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Bruno's Chess Problem: 11/06/2018

J.Halumbirek, 1er Pr., Neue Leipziger Zeitung, 1937

Mate in 4(***)
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White to play


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1. Qf2! ... 2. Qh2#
  1. ... Kh7 2. Rxg5 ... 3. Qh2#
     2. ... Rh1 3. Qa7+ ... 4. Qg7#
  1. ... Rh1 2. Qd4 ... 3. Qh8#
     2. ... Nd1 3. Qxa1 ... 4. Qh8#
        3. ... Nc3,Nb2 4. Qxh1#
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2018-11-06 18:02:33, by problemist
FIDE Album. For more on the composer see the recent article "Farbig ist die Theorie - Zum 50. Todestag von Josef Halumbirek" by the Austrian GM Dr. Klaus Wenda, a former student :-) of the "Schachprofessor" Halumbirek, in "Die Schwalbe," Juni 2018, p. 475-478. Also of interest, with many personal recollections, is Wenda's "Goldene Problemschachzeiten - Zum 120. Geburtstag von Josef Halumbirek" in "Die Schwalbe", April 2011, p.62-66.
2018-11-06 14:08:34, by problemist
Not 1. d7? (threat 2. Qd6+) Qa3! 2. Qd4 Qc5+! 3. QxQ and there is no mate, also immediately 1. Qd4? fails to 1.. Nd1. For the solution the solver has to get attuned to vigorous white captures RxP (after 1.. Kh7) and QxQ, QxR (after 2.. Nd1 3.. Nb2) which is a bit unusual in chess composition. Therefore I would rate this by 4 stars. Thematically it is a logical problem featuring decoys of the bR and bN combined with the Swallow theme (the moves of the wQ up and down the diagonal a7-f2).

Josef Halumbirek (* 7.3.1891 in Wien, 22.6.1968 in Wien) Austrian composer and International Master, see wikipedia de, it, lv. "Josef Halumbirek is a mandatory author for anyone specializing in moremovers. Halumbirek was the editor of the Problems section of the "Deutsche Schachzeitung" from 1932 until 1944. His problems must be carefully studied in order to get all the hidden treasures in deceptively simple settings. The reader may be interested in the article about the focal theme ("Brennpunkt neuheiten") by W.F.von Holzhausen published in the Wiener Schachzeitung March 1927 pag.69-72 (available online)."

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