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Bruno's Chess Problem: 01/07/2019

J.Moravec, Prager Presse, 1934

Mate in 3 (***)
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White to play


Level : * (very easy) to ****** (very hard)

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1. Ne2! ... 2. Rxe6+ Kxd5 3. Ne3#
  1... e5 2. Bh7+ Kxd5 3. Ne3#
  1... Nb6 2. Rxc5 ... 3. Bh7#
  1... Kxd5 2. Qxf3+ ... 3. Bxe6#
  1... Bf4 2. Qh7+ Kxd5 3. Bxe6#
  1... Bd6 2. Raxd6 ... 3. Bh7#
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2019-01-07 11:58:58, by problemist
A Bohemian problem without any wPs and with four model mates. The wRd5 and wNf4 are under attack and saving the wR with 1. Rd3? fails to 1.. Nd2! So the key sacrifices the wR and saves the wN by 1. Ne2! with the threat 2. Rxe6+ KxR 3. Ne3# a pin model mate.
Three further model mates are on 1.. Bf4 2. Qh7+ KxR 3. Bxe6#; 1.. KxR 2. QxR+ Re4 3. Bxe6# and 1.. e5 2. Bh7+ KxR 3. Ne3#, the latter two are again pin model mates. On 1.. Bd6, Nb6 2. Raxd6, Rxc5 3. Bh7#; 1.. c4 2. Rd4+ (Bxe6) and the short mate 1.. exd5 2. Bh7#. It takes some effort to figure this out. So quite a challenge for the solver.

Josef Moravec (* 20.3.1882 in Křešín, † 29.8.1969 in Litoměřice) Czech composer and International Master. "Let's quote
"Joseph Moravec liked composing mainly Pawn Endings but gained a reputation in producing fine Rook and Pawn studies. He has over 200 endgame studies to his credit. He was a particular favorite of the English writer and player Gerald Abrahams. He was also a noted Problemist and made original contributions to that field of chess. In his endgame studies Moravec liked simple positions with few pieces on the board so this study is not really a true reflection of his style. See the early studies of his we looked at on the website which are examples of his usual style."
Emil Vlasak has produced an English version of his recent book of Moravec's work. An anthology of his works in Czech was published in 1971 and is available online. Josef Moravec composed successfully in many genres." See the complete links on
The anthology (mainly of his ~300 threemovers) was published as Vol. 9 of "Galerie československých skladatelů," Praha 1971, edited by Ing. I. Mikan, J. Šulc, Ing. F. Macek. Today's problem is reprinted as No. 201.

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