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Bruno's Chess Problem: 10/10/2017

V.Cisar, Zlata Praha, 1904

Mate in 3(***)
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White to play


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1. Bf5! ... 2. Qb6 ... 3. Qxd6#
     2... Kg3 3. Qf2#
     2... Ke5 3. Qd4#
  1... Ng7 2. Qe3+ Nxe3 3. Bh2#
  1... Nhg3 2. Qf3+ Bxf3 3. Nd3#
     2... Ke5 3. Nc6#
  1... Ke5 2. Qd5+ Kf4 3. Qxd6#
  1... h2 2. Ng2+ Ke5 3. Qc3#
  1... Bd1 2. Qa3 ... 3. Qxd6#
     2... Ke5 3. Nd3#
  1... Bd3 2. Qb4+ ... 3. Qxd6#
     2... Kg3 3. Qg4#
     2... Ke5 3. Qd4#
  1... Bf3 2. Qxf3+ Ke5 3. Qe4#
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2017-10-10 17:51:48, by problemist
*in Plzeň, +in Plzeň
2017-10-10 14:34:40, by problemist
A typical Bohemian problem without any wPs. Interestingly the wBe6 is not let en prise (as an experienced solver may suppose) but performs the key to f5. Even more interesting is that now there is no threat but a zugzwang position arises! The main variations are the quiet 1.. a6(a5), Bd1 2. Qb6!, Qa3! and the forced Q-sacrifices 1.. Nhg3, Ng7 2. Qf3+!, Qe3+! The remaining variations are more straightforward. Super-hard to solve, at least 4 stars are adequate. Meson has the position without bPf7, but the cook 1. Qc3!? So probably in the original version the bPf7 was missing so that the wBe6 was not en prise and so the intended key was more problem-like (saving a white piece from being captured by a pawn is usually not used in a key of a sound problem--but it considerably increases the hardness, fooling thes solver!).

Václav Císař (*4.10.1879, +11.3.1957) Czech composer.

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