboard at San Francisco in September. There have been suggestions that the 30-year-old has lacked focus at times, and he admitted to feeling unwell on the penultimate day of last weekend’s FTX Crypto Cup, but the Norwegian still wins his share of impressive games. His hard-fought victory over Wesley So was significant as the US champion had beaten Carlsen in two previous finals and has emerged as the world No 1’s main Tour rival. One of Carlsen’s eccentricities has been his use of 1 b2-b4, the Polish/Sokolsky/orangutan discussed in ...
08.06.2021 19:38 Dragon Sicilians
So many (sort of) novelties this month!
07.06.2021 00:28 Nimzo, Benoni
More Carlsen Novelties
04.06.2021 12:28 English, Flank
New ideas in the Orangutan!
02.06.2021 18:34 King's Indian
Early h2-h4 variants on an Averbakh theme
01.06.2021 17:21 Daring Defences
English Defence, TAQID, Dutch, Anti-Grunfeld and Blumenfeld!
26.05.2021 20:05 Queen's Gambit, Slav
Wrapping up the Candidates
21.05.2021 23:00 King Pawn
New ideas from the Candidates tournament
21.05.2021 16:48 Chess : Magnus Carlsen and entire world chess top 10 compete for volatile bitcoin
For Magnus Carlsen, the FTX Crypto Cup, and the presence of the complete chess top 10, offers a special opportunity. Some of the greatest world chess champions are linked to an individual tournament which they won in style, like Emanuel Lasker at St Petersburg 1914 and New York 1924, Alexander Alekh...
21.05.2021 14:39 d-Pawn Specials
Bishop to g5!
20.05.2021 16:11 Open Sicilians
The very fashionable 7.Nd5 Sveshnikov
19.05.2021 19:49 Anti-Sicilians
Opening up
15.05.2021 18:26 Chess : American 12-year-old closes in on world record for youngest grandmaster
One of the most enduring chess records, Sergey Karjakin as the youngest grandmaster ever at 12 years and seven months, looks set to fall in the next few weeks. Abhimanyu Mishra, from New Jersey, US, is already the youngest ever international master, at 10, and has just achieved two of the three requ...
15.05.2021 18:26 Remember the Homeless Chess Champion? The Boy Is Now a Chess Master.
Once upon a time a 7-year-old refugee living in a homeless shelter sat down at a chessboard in school and learned how to play. His school then agreed to his mom’s plea to waive fees for him to join the chess club. The boy wasn’t any good at first. His initial chess rating was 105, barely above t...
08.05.2021 18:32 The Making of Quantum Chess
Just when you thought regular video games couldn’t get any more complex, scientists and software devs had to prove us wrong and show technology will always advance. Although quantum game development is still in its early stages much like any other field of quantum computing, it’s still very poss...
07.05.2021 17:58 Magnus Carlsen ends tournament win drought at New In Chess Classic
Magnus Carlsen’s relief was evident last weekend after the world chess champion finally won his first tournament since his 30th birthday in November, the New In Chess Classic. The Norwegian had finished a disappointing sixth over the chessboard at Wijk aan Zee and had been eliminated in the knocko...
30.04.2021 17:26 Carlsen responds to Nepomniachtchi challenge with 26-game unbeaten run
Ian Nepomniachtchi’s feat in qualifying as Magnus Carlsen’s official challenger in a €2m, 14-game world title series at Dubai in November has sparked Carlsen into a strong demonstration of his own chess skills. This week the Norwegian began the online New in Chess Classic with a 26-game unbeat...
24.04.2021 18:18 Nepomniachtchi nears Candidates title and tilt at Carlsen's world chess crown
Ian Nepomniachtchi is in sight of the result of his life, as the 30-year-old Russian chess champion leads the Candidates in Ekaterinburg, half a point ahead of his nearest rival and with a superior tie-break, with just three of the 14 rounds still to go. The jackpot for the winner is a 14-game, €2...
21.04.2021 18:24 Teaching Children To Play Chess Found To Decrease Risk Aversion
A trio of researchers from Monash University and Deakin University has found that teaching children to play chess can reduce their aversion to risk. In their paper Asad Islam, Wang-Sheng Lee and Aaron Nicholas describe studying the impact of learning chess on 400 children in the UK. Playing chess ha...
16.04.2021 17:18 Magnus Carlsen's wait for challenger almost over as Candidates returns
The Covid-hit Candidates will resume in Ekaterinburg on Monday, a full year after the eight-player chess tournament to decide the official challenger for Magnus Carlsen’s global chess crown was unceremoniously and tantalisingly halted at halfway by the pandemic. Only six of the chess players are s...
09.04.2021 17:41 Chess : new event gives chance for young talent to face Magnus Carlsen
A new $100,000 (ÂŁ73,800) online event for rising chess talents, the Julius Baer Challengers Tour, is under way this week. Ten under-18 male players and 10 under-25 women are competing in an all-play-all which ends on Sunday. The winner qualifies for the next Meltwater Champions Tour event starting ...
