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Bruno's Chess Problem: 12/08/2017

J.Breuer, 3rd Pr., Die Schwalbe, 1963

Mate in 3(***)
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White to play


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1. Ne5! ... 2. Qxc6+ ... 3. Re8#
  1. ... Rxe5 2. Ne8+ Ke4 3. Nxf6#
  1. ... fxe5 2. Nb7+ Ke4 3. Nxc5#
  1. ... Bxe5 2. Nb7+ Ke4 3. Nxc5#
     2. ... Bd6 3. Qxf5#
  1. ... Qxb3 2. Ndc4+ Ke4 3. Qxc6#
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2017-12-08 08:29:46, by problemist
On 1. Nb8? not 1.. c4? 2. Qxf5+ Be5 3. Nb7#, but 1.. Qxb3! 2. Qxc6+ Ke5 3. Re8+ Qe6.
2017-12-08 06:36:33, by problemist
Shown is white battery play, in particular a Siers battery is built. A forced threat is needed in view of the black checking threats. Also the half-battery in the d-file be to be activated. Not 1. Nb8? (threat 2. Qxc6+ 3. Re8#) c4. But the same threat works if the wN moves to e5 instead - a very problem-like sacrifice. Now we see a Siers-Rössel in action on 1.. fxe5 (Bxe5) 2. Nb7+ and 1.. Rxe5 2. Ne8+ Side variations are 1.. Qxb3 2. Ndxc4+ and the short mate 1.. Kxe5 2. Qxf5#. 3rd Prize.

Josef Johann Breuer (*7.1.1903 in Köln, +2.8.1981 in Wildbergerhütte) German composer and International Master, see wikipedia de, it. He is well remembered as the author of the monumental "Beispiele zur Ideengeschichte des Schachproblems," Josef J. Breuer composed direct mates in 3 and more moves, mostly in the logical (a.k.a. new-German) style.

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