26.03.2021 17:10 Chess : Magnus Carlsen's recent failures should be just a blip on his record
Magnus Carlsen has now gone six chess tournaments in a row without a first prize, his longest such sequence since he won the world chess crown in 2013. However, his current setback (maybe “humiliation” was a bit strong) looks just a blip in comparison with his several impressive winning sequence...
20.03.2021 18:09 Double bongcloud: why grandmasters are playing the worst opening in chess
An otherwise meaningless game during Monday’s preliminary stage of the $200,000 Magnus Carlsen Invitational left a pair of chess grandmasters in stitches while thrusting one of chess’s most bizarre and least effective openings into the mainstream. Norway’s Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura of...
20.03.2021 18:09 Chess : Humiliated Magnus Carlsen eliminated from his own tournament
Magnus Carlsen, the world chess champion, has been having a hard time in the $1.5m online Meltwater Champions Tour, supported by his own company Play Magnus Group. There are 10 qualifying chess tournaments leading to a final in the autumn and Carlsen, 30, who won the 2020 Tour, has so far this year ...
13.03.2021 17:20 Chess : Magnus Carlsen to face Alireza Firouzja as No 1 battles dip in form
The 10-tournament online chess $1.5m Meltwater Champions Tour resumes on Saturday at 4pm, free and live online, with the $200,000 Magnus Carlsen Invitational, and another testing day for the below par world No 1. Carlsen has missed out on first place in four successive chess events since his 30th bi...
12.03.2021 17:16 The Game of Chess Had Patch Notes, Too
The fundamentals haven't changed much. But the rules of chess have evolved over the centuries—from timer usage to the ways that pieces are moved. The classic one-on-one strategy game of chess has, fundamentally, remained unchanged for as long as anyone reading this has been alive. You and your opp...
12.03.2021 17:08 On Chess : Chess And The World Of Esports
Since the beginning of time, the world’s greatest intellectuals have wrestled with the critical debate over whether or not chess should be considered a sport. In truth, the label itself doesn’t matter. What does matter is the funding, national support and widespread popularity that sports enjoy....
07.03.2021 17:15 Chess : Levon Aronian switches to US as new regime in Armenia cuts support
Armenia’s world No 5, Levon Aronian, has upped sticks and announced that he will quit his native Yerevan and represent the United States in future. The 38-year-old, who memorably led his national chess team to Olympiad gold ahead of the Russian and American favourites at Turin 2006, Dresden 2008 a...
07.03.2021 17:13 Why a YouTube Chat About Chess Got Flagged for Hate Speech
Last June, Antonio Radic, the host of a YouTube chess channel with more than a million subscribers, was live-streaming an interview with the chess grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura when the broadcast suddenly cut out. Instead of a lively discussion about chess openings, famous games, and iconic chess play...
27.02.2021 18:13 Chess : US giants fail as Grenke Bank win first World Corporate Championship
Germany’s Grenke Bank won last weekend’s inaugural World Corporate Chess Championship when a last-minute back-rank mate from a lost position in the final defeated the top-seeded Russians, SBER, led by the world No 4, Ian Nepomniachtchi. The entry of 288 chess teams was far above expectations, an...
26.02.2021 17:14 Mind Games: How The Internet Might Elevate Women In Chess
As many fans of the Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit will attest, this is not just a story about chess, but a story about women and power, or lack thereof, in a testosterone-driven theater of combat. The story examines how a particularly gifted chess player might outplay someone not just on the m...
26.02.2021 17:11 Three Chess Masters on the Sets and Strategy Manuals They Swear By
Though I’ve never been the most incredible chess player, I’ve always loved chess. It was a staple in my household growing up—my parents owned multiple chessboards of varying shapes and sizes, from a standard wooden set to a magnetic, foldable board for car rides to a mini plastic one bundled i...
19.02.2021 17:29 Chess : Wesley So uses repertoire to extend Magnus Carlsen's barren streak
Wesley So, the US champion, who won the online Skilling Open in November to spoil Magnus Carlsen’s 30th birthday, achieved a double against the out of form world chess champion in last weekend’s Opera Euro Rapid. The 27-year-old from Minnetonka, Minnesota, was helped by his publicly available Li...
16.02.2021 18:56 Deep Blue computer beats world chess champion – archive, 1996
12 February 1996: IBM supercomputer makes chess history by beating Garry Kasparov, the world’s best chess player. Machine triumphed over man as Deep Blue, an IBM computer which has “no fear”, shredded Garry Kasparov, the world chess champion, in Philadelphia at the weekend. It is the first tim...
16.02.2021 18:54 On Chess : 2021 Tata Steel Chess Tournament Crowns New Champion
The 2021 Tata Steel Chess tournament just wrapped up at the end of January. The “Wimbledon of Chess,” as it is known among many chess fans, is a traditional chess event held in the small Dutch town of Wijk aan Zee. Tata typically invites the very best chess players from around the world. This ye...
16.02.2021 18:53 A New Artificial Intelligence Makes Mistakes—on Purpose
It took about 50 years for computers to eviscerate humans in the venerable game of chess. A standard smartphone can now play the kind of moves that make a chess grandmaster’s head spin. But one artificial intelligence program is taking a few steps backward, to appreciate how average humans play ch...

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